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hub, Just keep up what you are doing. Study harder, work harder. Eventually someone with the right mind will take you aboard. There are people here that are thinking of you.

I need to read up on the documentation at the Linux Handbook to figure out why some of the programs I am trying to install to Debian are not installing.

Right now I just want to enjoy playing around from the command line, try as many examples as I can. Unfortunately, I know I won't be able to remember a lot of those commands. Someone told me that the commands are stored in "bash history"? Maybe someone can point me this file?

From a newcomer's perspective, it's been refreshing to just chat from within Debian, and not have to look at eye candy or worry whether Windows is about to lock up on me.

mbp, I do remember asking everyone to let all the previous mess go. There were no innocents in that mess, and it really doesn't make any sense to continue on with it. Remember, flamacious comments deserve no apology. Basically, I feel I am a pretty fair person. To support my belief that "what goes around comes around", I am suffering for my own actions (reactions?) as well.

Again, I ask that everyone do as I am trying to do with this site: use it to find ways to contribute to the Unix and Linux community, and to contribute to open source software development. Actually, I am using the site to help ME get some enjoyment out of using non-Windows operating systems, with the gut feeling that my technical skills will be of some value to the communities mentioned above.

I was delighted to receive help in getting Debian installed on my third machine. So far I just know how to use apt-get and apt-cache to search for, get and install packages. I did use BitchX from the command line, but found it a bit cluttered. Curfloo, on the other hand, I am having a blast with! I love being able to walk away from the machine and come back to read previous messages from hours ago. All that without having to worry that Windows might lock up on me. At the moment I am utterly torn between learning as much as I can from the command line, getting a nice Window Manager running, to start coding my PHP, C and PERL code from a GUI environment.

sdodji: Do you happen to use PHP a lot? If so, do you enjoy using GTK with it? I have looked at some demos of PHP-GTK, and wasn't all that impressed. Probably more so with the fact that the GUIs looked immature (and they are) and that you still have to have machines set up to support both PHP and GTK. Might one day PHP-GTK become a compiled language, or run like JAVA is?
kbreit, I have found that I work much better when under time constraints. Having too much time on my hands tends to make my mind wander, so having little forces me to complete the task at hand and do a much better job at prioritizing my tasks. I hope this helps :)

I took a look at this site in an attempt to learn how to solicit better answers (if at all) for my technical questions, both on and off the Internet. Well, let me say that I love my newfound knowledge, in fact I used it in a Yahoo! chatroom today to get answers to a computer question of mine. I want to extend my appreciation to goingware for offering that piece of advice.

It's very nice to see that over on Debian's site they are developing a distribution of Debian (Debian Jr.) geared toward children. The sub title of the page "Debian for children from 1 to 99" is cute, and I think it underscores the best way to introduce anyone to Unix or Linux. Whether we really are in our teens as we are introduced to Unix or Linux or not, we are still children when it comes to learning how to operate a computer within the Unix or Linux domain.

Last night I tried installing Debian from the 32+MB ISO I burned to a cd. I don't think the installation went all the well. For starters I had no clue what partitions I should make and how big to make them. The only ones I thought were needed were, /, /boot, /swap and /usr. For some reason I couldn't install the packages from the Internet, apparently the NIC wasn't recognized. In fact I don't recall being given the opportunity to tell the Debian installation about my NIC. Hmm. I am calling out to the other Debian users here to give me some pointers in setting up Debian (partition sizes and names, packages). Here is what I intend to do with Debian for a while on my 13+gig HD:

  • Chat on IRC and with other chat clients
  • Serve web pages (PHP, CGI, Perl) to the public
  • Write C and C++ and Perl software for Windows and *Nix
  • Gateway for home networked machines
  • Update documentation, man pages, etc.
27 Jun 2002 (updated 27 Jun 2002 at 04:05 UTC) »

You know, LSchiere? The problem I have is not so much the harshness of some of the advice or suggestions given to me by some of the members of advogato, as it is that I can't help but to think that nearly every darn time someone offers me "friendly advice" that he or she is merely prefacing their support of ChipX86 without ever thinking that I just might be "right".

I don't think that too many folks would accept suggestions such as "you should leave" or "you should apologize to everyone" as friendly or stemming from innocence.

To say that I mistake friendly advice for friendship is too vague a statement. That piece of advice could be applicable to anyone here. I did not say there were a lot of folks on here who are my friends, and perhaps very few of us here really have any true friends that reside on this site. Still, there are some here who are definitely in support of me, and I feel happy for them that they won't allow themselves to be instigated to the degree that I have.

Now, if people could just leave this whole mess alone and not make any further comments to me or the community about it (likely further prompting defensiveness from me), then perhaps I could get back to focusing on working with technology and trying to be a part of the team here.

I don't like the fighting and bickering any more than you do, and it pains me to say that I do not have the "gift of gab" verbally or grammatically speaking, to the point that I feel I can tread through these dark and cold waters without soliciting any serious shark bites.

So, I would strongly prefer to focus on technology and for the rest of the community to do likewise. This is my formal asking of everyone to drop this whole thing and not comment on it any further. I really don't think that anything further needs to be said by anyone on this manner. It will make my nights of sleep easier, and allow me to get back to more important things. Thank you.

furthermore, perrier, i am respectful to the folks here that are respectful to me. and that is a fact. i do have friends here, and there is no need to support that claim by naming names. if you treat people as some here have done to me, then it only makes sense that you will see some obscene ranting. but, all that doesn't make you an angel, either. you have done your share of instigating, along with tk, and LSchiere, chipx86 and a few others. so, until you all can stop responding to me in the manner in which you do, and rather respond to my comments about technology in general, then you are no better of a person.

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