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Michael, feeling a bit egotistical these days? Who gives a flying fuck that you can play a piano? Who gives a flying fuck that you feel compelled to state that you can improvise your own learning methods? Perhaps a re-visit to your local Psychiatrist is in order?
Raph, how's that metric system coming along? ChipX86, stick a ! in front of that whole description of your girlfriend. Any girl that is pretty and skinny would have be semi-retarded to even think of going out on a date with you :)

Please close my account. I've grown tired of the fluff that seems to make up Raph, and the constant bullshitting and crying by ChipX86, and the "I'm no longer a corporation, I'm Super Man" type of horse dung being flung about by Michael Crawford. I hope you boys keep playing with your worthless technology, and have fun racing to dictionary.com's Thesaurus in search of more filler for your .... eh'hem.... blogs :) Advogato.org sucks, it's slow, and it's a waste of the digital space.

nymia, the nursing field is a great field to develop a career in. Not only will the money be great, but you'll love knowing that everyday you are making a positive impact on someone's health. My wife is a nurse, and she is still going strong after 15 or so years. The nursing field, medical field to be even more general, is much more secure and rewarding than the computing field :-)
MisterP, hello there :) You say that you are a "UNIX expert" and are involved in quite a lot of open source projects? Would you by chance know what any of those projects are? I took a look at your site, but it really does need some links to work you have done :)

Today has been a wonderful one, sort of :) Read on! No, it wasn't me getting to class or anything. My attendance this semester has been awful, I think I am just burned out from college (not like I am close to completing a Bachelor's Degree or anything) and the long drive to the school, which is 55 miles one way. I think physics is interesting, but that hasn't been enough to get me to come to class to hear the professor append this statement to every single thing he says: "sound sensible, it should be". I wish that professor would get off his hight horse and realize that maybe he sounds like a drone. His drawing up diagrams is even worse. I think it's safe to say that most of the students in this course have quit taking notes in class, because he waits until the students have taken a ton of notes, THEN says "you don't really need to know this".

Wait a second, didn't I just say my day has been a wonderful one? Haha! No, really, today I set up a dual-boot of Windows 98 and Linux Redhat 8 on my wife's machine. That's the time I *should* have been in class. :) Everything went pretty well, and I left some notes for her in an opened gedit file, so she can resume doing the few things she always does with the computer (create word docs, surf the net, work on her recipes log). In the notes I didn't mention that she could reboot the machine and log into Windows 98. I wonder if this approach, though a little sneaky, might be better for helping newbies such as myself become acquainted with Linux?

When I got to the college to work my shift as a Computer Lab Assistant, I decided to try and ssh into my box at home. It worked! From there, I ssh'd over to the machine that my wife uses, to edit that note I had left open for her. Hmm, that just reminded. Since, there was already an instance of the note open, maybe she won't see the changes I made to it. If she does, than that is some cool stuff :) My next task will be to see if I can download a large file like an ISO or maybe somethin smaller like the j2sdk, and see if I can burn that file remotely. Already, I have learned that you can't run apps with gui's (or can you?) such as GTK. If not, that is fine with me. What I have going now is very pleasing to me, since that means I can do away with floppy disks and even zip disks, and just copy my college work to the machine at home. Or, rather I can access the home machine and copy the stuff to the machine in the computer lab at the college.

I spent dang near four hours last night getting my path set right so that bash would see the java executable that I wanted it to see, not the first thing it could find (/usr/bin/java). Somewhere along the way, from following the advice of multiple persons, I had messed up the path and created a faulty sym link. And, seeking help online can be very tedious and sometimes perilous. So, I can use the j2sdk1.4.1_01 now. I've always thought that Java was a beautiful language, just the downfalls of it (speed of the jvm, not very low level) turned me off. But, now, having grown a little wiser in my computing years, I'm ready to tackle Java for fun.

I know that a lot of people come to advogato to learn new things in computing, and I didn't offer much of that. Hopefully, though, someone can take what I wrote in light of "pitfalls a linux newbie should watch out for" and maybe write up a document or tutorial on this.

7 Nov 2002 (updated 7 Nov 2002 at 21:02 UTC) »
MichaelCrawford, the only reason I rarely vote is that I can't trust any politician. Part of being a great politician is the ability to effectively tell people what they want to hear. Please excuse the sarcasm, but maybe the better question would be:

Who would you like to screw you the least?

24 Oct 2002 (updated 24 Oct 2002 at 07:14 UTC) »
ade,you do NOT know me, and you have no business making any kind of comments about me. where do you get this "appearance of" crap? you do have better things to do, don't you? surely you don't think "it's cool" to bash bytesplit, do you? i get sick of punks who think they need to put their noses in other folk' business.
raph, please tell me one thing. Where on the front page does it say that when a user's rating drops below 3 that the user's diary entries will no longer appear in the recent diary entries section? if you are no capable, willing or inclined (i don't know, you tell me) to see, understand and agree with some of my arguments (they've not all been in vain), then perhaps you are right about one thing: that i should find some other place to post entries where folks are a bit more mature.

For all those out there watching the "sniper chase in America" closely, I present this question:

What if the sniper(s) really aren't driving a white van, but are driving a pink YUGO?

I think this whole case shows how messed up law enforcement is, and how the media has the police waving their guns in the dark.

Terrorism at its best, unfortunately, and I don't even think it's really started. Stay tuned.

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