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bratsche: Yep. Have a look at /Applications/Snapz Pro X, and you'll see it in the dock. Double-click again and its main window should come up (IIRC). The hotkey is configurable, and there's a whole bunch of other options. Have a blast. :)
sej: If you're the maintainer, just watch your RC list. If you have an RC that's been there for months, don't be surprised if it gets yanked. The removal lists are endlessly discussed on -devel-changes before anyone even thinks about doing anything.

Bendigo, the town I grew up in (Central Victoria), had its first rain in months today. Bloody marvellous. Heavy rain, thunder, you name it. It's been a great night of weather. The best was when there was fork, ball and sheet lightning in the same night; I just sat outside with ye olde beverage of choice and a mate and watched the show for about 2 hours. Came inside absolutely saturated, but it didn't really matter; the view to where the main show was was completely uninterrupted by civilization. My extended visits here always seem to excite the weather gods. :)
Valedictory assembly came and went. It was really weird; I'm one of four doing VCE over three years. The other 217 in year 12 this year are finishing ... this year. I wasn't leaving, but it still meant a surprising lot to me - I'm parting with people I've spent the last 4 years really close to. Hm.

Certain people seem hell-bent on being deliberately obstinate and annoying. I can't stand this single person; he seems to find bones to pick for the sake of picking them, and does a whole bunch of stuff seemingly for no other reason than to piss others off.
Did my English exam today, much fun ... wrote a bit over 3000 words in the space of 3 hours, ugh. Luckily my exams are pretty nicely spaced out.

Wandering down to Bendigo for a couple of days to unwind, should be good. Yay.

Packaging a better version of grep, writing a KDE frontend to it, maybe even finishing MoulDAVia ... busy, but fun.

Ber. Tired. One of the guys here bought a Fatboy Slim mix CD (live at Brighton), and he stops the show halfway through to tell everyone to move back, because ... the tide's coming in. Great foresight. Quite a good CD, apart from that.

Exams are coming soon, so work and life goes on hold; English on Friday, then a 5-day weekend (WHOO!), my unit 1&2 subjects in a block of 3 days (12th/13th/14th), then my Indonesian written exam on the 20th (already had my Indo oral, never gone into a room almost hyperventilating before, but there's always a first time). Life is definitely on hold since an friend unexpectedly rocked up from Sydney last night (he told me by SMS about half an hour before he got on the plane), and us and a couple of others spent the night out. Fun! I'm very hung over and tired today, tho. I wish he had've come tonight instead - I never have school on Wednesdays.

Got GitS:SAC and the Halfdave EP today, should enjoy them. Anyway, back to work (sigh, PROPFIND logic changes again due to stupid corner cases).

27 Oct 2002 (updated 27 Oct 2002 at 03:11 UTC) »
pfremy: You list yourself as a "Contributor" to KDE; what exactly have you done? I agree entirely with jdub's thoughts, they're spot-on. You might want to note who jdub is, and that both GNOME and KDE people are pointing out you're wrong. Quit while you're far, far behind.

Ber. debian-devel's as good as always. My head hurts. Daylight savings started today, caught me entirely unawares, so I got in here pretty late. Was all set up to go to LCA, when parental unit threw ye olde spanner in the works by announcing I had to be accompanied by him or Mum. BER! How are either of them going to get the week off, then spend $500 on airfares, plus accommodation, food and entertainment?? This is a question I'm sure he'll raise later to veto me going. I really have to work on this. I didn't know about CALU, didn't have the money to get to LCA 001, and LCA 2002 was in the first week of school. This is thus my first real opportunity to get to an LCA, and I don't want to miss it! Fark. More later.

Update: Sigh. Not getting anywhere with MoulDAVia (don't have the inclination to do so), and am feeling generally shitty. I think this rant probably belongs on LiveJournal, tho.
snorp: For some reason, an alarming number of people have the mentality of "you did X, now you owe it to us to do more, and to have it done yesterday", not "you did X, thankyou, I'll buy you a beer sometime". Apparently, volunteering time and busting your balls means you owe MORE time to others. Argh! (Bitter? Me? Surely you jest!). It's good you've added a capability; just note that there's a silent majority out there who really appreciate what you've done, and a whole bunch of people will use it and say "wow, that's hella cool", and would probably buy you a beer if they knew it was you. Rest easy knowing that not everyone's an ungrateful little shit. It took me some time (and the most-commented ever story on DebianPlanet, by far) to discover this.

