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been playing with sourceforge, very awesome stuff. One gets tired of building CVS servers after a while. It's pretty neat. have quotes up on CVS in sourceforge.


Been having fun at work again. still pretty political, but that;s what happens when your in an educational institution..
Less than 3 months till my wedding date, that's pretty scary, but I'm excited! the invitations got sent out yesterday!

well It's been a while since I've entered a diary entry. A lot has happened. I got a job offer in bermuda(they even flew me and Victoria out there, the money wasn't really there, and the job didn't seem really exciting. I turned them down.

Thought I might try out sourcefourge with my quotes mess, It's coming along quite horribly :P

Thinking about looking for a job in the Kingston/Ottawa area(ON, Canada). It would make my life with my fiance a whole bunch easier. The US Govt is about a huge pain in the butt, when it comes to things like this.

IRM 1.0 came out, found some of my code in it. That was kinda cool. I need to see about moving my existing code base into 1.0. That sounds like a chore. It might be easier to just re-code it.

Okies, I'm done for now. tho I'm sure more has happened.

Well. Coding on IRM some more. Got some more done with it, Need to work out an Authorization scheme. I know lots of other ppl have gone thru this, just not sure how to go about getting a good way to do this. I want to implement a way to say this guy can do these things, this guy can do these things, etc. and get it out without too many problems.

Viki wrote some great stuff the other day, I put it up on the about page for Quotes. She's great! I laughed my butt off for a long time :P

They are trying to get me to move to the new building tomorrow, I'm going to be a rebel, and stay here until they force me to go. I don't really want to move to the new building, and I really want to get IRM done first. I guess I should just move over, maybe next week :) It's just a lot of stupid work that doesn't do a whole lot for me. In fact I'm losing a phone, a machine or two, etc. I'm not gaining a whole lot. Not even more space, or my own office. Just losing stuff. Talk about a bad deal. At least I'll be close to Sandii and Robin again, they are Great ppl.

Went to the Doctor today and got my blood drawn, hopefully he doesn't come back and tell me I'm gonna die soon :P Hopefully it won't be anything major, been having problems with sugar. Me and Sugar aren't getting along very well, does wacky things to my head/body. Should know more next week.

Started coding on IRM again, wanted to test out some abstraction's on getting results out of MySQL, so I wrote Quotes System( It was kinda fun. I've since come up with bunches of ideas for it in the TODO file, but I'm sure it will be a while before I get around to coding on it anymore.

PHP is kinda fun to write, but I keep finding myself screwing up the syntax, cause I've been spoiled after writing in python for so long. I guess one of these days I might actually be able to code something decent.

It's still hard for me to code. I have to use a lot of brain power to come up with simple algorithm's, etc. But I kinda enjoy it. Which is scary, I've never used to enjoy coding.

Anyways today is bill paying and visiting the doctor day, hopefully I'll get some more on IRM done, I need to have it useable for next week(tuesday). we'll see I'm thinking it needs a re-write, but I'm not that energetic.

Worked on Software Adoption Procedures today, seems like most days are non-coding, non-geke days, and are becoming more and more political. Ahh well, it's a job, and it's fun for the most part :)

Haven't done a whole lot else. Hopefully can start working on IRM again soon.

Got home to Yuma. When do we get Teleports? Maybe I should be come a Teleport Scientist or something, Airports suck, and driving is about as bad. Good trip to see my fiancee(sp) tho. Had lots of fun. Good to be home tho.

Got to Kingston! Asked Viki to marry me. I was impressed, she said yes, then there was the whole, couldn't see to put the ring on the right finger :). I had it packaged in a rose, she didn't know the rose opened! I thought it was a good surprise. Having fun, got some DB design done for the RIO/STU project on the flight up. It's COLD in Canada! It snowed last night, that was neat! Don't get to see snow very often.

Spent today working on Kofa lab, talked with Teachers about the network lag, and how political the upgrade is getting. Tried to get all the last minute details taken care of before I left. Watched a samba authentication server take a dump, I'm assuming it's shared library problem, going to re-build it, since the machine was pretty hosed anyway.

Got to show of my Engagement ring some more today, All the girls @ work like it.

The OA meeting went well, looks like the ordeal, and new members is going to go pretty bad, but the rest of it should be good to go.

I'm driving to PHX to catch a plane here if the dryer will finish :) I'll be offline for the next 10 days or so pretty much. Have to go deal with wedding stuffs.

Looks like fruity will be my best man, heard back from him today. Very cool.

Been advertising, I really like this site, which I had more time to play around with it.

This is actually mar 8th, guess you can't edit stuff the next day to fix typing mistakes and not have it update the journal entry date/time Worked on our increasing network bandwith problem, fixed some samba upgrades to properly work with password server = authstl. Working on samba over NFS for kofa to have building level servers, hope to have in place tonight. (didn't)

Getting excited about asking viki to marry me(FRIDAY!).

Hoping to get some code done this next week while away on "vacation", in Kingston, ON

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