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Burning a lot of anime (also watching Escaflowne, I have see the half of the serie)

I back with my ex-girlfriend

Working again with bellatrix

Ideas about some projects... firs finish getwell!!! =D

Reading about urban legends, I see a scary picture =)

Even perseo is broken, now has a 17" monitor =)

I have a couple of dragons from Mega Bloks, they are really cute =).

Perseo still broken, I hope tomorrow talk with some dudes of technical staff =S

Anjuta is now working in my mac =) (but it's seem with a couple of odd bugs) see the image http://xtabay.cs.buap.mx/~danguer/anjuta.jpg

I had to carry my HD to the school to get the 20 gb of anime I've downloaded =)

Tomorrow I will give a talk about Linux Distributions, even it's a religious think which distro use, always it's good to only mention it =), I will talk about the distros I have used, and what I think about them.

I also have a workshop about technologies of dynamic web sites, but I have to short it to only two hours =S

I had an exam the monday; I don't know really what will be my calification =(

I must redesign the eternal bellatrix and finish also the eternal getwell =S, I have to get out my d(a)emons of that eternal developing programs =(

Compiling a lot of Mac/Linux software, I used 10 gb in only instalattion :-S

Anjuta is not working, needs a lot of libraries :-S, I'm looking for new code editors =(

Mono at least could be compiled, I haven't tested the mcs compiler; I should test it compiling Gtk#; the PPC porting for the jit it's seem to be finished soon, I hope it =).

In two weeks we are going to teach how to install linux to 'fresh' people in my faculty, I will finish the information page tomorrow.

VTK for mac is now working, I don't know if there's a version for java =S

I go to billiards today (Rius said that billiards is the only 'sport' which could give to Mexico a lot of golden medal in olympics =D), with some friends, we play three hours; my team wins 4 games of 5 =D.

Streamload now gives me 10 gb for $10, that's really cool, but I have 25 gb waiting for burning in the school; today I put to perseo my hd, but I can't copy anything because it was in NTFS format =((, I must re-install to a vfat partition; and burning (I haven't try if my cd writer works in linux, I think that it does)

I've back from 5 days in Veracruz, attending the gulev, I meet some linux dudes of my country :-).

I got a lot of ideas; and a lot of relax ;-) (except the last day in the hotel; because the hotel make a mistake, and they think we arrived one day before our reservation was made... we lost about 6 hours giving explanations).

Checking my mail, I don't get much mail, that's a good sign =)

I'm listening blues, the blues is really cool =)

perseo still down, a friend told me I have to fill a report (yeah, that sounds like burocracy); tomorrow I hope to see what's happening.

Some of homework, I will try to make an example in vtk, try to simulate sorting boxes in a trailer's box.

I want to have more bandwidth, I think I sould contract ADSL service; I will talk tomorrow; I must "work for bandwidth" :-S

Reading about x11 programming

Getwell is working; I must focus now to get the interface working; I downloaded Gtk# for windows, but I nedded the libintl, so I must downloaded; now I downloading linux apps for mac with fink.

Why anjuta isn't in the fink tree?, I don't know the last time I use anjuta I have to modify the source, because an instruction looks like a bug

The tuesday at 0:00 (and celebrating the independence of my country), I will travel to other city to give a conference about Darwin

Listening a lot of the Cure, I format again the Mac, I must install yaboot later.

Yesterday I went to drink some beer and listening music

I'm learning vtk, I must make a simple arrengement of some boxes in the 3d space.

Qt finished compiling in my mac after mhh, 8 hours? :-S

I was learning by example, making weirds changes to the fire application in the Project Builder on Mac Os X =D

x11 terminal in XDarwin appears to don't use the keyboard settings; and the modmap it wasn't working good so I use my last xmodmap which works fine.

I'm hungry :-S

Perseo is down since last week; I don't know why, a trouble in the routers I think; also the home page of my faculty: http://www.cs.buap.mx. I hope could be solved fastly :-S

I'm going to looking something to eat =D

I think I'm not doing all with my full time, but I'm going more slowdown, but trying to give time to every project and ideas I had, Getwell looks great, I'm working again, since zero, because I draw and conceptualized the real classes that will be part of the project, I have anything interesting yet, but it's good to keep working, I must start with the part of the network, but my winmodem is not working good, and only the 0.25 mono version looks to be working with the XmlValidating (or something like that :-P)

I must try to install vtk on my mac computer, but I don't know if I must repartition the space, I have mac os x, darwin and linux; in fact I only have linux by yaboot, I don't used because of my nvidia card that doesn't support XFree. I don't know if I must quit either linux or darwin; I think it will be darwin.

I will try again to install darwin on a X86

After tried some distros, I don't know what distro install to my x86, maybe debian.

Tristan must be stopped for a little while, maybe I restart the work in a couple of months

I was looking for books in my school, I found the networks books from Tanenbaum, it's really good book; I want to but another book of .Net programming, but I look for a better price, about 8 dollars less (maybe it don't sound very low the price from 60 dollars, but here in Mexico could be half of another book =) ).

I lear to use something of gnuplot, it's really good, I must show a message over the surface of a sphere; my sphere it looks no very good under the parametric function

set parametric
splot cos(u)*cos(v), sin(u)*cos(v), sin(u)

mhh, that was the function?? I had very bad memory... :-S

I was watching the lord of the ring, the two towers, I can't wait to see the third movie, or matrix revolutions.

I have to delay the conferences about linux in my school, because the dude who must get the place for the conferences and workshops, travel to another city, and don't say anything; I hope have the place for two weeks.

