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sej: The Safari UI itself isn't GPL; KHTML is LGPL, so it doesn't require Safari to be GPL. Trust me, if Apple were violating the GPL, KDE would've noticed a long, long time ago, and made a lot of noise. They've fed back all of their KHTML changes to us; probably the best-changelogged patchset we've ever had. ;)

mglazer: This idea is still stupid. You're running PHP, which means that I can sit there requesting all the pages I like; it may not give me the page proper, but you're still running the PHP, hitting the database, all of that. Either way, you lose. Besides, your approach would kill any busy proxy. Face it, PHP won't prevent DDoS.

Even though the bushfires are quite far away, the CBD here is shrouded in smog, and you can smell the smoke, it's quite thick in the air.
mglazer: Uh, that won't do shit to prevent DDoS. You're still running all that PHP, which is chewing up resources. If I ping -f'd you, or started a billion instances of netcat, all from different, well-connected hosts, in an infinite loop of requesting pages, your server would still be brought to your knees. Using PHP to "stop DDoS" is possibly the most stupid idea I've ever heard.
6 Jan 2003 (updated 6 Jan 2003 at 22:25 UTC) »
Happy birthday to me
Despite the fact I went out and had a great night, that was possibly the most anti-climactic birthday I've ever had. 16, I could get my Learner's Permit, it was vaguely exciting; 18, you can buy drinks, you can buy smokes, you can get into any club or whatever, you can get your probationary license, but 17 is just downright anti-climactic. Oh well.

mglazer: Oh, my country has been swallowed whole by <BLINK><MARQUEE>TERRISTS</MARQUEE><BLINK>, has it?
Dangerously obsessive
This appears in mglazer's web log. Hmm. When Arabs kill Anglo-Saxons, that's murder, but when it's the reverse, it's cool? And, Michael, what about the Crusades? Does that make your whole religion utterly fucked because of stupid acts of murder done in the name of it, violating the 7th (IIRC) Commandment wantonly? Or is that heroic conversion by martyrs who gave their lives?

Happy New Year.
zenalot's diary rating has gone from 1.6 to 10 in under 5 hours. Impressive.
thomasvs: Clearly the solution is to buy another car!
Machine naming
So, I have piro (my router, currently doing nothing), tsubasa (my workstation), seraphim (my laptop), and largo (a retired laptop). I'm completly replacing tsubasa; what to call it? Hayasaka, Nanasawa, Kimiko and Yuki are all prospects. Hmm, dilemma. (No idea who these people are?).

According to the Herald Sun, that fine bastion of journalism, "Allahu akhbar" [Allah is great], is an "anti-American chant". Fuckwits.

More fun. In Melbourne, our Premier got quite pissed off a few years back when the public transport union called a strike on Grand Prix day, embarassing him severely, so he rationally vowed to take said union apart "piece by piece". He privatised public transport (oh, the irony), and split the train and tram networks into 5: 3 pieces of train network and 2 of tram, and then tendered them separately. National Express, which owned 2 of the 3 train companies (one suburban plus the rural network), and one of the tram companies, folded, and gave the networks back to the government. Luckily, this isn't the same government with the same egomaniacal Premier. They're uniting the train and the tram networks into one piece each, and then retendering. Of course, it'd be better if it was still in public hands, but that's another story.

VCE results came out on Monday; I got straight A's for Indonesian, translating to a study score of 35/50 (but scaled up to 43), and A+/A/A+ for English, translating to 40/50 (but scaled down to 39, bastards). Not altogether bad, but if I actually studied in the first half of the year, I could've got 42 or 43 for Indo, and at least 45 for English. Oh well, that's life. Still, I'm expecting to pick up most of my marks in the maths and sciences (I'm spreading my VCE out over 3 years - doing Maths Methods, Specialist Maths, Physics and International Studies next year), so that's OK. Three people from our school got the top mark, 99.95 (it's a percentile ranking), and another two got 99.85, which is pretty good (it's a selective state school). Everyone but one from my school I talked to got above 90; I'm personally aiming for/expecting over 96 or so.

Still working on XFree86 CVS .debs; I can see the metaphorical light at the metaphorical end of the metaphorical tunnel! Just need to update MANIFEST and ensure that all the files are accounted for. Whoop!

Christmas is now only a week away, and I *still* need to do a shitload of shopping ... *sigh*.

12 Dec 2002 (updated 13 Dec 2002 at 00:13 UTC) »

MooreWatch, for those who need to validate their lives by stalking others and hoping they slip up, because they have no valid counter-arguments.

mglazer: Read.

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