Preparations for entering sid are going ahead at great speed. At this stage, all we need is for Qt to work, and ftpmasters to add overrides quickly.
bytesplit: Just chill a little, dude ... AFAICS, ade wasn't making a comment on how you appeared, just your appearance (i.e. the act of appearing) on Advogato. Maybe you need to just step back and take a deep breath, but in this case, I would be the pot. :)

mglazer: I don't really think that your frequent rants about PHP and code examples prove too useful to anyone; we all know what objects (sorry, Objects) are, and how to count backwards in PHP.

Public transport
Argh! Delayed due to an "incident at Parliament [station]" today for quite some time, buses always late (25min late isn't surprising), or not coming, late trains, non-existant trains ... it's really starting to annoy me.

Yesterday was the first time in a while I've been able to hack on it; I managed to get it working by subclassing twisted.protocols.http.HTTPChannel, thus making two working frontends. I'll have to rework the PROPFIND logic, but hopefully a night of hacking will see 0.0.1 tomorrow. Maybe.

*cough*wemaystartuploadingtosidontheweekend*cough*. A weekend of hacking possibly looms.

Hm, less than a month away. Hm.
23 Oct 2002 (updated 23 Oct 2002 at 08:13 UTC) »
Hell fucking yes!
Finished my Indonesian oral exam today. The general conversation went smoothly, apart from a severe 30sec attack of the nerves caused by having to wait 30min doing nothing but stressing more in a large room with few people (the stuff on the wall was in Russian, so I couldn't even read that to pass the time), and I think I did really well. They deviated a reasonable amount from the actual line of my detailed study, but my answers were pretty good and pretty much straight off the bat; I'm pretty happy with it, yeah. Whoo!

Stupidly busy, see above (exam period, ugh). Been spending more and more time at the pub. Preparation for uni, I guess.

Muck-up day
... was yesterday! It was absolutely ace, can't wait to do it again next year (I'm doing yr12 over two years, a decision I made a while ago, to get more subjects, and more time). Had great fun all day, but didn't drink too much (unlike some people; hangovers and exams don't go well together, I don't think), yet it was still well enjoyable. Rocked, rocked, rocked. Update: Got absolutely shitcaned, so enjoy some pictures. Small is 480x640, large is 768x1024. My back's much worse than my front.

Got my 8310 on Friday, it rocks! It's so small, looks way cool (I have the original white/blue cover, and just got the Ice Frost cover this morning; looks pretty mad. I'm going to get Glacier at some point, too. It's got a radio, GPRS, BOTH English AND Indonesian T9 dictionaries (!!), and more. It's easily the best phone I've ever had, even outclassing my first phone - my beloved 7110. Never liked the 8210 much, the 3210 was OK-ish, and the 5110 was just plain clunky. This, however, is proper nice. Luckily I've got it insured.

Too busy to work on it. Sigh. Hopefully I'll get a couple of hours in either tomorow or Friday and be able to hack on it; haven't hacked on it in quite a while. The first release will be quite the psychological bubble to burst, even though it won't even start to think about realizing MoulDAVia's true potential, which comes from its design.

