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Oh, this was a really funny new year party! We have drinking too much alcohol of course and the new year started not so funny in the morning. But it was fun!

Gnucash with aqbanking suddenly started working after I installed anything from source. Strange, but it works, anyway if you have problems install gnucash-1.8.12 and the latest aqbanking stuff from source

After Cable-TV at my parents has all private Channels availible now (thanks for the 3-year delay...), I will switch their HTPC from MythTV to VDR. I hope this will make things easier because it was always very difficult to get current EPG for analog-tv. And I will build a new wooden case for them which looks better.

Some people wanted to have gnome-vim support in anjuta. OK, I have noticed that but this is really no high priority if it is possible at all.

Anyway, another thing is possible and I am going to implement it: GtkSourceView as editor in anjuta! Seems to be too difficult but there are some annoying utf8 things to take care of.

BTW we have a lot of snow here and a plan to go skiing the next days. And tommorow is big party, of course!

After several people reporting a but in anjuta-1.2.4 startup I quickly released 1.2.4a which fixes exactly this bug and does nothing else because development focuses on anjuta 2.0.

Gnucash starts to annoy me. I have used several version know (1.8.10, 1.8.12 and currect svn (1.9.x) but HBCI never works. The newest version looks promising but I cannot even open a file and could not track down the problem. Everything works on the command line but homebanking on the command line is really no fun!

And finally I started learning for my study. Anyway the university server was down for several hours and I could not get the stuff I needed. Argh!

After my system was just much to stable and old-fashioned the last week, I updated from Ubuntu Breezy to Dapper and successfully broke some things like dvb-t.

Anyway, I feel much more up-to-date now and I found some new issues with gtk-2.9.1 in anjuta. This version seems to be more strict in some cases which caused at least two new crashers. But to be fair I have to say that these were not GTK+ faults but bugs in anjuta which somehow worked with older versions.

Tommorow is the last day before X-mas in university. I think I will have to learn a lot in the short holidays :-|

I just tried a whole night to get GnuCash and HBCI work in Ubuntu. It's really a mess. Ubuntu does not provide gnucash-hbci for some weird reason so you have to recompile gnucash from source.

Well, after 8 hours I got aqhbci working currectly after I found out that there was a wrong IP on my card. This was definitly not aqhbci's fault but it had been of course easier if they had better error messages.

I managed to get the HBCI-Wizard in Gnucash working but I still cannot make any transaction because of some strange things in aqbanking but I try to investigate this further. Maybe I will write a wiki-page once it's finished in the ubuntu-wiki.

Night has been a bit short due to one of the legendary Alex Partys but it was fun anyway.

In the material science lecture is discovered one again that is was a good idea not to study computer science because mechatronics seems to be much more fun.

After encouraging the poeple on the ML to use Anjuta 2.0 they suddenly reported some usuability issues but I could fix most of them could very easy.

Finally, I fixed one of the most annoying bugs in Anjuta (#309688).

I think this was the best I did the whole day. OK, I solved a quite annoying exercise and I begin to hate Java because it's slow, it's stupid (you cannot use ! on integers because it claims these are not boolean...) and because it does no have pointers (but NULL-pointer exceptions ;-).

So starting a blog here now not even knowing any reason why:

University is great. You don't want to miss any lecture to solve your consciences but in the end you just talk to your neighbour why she is solving Sudoku puzzles. Now I know something about Sudoku but nothing about complicated Matrix operations.

The more productive part of the day was hacking on Anjuta to fix some more bugs. BTW: The new gnome-bugzilla looks really impressive, I wait for fix automaticly feature...

Having said this it would be great if some developer would help us because our current CVS version is really promising but we still have a huge number of small bugs. Anyone?

So it's just like any other day, press tells me that free software will be baned in France and Linus tells me I should not use GNOME while Bill Gates tells me I should not use Linux because it's insecure. Others tell me not to use a Computer at all, they may have a point!

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