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9 Oct 2003 (updated 25 Apr 2005 at 19:22 UTC) »

Yay! I've got a freelance for webdesigning the page of a small brazilian company, nothing really hard though. It will represents extra money for me, finally I'll see money again in my hands! I'm making a very simple page with valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 and a few Photoshop'ed images. I even could make it XHTML 1.1 and get a 1337 page but I am too lazy to understand 2 stupid remaining errors from the validator. You bitch, how can you use tables and ignore CSS nowadays?! But want to know the best part of the whole thing? My Internet connection will be turned off in the next day (probably in the next hours) then maybe I won't finish this freelance perfectly :( I'm a fucking asshole... still need money to pay the net tax... but I don't care, I rocks with CSS/XHTML :P

4 Oct 2003 (updated 25 Apr 2005 at 19:32 UTC) »

Hi there, apparently the links in my last post pointing to entersite.sites.uol.com.br are broken but they aren't. I have no clue what's happening in UOL, no fucking idea of the matter whith them but if you just wget the links you can see the pictures anyway. Grab it again if you had tried and got 404.


We are looking for a decent hosting (spuk, nerdwell and caio1982, me) and maybe in some weeks we'll get it and a .org domain. Luck for us.

2 Oct 2003 (updated 25 Apr 2005 at 19:35 UTC) »

Sorry, this beginning part is for those that can read portuguese. Finalmente posto novamente alguma coisa aqui, depois de muito tempo (o último post tinha sido em 29 de Julho). Muitas coisas aconteceram, muitas mesmo, e algumas listarei aqui em pt_BR, outras em inglês... nas outras partes deste post gigantesco.

Novidade mor, se tudo der certo como estou planejando, irei novamente para Curitiba por volta do dia 14. Sim, pra ver a minha Danielle. Saí do emprego. Quer dizer, eles me saíram... meu ex-chefe (imbecil e despreparado, diga-se de passagem) disse que Linux não dá dinheiro e que não teria o que me dar como pagamento de salário. Ótima, que morra.

Estou livre novamente, em todos os sentidos. Indo atrás de freelances de webdesign (é difícil aqui na região) e tentando me envolver com um ou outro projeto de Software Livre. Veja mais no tópico abaixo sobre o Mozilla. Falando em outros tópicos, tem coisas neles que são relacionadas ao que eu fazia no tal antigo emprego, leia se quiser saber. De resto, eu estou bem. Tenho falado mais com o Josh também (temos algumas coisas bem em comum), e inclusive o convidei pra vir ao Brasil pra participar do CONISLI este ano. Talvez não dê pra ele, mas acho que ele virá no próximo FISL em 2004. Massa!


It's public, I'm really a KDE fanatic guy. It's a great project, a incredible desktop environment (KIOs and Kparts are the best ideas implemented that I ever seen). Don't get me wrong pal, but I really can't figure out how intelligent people can use GNOME. Wait, it's not a FUD nor a flame bait. I know the GNOME's accessibility/usability project is great and do a very good job, but their desktop software is strange for me. Despite the fact I'm on a dial internet connection, I'll try to install another Debian SID here probably with KDE 3.2 (actually in alpha2). Then I'd say more about it with extra arguments so you all couldn't say it's FUD. Fuck off, this is my diary, it's my personal opinion about GNOME. Read this article about GNOME vs. KDE and how GNOME became lame. It's very old, but enough for now.

A friend of mine (spuk) do a lot of programming, maybe I'll use him as my slave to do a new KIO to handles Macintosh resource icons heheh :) actually only the Bearca's icn2png can do it under Linux.


Another magnific project that I love, a lot. We are starting a localized project of it called Mozilla Brasil and I have already translated some articles from Gemal and others. How I said in the past, I'm a mozevangelist. It's all. Unfortunately we are having some issues with marketing and promotional stuff, since Mozilla Fundation seems to haven't any good material so that localized projects could use right. Did you know that Mozilla default font is proprietary (not open source or free software)? It's the Revolutions.ttf, and costs too much for me. If you know a site or FTP or something where I can grab some Mozilla's promo stuff, please, let me know sending me a e-mail through entercaioATuol.com.br. I am looking specially for SVG and PNG images (in a high resolution).


MoreGroupware. Cool. It's the free software tool I was using in my last job (I got fired... as related in the first topic of this post, only in portuguese). I know there are many groupwares but I didn't know this one and I liked a lot. Probably because it's simple to install, a really small list of dependencies and came with a brazilian portuguese pack. You must try it!


Yay, I borrowed a digital camera from my uncle for some days and... well, see the links for some pictures: a flower, a bush from my front yard, my dog' shit and me (caio1982). Also, as bonus a real screenshot of my actual desktop. Wanna a normal screenshot? My KDE with Liquid Style and KwinAcqua. Someday I'll upload to some decente machine my hack of WinampX (skin for XMMS).


