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sometimes you put your whole heart into something, take a deep breath, swallow your pride and hope like hell, only to get bounced back. another of life's lessons. if only they wouldn't be delivered in such rapid succession.

Facially deformed rapper freaks his baby all night long
Been making proper .debs of XFree86 HEAD for i845g support ... fun fun fun. Set up sbuild to continuously build KDE HEAD to test the .debs, which work brilliantly. I haven't taken a snapshot in months, but it's EXCELLENT now; very user-friendly. I can't wait for the 3.1 release! :)

Petrolhead rices up shitbox, turns it into loud shitbox
I love train company logic. There was a signal failure at Burnley (roughly 5km out of the city, if that), so they decided to stop all trains between Burnley and Glen Waverley (28km from the city, probably more the way the train line weaves), even though the signals between Burnley and Glen Waverley weren't affected. Sat at Mount Waverley (25-odd km from the city) for half an hour while we fixed it (as our train finally left, there was an announcement saying that all the trains were cancelled indefinitely and buses were being organized), instead of going up to Burnley. Result: Was around 30-40min late, instead of the 10-odd minutes late I would've been if they had have proceeded to Burnley. WHERE'S THE LOGIC? I'm so over trains screwing up.

Ugh, tired
Slept for 17 hours yesterday. I was at work for a bit but was falling asleep at my desk, so decided to leave. Worked out I'd had less than 10 hours sleep in between Wednesday morning and yesterday afternoon; maybe that explains it. Less going out now, thankfully; just the post-exam rush of postponed parties.
Taking me a long, long time to write this entry. Waiting for my ride to a 20th to pick me up after a post-exam party. I'm dead tired and have had way too much, but I don't care. It's all over, it's all bloody over. YES!

omnic: Remember, these people have no clue ... really, they're very stupid. I don't care, at least I can SSH to the proxy. Started reading my mail with mutt instead, wonder how long it'll take them to notice. Last time I asked them to look at something, I had to show them where the mail logs were. *sigh*. BTW, OS X is very sweet on a fast machine. Like the new TiBooks, mmm.


Wrote KSeft, must finish MoulDAVia soon. This small bit of semantic is starting to shit me up the wall. Threatening to send me insane.

Considering everyone who had their birthdays before or during exams has held them over, life's not going to get any less busy post-exams. There was even a party I was at tonight, but I almost fell over due to lack of sleep, sigh.
mwh: Well, that would mean going through another window to get from a window at the bottom to the menu, making the system almost unusable ... so, I doubt it. I lusted for the same thing when I started using OS X, but was just used to it by the time I was using it virtually full-time.

Can't they finish already?

Discovered every student has an SSH account on the proxy. Ouch. So, I'm SSHed to the proxy, and then SSHed out from there. Put it this way: mutt doesn't lag, but the proxy either refuses to load Squirrelmail (gives error '-23723409'), or takes roughly 2 minutes to load the index. Mmm, this is much better - means I can IRC, too. However, I probably should be studying instead.
mglazer: So, this (verse 13) is one of the most vital cornerstones of your belief, right?
sej: That's odd; I thought it was left unfixed, sorry. Probably should've done my homework first. The only reason I can think of is that the fixed package didn't propagate to woody? If woody was frozen, then an explicit upload to w-proposed-updates would've been needed. Then again, I'm not AJ, so I can't give you an answer, only guess in an educated manner about what might have happened.
sej: I'm afraid you're barking up the wrong bush. -devel-changes is a list whose sole function is to broadcast automated announcements; every upload to unstable gets posted here. -devel-announce is where things like this go; AJ posted one such list about a week go, in fact. Try -d-a. :)
bratsche: Yep. Have a look at /Applications/Snapz Pro X, and you'll see it in the dock. Double-click again and its main window should come up (IIRC). The hotkey is configurable, and there's a whole bunch of other options. Have a blast. :)
sej: If you're the maintainer, just watch your RC list. If you have an RC that's been there for months, don't be surprised if it gets yanked. The removal lists are endlessly discussed on -devel-changes before anyone even thinks about doing anything.

Bendigo, the town I grew up in (Central Victoria), had its first rain in months today. Bloody marvellous. Heavy rain, thunder, you name it. It's been a great night of weather. The best was when there was fork, ball and sheet lightning in the same night; I just sat outside with ye olde beverage of choice and a mate and watched the show for about 2 hours. Came inside absolutely saturated, but it didn't really matter; the view to where the main show was was completely uninterrupted by civilization. My extended visits here always seem to excite the weather gods. :)
Valedictory assembly came and went. It was really weird; I'm one of four doing VCE over three years. The other 217 in year 12 this year are finishing ... this year. I wasn't leaving, but it still meant a surprising lot to me - I'm parting with people I've spent the last 4 years really close to. Hm.

Certain people seem hell-bent on being deliberately obstinate and annoying. I can't stand this single person; he seems to find bones to pick for the sake of picking them, and does a whole bunch of stuff seemingly for no other reason than to piss others off.
Did my English exam today, much fun ... wrote a bit over 3000 words in the space of 3 hours, ugh. Luckily my exams are pretty nicely spaced out.

Wandering down to Bendigo for a couple of days to unwind, should be good. Yay.

Packaging a better version of grep, writing a KDE frontend to it, maybe even finishing MoulDAVia ... busy, but fun.

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