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effbot, be nice...

Finance isn't obvious to everyone (anyone?)... I like you style, though.

Phoon, this is not Vietnam

Some insane scumbags bombed our people, we know who they are and where they live. They are being harbored by leaders using religion to dominate and manipulate their vunreble people. We know who the enemy are, and we're pissed. I'm sure the crew of the USS Cole knows exactly what the fight is all about. I sure do.

And by the way, "We" are Americans. Americans live in America. Yeah, I know you know. Now think about it. We are not natives. We are not bound by religion, family or heritage. We are bound only by our desire to live free. The evil bastards want to take that away from us. That's bad news for them.

The government of the US is not a perfect reflection of the desires of the people, but we're working on it. Our policies are not perfect, but we're working on them.

The people of Bhutan don't like US capitalism, but they've never killed over it.

17 Sep 2001 (updated 17 Sep 2001 at 04:40 UTC) »
Hey Llain, where'd your job come from?"

Prosperity for the US is prosperity for the world. The US globalized capitalism, and good for us. This isn't some utopian fantasy land. There are tradeoff, but in the end the world is a much god-damn better place because of what we have accomplished.

You're a ugly kind of hypocrite -- and I guess that's a luxury you owe to capitalism. Without it, Australia would still be a backwater. Oh, I guess that would be good for the natives (which you've mostly killed off)...

Yeah, we're the only bad guys. Get real. Life sucks sometimes and it isn't going to change anytime soon. We improve things in the balance. Do you?

14 Sep 2001 (updated 14 Sep 2001 at 22:39 UTC) »

...are made up of people, as are governments. It is impossible, by definition, to attack a nation without injuring its people.

As Americans we are responsible for the policies of our government. Indifference is not an exception. Opposition is not an exception. We are America, like it or not.

Likewise, people of the nations supporting terrorism cannot expect to be spared the price of war. It is a hellish price, and I fear that some leaders may choose to pay it with the others' souls.


...is an abstract concept, most days. Not on September 11, 2001. We welcomed the visitors as millions before them, provided opportunity, our homes, and our culture. They, with their families, accepted those gifts. They then turned to destroy us.

They were free to do so, as was Tim McVey. No different, really. We welcome strangers because the make us stronger, we hope. They have in the past and will again. This incredible menagerie of lives and cultures hinges on the rights of the few, and must continue to do so.

We will crush terrorism, and defend our freedom. Freedom has a cost, a part of which is safety. Tuesday we made a down payment.


yakk: "Is there anything more brave than dying to save your country / people / faith?"

Yes, living. Choosing to die often defines cowardice. As does killing from the shadows and hiding behind hollow offers of comfort. These people are insane, irrational and they are cowards. Period.

12 Sep 2001 (updated 12 Sep 2001 at 22:42 UTC) »
An Idea

Can it be illegal for our government to sponsor acts, groups or individuals that undermine the abilities of any individual to pursue happiness?

Religion isn't the problem, Iain

But it is a part of the problem. Religion has been used as a tool to manipulate "the masses" since the beginning of time. Some research suggests a genetic predisposition to religion and fanaticism -- it's that old.

The doctrine of conversion (i.e. "all of the unenlightened must be saved") is a perennial example. I don't think it's necessary to enumerate the evils committed in the name of that doctrine, as history speaks for itself.

But like I said before, this isn't about religion. Religion is just a tool used by the maniacs responsible to achieve the desired result -- feeding their egos. These people are small.

mobius, you're an idiot

Are you saying that killing 2-10 thousand people is NOT an act of war? That is complete bullshit.

The insanity required to commit these acts is the problem. It isn't about religion (though I blame the doctrine of conversion for starting the whole thing 1000 years ago). It isn't about politics. It is about the insanity of a small number of influential zealots, not different than the bastard(s) that bombed Oklahoma City.

They need to be stopped at any cost. The acts of 9/11/2001 are outside the bounds of civilized discourse, answerable only by war. They are heinous and threatening enough to justify retaliation outside the bounds of due process. That is war.

Fanaticism of any kind (at home or abroad) is the enemy of civilization. Do not tolerate it in others or yourself. This is as true in Ireland, Israel, and Afghanistan as it is in New York.

Irrational Cruelty

To what end? To commit the act without claiming responsibility, without explaination is irrational. It can serve no purpose. Capitalism and democracy are much larger than the US -- are Japan, China and India next? All different forms of the same concept.

What cruelty. What stupidity.

May the guilty and their associates smoke large turds in hell.

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