Recently I've written some articles and translated others and now you can read some of it. The first issue of Mozilla Links Newsletter translated to pt_BR (I'm working on the second issue). A weekly special reviews of some KDE/Mozilla apps that I recommends. If you gimme some hosting I can upload more stuff, so? ;) ah, I still have not converted my articles about QtMozilla, Checky and Devotod to Rich Text Format so that I could send them to Revista Do Linux (there's a myth they are accepting any kind of writings).


Yeah, the birds. Thunderbird and Firebird softwares of Mozilla Fundation. Man, I really hate this hype created about both programs. I'm a SeaMonkey guy, sorry, I really can't use them. They have weird options and a small number of. I love options, that's why I like KDE not GNOME. Anyway, I don't like their XP'ish style... for me they are just marketing. See, some days ago I got both plus the latest SeaMonkey (the classic Mozilla suite) release, 1.5b IIRC. I couldn't notice any better thing of the birds over the suite, for me they runs perfectly equal and dispends the same ammount of RAM. So, what should I use them? If you read regularly some Mozilla weblogs and news you probably knows about the SeaMonkey vs. Birds developers rift. If not, long live to SeaMonkey (unfortunately impossible):

Healing Firebird vs. Mozilla Suite rift crucial to Mozilla's Success.

Clarification for a SeaMonkey User (thread really big).

Mozilla Suite vs Firebird causing a rift among developers.

Mozilla Firebird and the Part 2 of it...


I didn't release any of my designs under Creative Commons licence yet but I'll. But now CC is more known in Brazil, at least.


Boto sent me a memo in OFTC summoning me to post more diary entries here (boto, you could join spuk and I in the ouie.org, huh?). Hey, I just did it :) but sorry for my bad english, as always necessary to say.

30 Jul 2003 (updated 25 Apr 2005 at 19:36 UTC) »

Sorry, this beginning part is for those that can read portuguese. Hoje passei o dia em Itanhaém (que segundo a Danielle, se pronúncia Tonhónhóim). É uma cidade legal, perto de Praia Grande, onde eu moro, e é onde alguns amigos residem. Desde que terminei o colegial e saí faltando 2 meses pra concluir o curso técnico na ETE aqui perto, sempre me encontro com uns poucos que conseguia me socializar: Fred (ou FSV, para os conspiradores), o Rudmar e a Patrícia. Contudo, hoje tive surpresas e acabei encontrando também o Igor (que já visitei em Porto Alegre) e a Fabs (calma, é apelido). Como sempre, andamos pelo centro, fomos na biblioteca, passamos no melhor lugar pra se comer panquecas de São Paulo (Casa das Panquecas), e claro, falamos mal de muita gente e rimos muito sobre fatos bizarros que aconteceram no último semestre :-) é como uma reunião de cúpula, onde vemos o que fizemos em 6 meses e rimos de nossas próprias caras :-)

Antes que eu me esqueça, a biblioteca de lá fede, muito. Só porque fiquei 3 anos sem pegar nenhum livro decidiram cancelar minha ficha (que já era falsa, por eu não ser residente da cidade, mas que se dane) e não pude alugar dois livrões fantásticos que finalmente achei, e nesse caso de graça, Contos Inacabados e Roverandom, ambos de Tolkien e que ainda não li. Que Túrin Turambar mate todas as funcionárias de lá :-P

Creative Commons License

Before to say anything, I think you should read this topic on OSWD forum about the CCL and web designs. I'm gonna release all my templates (HTML, XHTML and CSS) under this license and I'm trying to know what exactly it does, what it protect and its consequences. I'm seeing many web sites being released under CCL and at least what I've read, this license is very good and logic. The site has also a ton of information that helped me a lot. If you are a GPL/FDL/LGPL fan, consider to read that. BSD fanatics goes to /dev/null, sorry.

Post Scriptum

The old CSS style of this page was a crap! Sorry for these absurd tests, I've forgot completely that it would appears in the recentlog.html page causing that visual spamming. Thanx to xach that mailed me warning about this little (not so, not so...) error.