Sick again, two weeks before I got sick also; but this seems to be more time in me ... :(

mhhh, I must go to sleep =)

Oh it was sweet
It was wild
And oh how we...
I trembled
Stuck in honey
Cling to me ...
So just one more
Just one more go
Inspire in me the desire in me
To never go home

A sad song from the cure [homesick]; I buy their dvd trilogy, it's really cool the music, the lyrics, all...

Re-starting to work in projects, the TLDP-ES new design of the pages; and bellatrix (because now it's really necesary :-S).

Now the dns of danguer.com rest under perseo :-), I have more control of my subdomains, and pages.

Watching movies while holidays, I saw a lot of movies, but tomorrow I must travel to Puebla to start my new courses. All the courses were closed and I took only a few of them...

A lot of ideas, no control of the time; I must distribute the time from the monday...

A lot of downloads from anime, I will burn it in this week...

Blaster worms seem to be more effective socially than software... all the people I know was scared by the only name and the sentence "it's spreading fastly"... I read reports about some dudes from my university fomatted a HD from a faculty because was infected with the worm.. therefore all their data was lost...

I'm tired... tomorrow I must start the job to control sessions in PHP, make users, change passwords, etc, control about users, I hope have something working for the middle of the week ... I really hope =).

Damn, I must re-course (that's the word?) my compiler's course... too bad, troubles with some little errors,even the parser was looking good, I will stop and later re-start the project; now I will focus in Tristan http://www.tristanproject.org, and also I have problems with the domain registrar :-S...

Happy Birthday to me! :-) well, was two days before (21th July), my sister had a car accident :( but now is in home :-D.

Working in my project of Distribuited Systems, the algorithms are easier, but I must learn TCL/TK, I have my first "confrontation" with TK yesterday because its dialogues are some weird :-S.

Maybe I will work free-lance, I must wait my first module :-)

Mailman and IMAP is not working :-(, emerge is a great tool, but can't be perfect; some errors with the init scripts don't say anything when apache couldn't be started :-S

Too tired because I was moving a 21" monitor in my school :-(

I'm a little confused, I don't get any mail from a linux congress :-S, I hope be accepted :-)

My summer course it's finishing, I have almost two weeks to finish my PHP scanner-parser, I was working in a very lazy way in the parser, I hope this week I could finish it.

My projects in the other class got stuck... I must finish it this week also :-S

A friend also want to make the project about I was talking.. "tristan"; I started.. making the web interfase :-D: http://perseo.cs.buap.mx/~danguer/angelus/screenshots/tristan/tristan00.jpg, ehmm yes... I was working in XP :-S.

Finally we could buy more HD to perseo, perseo had 8 GB all his life like perseo :-) (before was a NT workstation, and even before was knowed more like "fenix-team", I really don't like the name ;-).... when I got in the library, our teacher suggest us put the name Perseo, because the other server, with NT, its called medusa; and the first "server" we got was a 133 Mhz linux redhat 5.2, with 1.2 gb in HD, only with few accounts, the server was good, but I learn much about linux since I got perseo working in the new machine)... now has 60 GB and gentoo linux ;-).

Not many studying or working, the first impulse I had, it vanished :-((...

Hearding Apocalyptica, thanks to my friend ceiz... well, now hearding Jimmy Hendrix

I played Diablo I only for a moment, this afternoon, while I was teaching to my cousin to play :-), I enjoy again the Tristam song (if you are really smart, you will see the connection between my project name and this city :-P), and the "your death will be avenge" sound from the warrior, really cool. In fact, the music of tristan could be found in the blizzard site.

Not much writing, a couple of ideas about articles, but anything, my idea also to star writing my "experiences" in linux/java/c/php/programming also are stopped, I could organize much better my time :-(.

A year to graduate from the school :-(, I have some thinkings about I don't know yet the "normal" knowledge of a average (or better) programmer, I must start my bachelor thesis and go thinking in what university go to see if I could be accepted, I'm a little confused and sad about this :-((.

1 Jul 2003 (updated 1 Jul 2003 at 07:16 UTC) »

I finally have finished my scanner for PHP, but my teacher don't like it... why?, because he wanted a scanner made it with only state-machine-like, with a transition matrix. First, I was thinking the scanner in this way, but I left it shortly because I don't like it to do in a matrix way, at least for me it will be more dificult to catch some errors; I check the mcs tokenizer from the mono project, and I based upon it. I have the scanner ready for testing (I think), and my testing give a great effort to continue, but my teacher quit me those efforts :-S.

I will start to make the parser, but due I was reading in the code of the parser for PHP, I must do some evaluations in the same parser, but if I do it, my teacher don't will like it, because he want only what he 'know'... that's a shame...

Quimera is getting better :-), I have added some 'trivial' changes, and I think I'm going to release the 0.2 version the weekend.

I'm studying TCL/TK because a teacher wants we implement an algorithm of distribuited operating sysmtes in TCL/TK/DP...

Getwell must wait, I think that

Bellatrix also??? I must finish it, I have some ideas, when I release Quimera I must work hard to finish it before the next two months.

Tristan is filling my head with ideas, I have a lot of ideas for the calendar, but also for the framework... I don't know when I must start... I must start before another one steal my idea }:-).

The TLDP-ES (The Libre Documentation Project O:-) ) Team is working to get a new design of the page, I haven't much time to finish my part of the XSLT automation, I must do some scripts to keep update the pages.

I must write more docs for magazines }:-)

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