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Fuck you, Google
Google has very quickly become my least favorite company thanks to this AdSense fiasco.

If you recall, I had a very similar experience with Google AdSense.

The thing that I find most disturbing is how little play these stories are getting in the news media. Here Google has become this juggernaut of internet advertising, and yet you have to really search to find the many many stories of Google cancelling AdSense under questionable circumstances. Of course, that should come as no surprise when you realize that Google also is the juggernaut of internet searching.
Server outage
Sad that my posts to my web log lately have all been to warn of server outages, but oh well. The following servers will be down due to a planned server outage:
  • svn.samhart.net
  • svn.tux4kids.net
  • pimpscript.net
  • trac.tux4kids.net
  • trac.samhart.net
  • pastafest.org[1]
  • rpmstrap.pimpscript.net[2]
  • asav.samhart.net
  • people.tux4kids.net
Also down are any other servers that are virtual on these that I may have forgot.

This planned outage will be for approximately 12 hours. The big problem is, when it is scheduled to come back online I will be unable to verify that everything is back online.

Basically, if you have any problems with these, you may have to wait until Monday, March 20th, before I can fix them.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

<small>[1] : pastafest.org has a fallover server, and will likely still work
[2] : rpmstrap has a mirror here that will still be active
IRC Goodness
Wish I had some real updates here, but everything is just too hectic to do much lately :-P

Instead, I just wanted to share with the world in general some of the humor I've amassed from IRC. Basically, every once in a while, something funny is said or done and I feel a need to capture it for posterity.

I know this means no one is safe when they share a channel with me, but, bah, what do I care?

Anyway, without further ado, a smaill listing of my favorites:
Sites back up
Wow, took a long time (failed HDD apparently) but it seems to be back up. Users of my SVN: Please check to make sure everything is still current in the various SVN's that I may host.
Assface McClure
Bah, fuck everything.

Okay, well it probably should come as no shock to anyone who knows me or reads my posts that I am a high stress person. Well, last week my wife had me go in and get scoped. They gave me some good drugs, and I was all loopy all day long. I even called the doctor a sick fucking bastard for doing what he does to people while I was under the effects of the medication.

Anyway, my doctor prescribed me some sort of medicine to reduce acid in my stomach because I have some sort of ulcerous thing that may or may not be pre-cancerous (he wants to reduce the swelling of something so he can be certain it is not pre-cancerous).

Well, it turns out this medication is some $300+ per bottle, and because I've been trying so many different stomach medications lately (none of them have worked) my insurance company has refused to pay for it.

So, here I have this really bad ulcer that may or may not be pre-cancerous, and a fucking prescription from a fucking doctor, and my fucking insurance company wont get me my fucking medication.

Fuck me.

Yeah... this is exactly what someone with an ulcer needs.

Anyway.... I know that trac.samhart.net and the sites hosted there are offline at the moment. I don't know why. As near as I can tell, they've been offline all weekend long. I am seriously thinking of getting a new provider over there.

I'm looking into it.
Upgrade complete
Okay, the sites hosted over at svn.samhart.net, mainly: ...and anything else I'm not thinking of over there, should be back online now.
svn.samhart.net and related sites having problems
Just wanted to point out that the sites and things hosted on svn.samhart.net (this includes pimpscript, trac, tux4kids.net, among other things) are going to be having troubles for a bit.

The server they are virtually hosted on migrated to AMD64 some time ago, and I am now running into some strange issues with the i386 Debian packages on the VPS from its old i386 days. The worst of these is a total wiping of /etc/shadow seemingly randomly (which, obviously is a very bad thing :-)

I'm working on the VPS at the moment, and will update my homepage once it has been completed.
Anger, Frustration, Pissed Off-ness
You know what I can't stand? I can't stand small-minded simpletons who worm their way onto my webpages (and yes, I do have a lot), get irked or irritated at some content, and then contact me and try to have me change it.

The biggest one, of course, is my Ranthole, wherein I make a lot of angry rants. Rants that, really, are more satirical than anything else. But somehow, simple minded people never actually get it. They read them, and they get offended, and they never see what I am saying.

Of course, the ones that really chap my hide are the ones that don't talk to me directly about it. Instead they go and talk through someone else, trying to get them to have me change it. Could be anyone, really... just someone that they think might intimidate me or make me feel bad or guilty as if I am doing anything wrong.

Granted, a lot of this may just be the very ignorant ultra-right-wing conservatism mentallity that permeates the midwest in general. The same people that think you can only be Christian if you vote republican, drive a gas-guzzling SUV, support the military no matter what it's involved in, and eat pound after pound of red beef.

When I say I stick out in the midwest like a sore thumb, I really am not lying. I'm Christian, yes, but I'm also a liberal, and I am also someone who is pretty sick and tired of the way that so-called "Christians" are messing up this country. So few of them really appreciate the freedoms that this country was founded upon. So few of them really realize that Seperation of Church and State means they can are free to worship the way they want, and not the way some external government agency tells them. So few of them realize that without the freedoms we have, especially free speech their very religion would be threatened, and ther very lifestyle at risk.

I know this was a very wandering rant, but damnit, I'm angry. I'm angry because people look at my pages, and they see some swearing, and they see some images I made for the intent of shock, and they suddenly condem me and think that somehow I am evil. Instead of actually reading the message, they focus in on the individual little words.

They don't see the forest for the trees...

Well, anyway... my pages aren't for them. My pages are for people who really do have open minds and the ability to understand satire and the situation our world is in these days.

So I'll end this rant... and not cast any more pearls before swine...
Year in Review
Welp, been a busy year. A very busy year. Some might say too busy. Hell, I'd say too busy. But let's review anyway, shall we?
  • Top Games of 2005 : Before I start, I would be remiss if I didn't point out my list of top games in 2005. I do these every year, and they seem to be the only thing I ever use my wiki for anymore.
  • Wedding/Honeymoon : Got married this year (wife #2, although wife #1's stuff is still strewn around my site). Simply wonderful to be with such a mentally well person.
  • Gaming Clan Success : My word, too much success. This is probably the most demanding thing in my life now.
  • Kicked Maat's Ass : If you don't know what this is, don't worry about it. Let's just say it was nearly two years in coming for me, and was kind of a big deal.
  • Vain attempt to restart Tux4Kids : Once again, my life has been too busy for T4K. This next year I really hope to have more time for it again. What I really need is some way that I can earn enough money to live and yet still have time for T4K... of course... how the hell is that going to happen unless someone plops some fat cash in my lap..
  • Work, work, and more work : Honestly, the majority of my time has been spent trying to make ends meet. Sure, I've had more financial success than in years past, but it has come at a pretty severe cost. I just never have time to work on my FLOSS projects anymore.
I need a new drug
Welp, as I said a few posts ago, Google is a Nazi with their Adsense program. Somehow, they idiotically invalidated all of my clicks because of something stupid like NAT. Something that has only been a part of the net since at least 1994... but we'll forgive them for not being up on the latest bleeding edge technology.

Anyway... I need an alternative. But I can't find one that doesn't, superficially at least, seem just as Nazi as Google is. Here's a few I have looked at, if anyone has anything to say about them, track me down in #tfug, #clanam, or whatever (I'm criswell, criswel1, or criswe11) in freenode.net. Don't email me, I get too damned much email.

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