24 Jul 2003 (updated 25 Apr 2005 at 19:36 UTC) »

Sorry, this beginning part is for those that can read portuguese. Como eu disse no último post, no último final-de-semana fui visitar alguns amigos em Curitiba. Fiquei na casa do Eduardo (aka boto) e da Danielle ([dani]), que tem lindos olhos verdes ;-) tão bonitos quanto a cidade. Curitiba parece uma mistura de cidade pequena do interior com a infra-estrutura de São Paulo, mas sem os exageros que esta possui. Em especial, fiquei encantado com a Praça do Japão: um lugar com árvores e flores, esculturas e até uma casa de 3 andares, tudo no estilo oriental do nome. Foram meus melhores dias em anos. Reproduzindo parte do cartão postal que a Danielle me deu pode ajudar você a entender o que eu quero dizer, ou não: hipercubo, animatrix, a mosca II, madrugadas, bosque, batom, praça do japão, cobertura dura, super mario (zerado 3 vezes), procurando nemo (peixes são amigos, não comida), 1ª gaveta (presente), cobertas, dm1tri na rua, gatorade, pizzas (!!!). Viu só? Foi massa :-) e quando eu tiver as fotos e os postais digitalizados, posto os links deles aqui.


A newer version of the Breeze theme was released for Mozilla 1.4.x. I need to remake my changes of it in the new version and release finally my personal modified version. Flyson have changed some minor things in Breeze 1.4, like menu lines etc... I prefer the old style, but with others colors. Check out his site.


Have you ever tested Simutrans? It's a great game for Linux and Windows which you control the transportation system of various citys, similar to SimCity. Unfortunately, the Linux version hasn't sound support by default. I didn't play too much yet, but it has some cool features, like a great variety of cars, trains etc, lots of terrains, winter and night modes. Ah, it supports 9 languages (besides others non-official like portuguese)! Take a look on this screenshot of the winter mode, the night mode and the normal game.


Keeping the hunting for a decent, simple and good CMS. I had some contact with XMLnuke when it was really new and hadn't any engine younder the ASP one. Now it supports PHP, C# and Java. Awesome! The software seems to be really nice and if I'm correct it uses a design theme that I've made for OSWD. Finally I can test it (using PHP engine, of course). The project is hosted by SourceForge, GPL and works only using XML/XSLT, nothing more. I think I'll make some more designs themes for they, it can't be hard :-) didn't I say the maintainers are brazilians?

23 Jul 2003 (updated 25 Apr 2005 at 18:54 UTC) »
Can you see CSS?

Yah, yah, it's just eye-candy... Advogato allows some tags and a great amount of style attributes, but I only knows that now :-P It's funny, but I need to take care with it, otherwise this page will turn into a trash can with just CSS and girlish stuff, because that I must begin to post something useful. If you can't see the radius in borders corners I think is better you get and use a good browser, Gecko-based in special. I went to Curitiba (Paraná, Brasil) last weekend, it was marvelous, really. Sooner I'll post something about this fact. For now, I'm gonna put a order in my offline life. It's messed up.

16 Jul 2003 (updated 25 Apr 2005 at 18:54 UTC) »
New Mozilla Web Site

Eww, my eyes! They're burning! What the hell happened to Mozilla.org web site? XP screenshots as if Mozilla would be a product? Conspiracy theories are welcome :-) for this night, reading again The Book of Mozilla :-)

15 Jul 2003 (updated 25 Apr 2005 at 18:55 UTC) »
Playing With Mozilla Ports

I've downloaded Jazilla (port of Mozilla running Java). I thought it's was a little bit more usable... but it's completely useless :-/ at least the package that I've got (jazilla-m2-bin, from 20030712). For example, when you clik on Back button a magical and exciting dialog appears telling to use my brain for now. Ha!

Oh, and the only action that I noticed work is the Quit command of File menu. Great! I think I'm gonna test BeZilla... wish me luck pal.

11 Jul 2003 (updated 25 Apr 2005 at 18:56 UTC) »
Mozilla Mania Everywhere

After almost three months trying to translate a HowTo into portuguese... it's done! I'm too lazy and it probably needs some revision. The HowTo called "Creating a Skin for Mozilla" is really awesome, great to personalize this software and learn a little bit how Mozilla works. Also, I made a second version of Mozilla Breeze Theme, it originally shows some blue hovers and white menus then I modified it to full grayscale. Ah, and I have the Breeze's author autorization to do that. Want to download it? Read the following...

Like I said the translation is in portuguese, unfortunately. People can read it only when I'm online direct from my Apache (ouch!). I promise that I'll put it in some free host or something... soon. For now, I suggest the XUL Planet web site, where you can find a very good stuff about Mozilla and web standards , and the original HowTo about skinning Mozilla. Have fun!

10 Jul 2003 (updated 25 Apr 2005 at 18:55 UTC) »
First Post of Mine

Fine, so finally I've created an Advogato account. Now I'm fully 1337 such as everybody. First of all, I shall let you know that I do not speak english at all, then some posts here will be wrote in brazilian portuguese. It's not a problem at all, but if you see some typo, please tell me in the same time :-) By the way, I'm a helper in OSWD, a Mozilla and W3C evangelist as well a webdesign fan. That's all for now, I just hope don't forget to post something geek here. Many people simply ignore the existence of their accounts 8-)

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