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MS Outlook <=> KMail/Evolution/??

At the office, we use MS Outlook exclusively for email. But while I'm here at college, I intend to use Linux primarily. Has anyone easily converted back and forth between Outlook and any format readable by a linux email app? I've found a few websites that will probably help, but none seem too reliable.


Back after spring break.. Test and a paper due on friday, so minimal programming will happen, but Multi-CMS has been coming along nicely.
Did a little geocaching with a few friends tonight. Turned out to be kinda dark and cold and rainy, but it was still fun. I'd heard about geocaching, but this was the first time I'd done it.

Wow... these are nice. I can use fish:// instead of ssh/scp, smb:// to access windows shares, audiocd:// to drag-and-drop ogg files, and hopefully soon I'll get my camera working and i can access it via kamera:// Pretty neat stuff.

Gentoo Linux
My mouse finally works (simple PS/2 .. don't know why it didn't work, but a new kernel fixed it). OpenOffice finished compiling (long!), but doesn't seem to work. Now to actually do something since most of the installing and configuring is done.
17 Mar 2003 (updated 17 Mar 2003 at 18:02 UTC) »
Starting to work on Multi-CMS, multi-domain, fully multilingual CMS, borrowing many design techniques from drupal.
Hope to enhance BEEJ's interface and functionality soon.
My goal was to finish KnighSleuth (Java app to search Calvin College's person database) by the end of this week. Not likely.
FamilySite is moving along nicely. Still working on setup scripts and beginning to look at setting up some basic view/update php pages. And integrate Gallery with our database and users.

Spring break activities
Home from school this week.
Have begun installing Gentoo and was happily surprised that compiling Stage 1, 2, and 3 didn't take more than a few hours. KDE compilation, on the other hand, has taken over 24 hours so far.
Working a fair amount this week to get some money in the pocket.
Have to get a blood test to see if I have Prothrombin 20210 A->G (a gene mutation causing easier blood coagulation). Many relatives on my Dad's side of the family have it.
Sleeping whenever possible.
Picked up 2 books from the library before leaving school. One's about OO design (includes databases I think, so that'll be interesting). The other's about Programming Languages Design. So far it's pretty good. A few years old, but the TOC indicates it covers a broad range of topics (all the basics, then OO, functional, logical, parallel).

Have been exploring possibilities for a different job this summer. My current job's fine, but different experience would be good. Have interviewed twice at a small company and will find out this week if I make it. Also looking at Gordon Food Service. Both are in Grand Rapids, MI, so I'd stay there throughout the summer. Or maybe I'll come back to Midland for the summer.. who knows?
Have been getting started into this project for class. The rest of the group seems to be eager to work on it, too. Shouldn't be too hard to get it done in a semester.

Java Regexps
Either I'm too dense to figure out the trick to it or it's not possible, but I can't parse anything using Java's regexp classes. Match and replace, sure, but I can't parse. Hopefully one of Jakarta's two projects will do what I want.

I've been playing phone-tag with a girl for what seems like forever, maybe this week we'll actually do something together. Also trying to get 5 guys to look at a house at the same time; not an easy task.

Just switched hosts to the same as splike.com, which is a good thing. Now that I can do PHP/db stuff, I've already set up Gallery (which is very nice) and soon will redesign the whole thing.

Released 1.0 yesterday and announced it on Freshmeat. Surprisingly, I already got an email response. I really didn't expect many people to use it.
lehrig: I can't (or am too stupid to) post a reply to your article. You may want to look into SDL It doesn't appear to support OpenVMS (but I may be wrong) and it supports threads/mutexes/etc and timers.
10 Feb 2003 (updated 11 Feb 2003 at 05:22 UTC) »
Went to the school library today and was surprised by the extent of Comp Sci books they have available. I wish I had a few days where I could just sit up there and read. I checked out 2 books by Knuth and a Java Swing book.

Native Qt for Windows
kde-cygwin.sf.net's port has been moving along quickly. I found out the hard way that qt can't be compiled with bison, but must us byacc as the yacc-replacement. I've only been following along via anonymous CVS and the mailing list, but I hope to help out in the future.

Classes are actually interesting: Cell Biology, Religion (Biblical Foundations), Software Engineering, Spanish Lit (not very interesting yet), Psychology (not sure about the interest-factor yet).

Haven't been able to access anything I need to which is okay I guess, since I don't have much to do

We hope to kick off CSX for 2nd semester soon. Game programming group will probably start this week. Fun, but time-consuming (and frustrating to get all the sprites aligned right...)

My Boolean Expression Editor for Java has been coming along nicely. Still have quite a bit to do, but I'm beginning to see how I'll be able to use it for the search interface for my Java app

halcy0n: I have been using POPFile (a bayesian spam filter) for a while and have been very happy with it. It was very easy to set up and configure.
Got back from my January-term class in Mexico. A lot of fun and I learned stuff, too. First real use of my digital camera (Powershot A40) and I got a lot of good pictures and videos. Now to figure out what server/host I should use to install Gallery and post my pictures.

Native Qt for Windows
I got an email from a maintainer of kde-cygwin.sf.net about a port of Qt to native use native windows instead of cygwin's single-window X server. This is very similar to my project. I haven't done much on my project yet, so when I do have time to work on it, I'll probably work with kde-cygwin instead of doing my own port.

Still working on a Java application for fun for searching our school's student data.

2nd semester begins tomorrow and I have a busy schedule so most of my programming time will be for class or work. So sad..

Just got Java to do a HTTP POST over SSL and maintain cookies. Gotta love code reuse. Just imagine having to write ALL the code to do that from scratch. It'd take months to do, instead of just an hour.

Happy New Year!

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