Now, off to the pub. Heh.
15 Oct 2002 (updated 15 Oct 2002 at 06:32 UTC) »
Good to see that Downer/Howard have grasped the issue and worked it out; they seem to actually be doing a good job. Bali was both an obvious and a non-obvious location, however. While virtually all of Indonesia is either Christian or Muslim (almost all Muslim, but a fair few Christians), Bali is the one small village (not of Gauls, tho) still holding out; its religion is Hindu-Bali, a slightly adapted version of Hindu to fit local customs, which were basically religious in themselves. However, it was an obvious place for Jemaah Islamiyah (loose translation: Islamic community, tho it's tending more towards "society" than "organization") to strike, because it's basically Hawaii. If you want to see any of Bali, then don't bother with Denpasar, Kuta, Nusa Dua, or any of the large cities - go into the heart of Bali (literally), and see the villages. The cities are just full of Westerners, and people flogging stuff to Westerners; that's about it. Thus, Kuta was a very obvious place to strike, because it's full of Westerners, and very brash and glitzy. Nothing at all of Bali left in Kuta, just Western tourist trash. Thus, where they struck makes perfect sense - it's an example of "Western decadence". Howard and Downer seem to have a good grasp on the situation, and are leading it well, unlike their (and Bush's) reactions to the WTC. I personally believe that JI were involved; not, however, in cahoots with al-Qaeda. While JI and al-Qaeda share common aims and philosophies, they don't operate together. JI look up to al-Qaeda, and think what bin Laden says is all well and good, but that's not the same as being in cahoots with them. Completely different. I wonder how many human tragedies it will take for the world to realize that fundamentalism in any form (religious, editor/distribution, nationality, skin colour) is no good. The continuing Christianity/Islam battles in Aceh/Maluku are testament to this.

hadess : FYI, aRts has a glib plugin.

Update #2: Got sick of my 5110 fucking up (the 5th phone I've been through so far), and ordered an 8310. It'll arrive in Bendigo (Mum has to sign the contract, since I'm not 18) on Friday, so I should get it that night (friend's coming down from Bendigo that night, incidentally). Whoohoo! :)
12 Oct 2002 (updated 13 Oct 2002 at 03:37 UTC) »
Got sick of existing HTML template engines, wrote a relatively cool one; I'll put it up pretty soon, just need to finalize a couple of things. Was rather disturbed to discover I didn't need the lamp and hear birds chirping when I finished for the, er, night.
Made a rather perfunctory site for MoulDAVia while I was at it, to test junpei (well, it's why I wrote it, really). The source is here; junpei.xml has all the cool stuff in it. Any UI/graphics people who want to make a cool site design/logo (hi ChipX86! ;), please feel free.
Yes, the download link is broken. MoulDAVia isn't quite ready for a release yet.
Update: Put the junpei site up, tarball and all. :)

When you're reduced to watching old 90210 episodes because the other 91 channels are shithouse.
The Internet equivalent would probably be being reduced to checking Slashdot once every 3 minutes. ;)

0.5 is almost ready to be released, except for one Jabber showstopper. Sadly there's no way I can fix it, due to the lack of a connected home computer, sigh. Hopefully Till gets back soon. 0.5's been a long time coming, but it'll be worth it - metacontacts, a unified away system, and more. Kopete's finally starting to take shape as a product, rather than a bundle of code with pointy edges. Really good to see everything coming together; it's been a lot of work (wrote my own Jabber backend, now we're using Psi's tho, and also hacked on a lot of core code - Jabber was the first to use all of the new and cool common classes). As I said on the lists a while ago (and very eloquently, too), 0.4 was a largely irrelevant release; I was still recommending gAIM/EveryBuddy at that point. Now I'm happy, because I can finally start plugging Kopete - it's almost ready! Very exciting time.
Finally pulling close to a release; just needs some good, solid testing.

Awesome. Great architecture, great Wasabi. The Zygote skin is pretty stunning, a testament to the stupid amount of flexibility allowed. (That's a compliment, BTW).

Home internet
Still waiting ...

Expensive restaurants kick arse when someone else pays for it. Had the best lamb/ravioli combo I will ever have in my life, it was absolutely superb. They also had James Squire Amber Ale (one of the best beers known to mankind; hell, even Mum likes it), which is always a bonus. Shame it was $6 a pop, but then again, I don't really care. :)

Mum has a Duron 1.2GHz here, with 512meg of RAM. This should *not* lock up completely when copying across a CD's worth of stuff to the hard drive. I mean, it wasn't possible to do anything else. Unless everything was in swap (including the apps I used about 15sec beforehand), I don't see why; the system being completely IO-bound and everything being in swap is the only explanation I can think of, unless it tried to buffer the entire contents of the CD to RAM. Sigh.

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