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pjf: You have my deepest condolences. I thank your mother for her research and documentation on the life and work of George Collingridge. I learned many new things from reading through the pages. I wish you steadfast strength as you move through this difficult time.

shlomif: "CS is more inclusive and also talks about writing modular code, computer language design, OS design, and everything else that has to do with writing software for a computer. (hence the name)."

Why on earth would you ever go to school for that?

Just go find an old gray-hair to hangout with for a while and they'll probably love teaching you that stuff. And the other comment someone made about Software Engineering was right on the mark. At my school they have "Computer Engineering" which is like a mix of EE and the kind of software design theory you might be talking about. Not Algorithms (they get that in EE) but just like the core parts of programming (asm, c, debuggers, compilers).

Personally, I've enjoyed being an Anthropology major and I'd recommend it to anybody.

ByteSplit: Hush...There's no need to be mean. Nobody forces you to come here and nobody forces you to read. I enjoy reading what MichaelCrawford writes; I tend to enjoy reading what most people write on these walls.

Advogato is specifically the place for the sometimes seemingly off-topic dialogue. The reality, however, is that what seems off-topic so rarely is.

I think I want to get started writing some Gnome apps. It's an excuse to sharpen my C skills beyond just example code I've written.

I've just never had to write a program in C for real use. Perl and other languages have always done what I needed but I know a foundation is missing and I want to have that.

mathieu: Have a bit too much Malthus in our coffee this morning? :) But along those lines...Rep. Waxman asks Defense Secretary Rumsfeld about evidence that Halliburton has profited from business with countries that sponsor terrorism. Now that is sickening (and illegal!).

29 Apr 2003 (updated 29 Apr 2003 at 05:40 UTC) »

Annoyance: I just realized most people don't see my posts on Advogato. What's the point of making them then? I think people should start posting at "3" or "5" or whatever is the middle point is and then move up or down based on what people think. I've certainly learned a lot from reading the diaries and the articles (to a lesser extent) and I appreciate this community. Perhaps this has been tried already and was changed to the current state for a reason -- if so, my apologies.

School: School is almost done for the year -- I'm in the middle of reading week which is like the most difficult time to study for me. It's tough because I have so much time and that makes it hard for me to sit down and work. I've always found that the more time I have, the less I get done. Regardless, I'm getting very excited for this Duke primate facility project which starts soon. On a totally unrelated note, I'm the only guy on the program aside from the professor leading it; lets hope I don't make a monkey out of myself. :)

PowerDNS: Despite not knowing c++, I wrote a patch to PowerDNS to support granular access for AXFRs. The patch should apply cleanly to -cvs current and it includes support for postgresql right now. Check the patch and if you know c++, let me know what you think. Special thanks to ahu for the help he provided along the way.

School: It looks like I'll be spending a few weeks at the start of summer working at the Duke Primate Facility with one of my professors. I'll have my computer but net access might be tough in the middle of an 80 acre enclosed 'forest.' Maybe I'll set up some nice WiFi access into the reserve...or maybe I'll just enjoy the company of other monkeys.

22 Feb 2003 (updated 22 Feb 2003 at 22:19 UTC) »
Codecon: Wireless seems to be up.

CryptoPy seems pretty interesting. A good way to parse algs and understand them, as the author notes, speed is not the first priority.

OpenRatings -- I don't think I understand why this was presented...The discussion of the social implications have been mildly interesting but as far as I can tell it's just a php project...

Anyone live in Berkeley going to CodeCon?

I'll be staying at a friends house near campus during CodeCon and was planning to take the BART over to SF each morning.

If someone is planning to drive over and wants to offer a ride that'd be great. (Or if someone is planning to BART over maybe we can coordinate since I hear it can be a pretty boring ride.) Send me an email if you want to plan something.


8 Jan 2003 (updated 8 Jan 2003 at 05:26 UTC) »

Cool: There.com

School: I'm back at school a week early. It's nice to be back and my upcoming classes look fantastic. Annoyingly, one of my classes was cancelled because only a few kids signed up. I was under the impression that small classes justified my huge tuition. Sigh, I guess like most things, it's all about the money.

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