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Over the last few weeks, I've been streamlining the community activities I'm involved in, in part because I'm just simply burned out. It really took the World Trade Center bombing to realize how tired I was of hatred in all forms, including racism, sexism, etc. Unfortunately, there's a lot of childishness in the Linux community, in part because of a lot of extreme geeks are poorly socialized (i.e. it's often out of ignorance).

I've decided that the reason is irrelevant: I'm tired of the energy expenditure right now. I'm on a job that's physically exhausting (but rewarding in its ways) and I feel better, overall, than I've felt in years.

Had some fun at the Linux Expo, though I missed lilo, who I'd intended on catching up with. I read his diary entry. All I gotta say is, "Dude, and you thought *I* was being harsh sometimes." Not that I'm complaining. :) I noticed that, while most of the Linuxcare people I talked to were friendly, at least one marketing person avoided looking at me. But then, some of my slashdot comments hit pretty hard, didn't they?

Lilo's comments on large Linux companies I think reflect the fact that Linuxcare was a services company. I think large companies centered around Linux can work as long as the revenue model isn't reliant strictly upon open source.

Which brings me to TiVo. Shipping a box that is an embedded Linux system with some custom utilities is cool. I talked to a lot of people who didn't know that a TiVo was an embedded Linux box. It's not like we don't have our kernel patches up.

Even more amusing is the comments from Linuxcare folk about the TiVo. Not surprisingly, Andrew Tridgell has ported rsync to his.

I love it there. The only other company I've enjoyed working for as much (at least in recent memory) is Be. At TiVo, they'd rather have you in a different group than lose you, and people can and do move between groups. At my final days at Linuxcare, I offered to move groups and was refused. Another person also made the same request almost two months earlier and was refused. Linuxcare bled people and money, neither of which it could afford.

TiVo's being out of the mainstream of Linux though (at least culturally) has posed some problems for finding people. We are always looking; if you want to work there, email me. We're not looking for remote employees though. And please don't ask if I can get you a TiVo. I got quite enough of that at the show. We don't make money off the boxes, we make it off the service.

It's funny, but when I handed out TiVo business cards (which have, unlike Linuxcare, Your Choice Of Job Title on them), even people working for "cool" Linux companies all wanted them. I got a few resumes; I was being low-key, but I really did have my boss' explicit permission to go on a geek finding mission. And I suspect that TiVo's involvement in Linux events will be more official in the future.


Lilo, when I saw the ARM docs, they weren't on the Intel site but rather on the site. It's been a while though, I haven't used the Netwinder much in the last year.

Been a while since I posted -- been really busy on UK stuff. Working on embedded stuff is more interesting than I'd expected and the people are great.

The project for this weekend: finally deploy data. The code's been done for a while but the data's not schlepped in yet.

Nice to be back in the Linux space again. After the short "Focus Shift Purple Heart" award-winning experience recently, ::shakes head:: well, it's good to be home, let's leave it at that.

I really like many (OK, most) of my former coworkers and we're all bummed we can't work together.

Off to Hawaii for some much-needed R&R this weekend.

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