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I'm a musician and software developer. I work right now for Medsphere Systems Corporation, where I work on medical software using gtk# on Linux and Windows. I also contribute to GTK as much as I can.

I'm not really using Advogato anymore, and mostly maintain my Gnome blog.

Please send comments, questions, and praise to bratsche at gnome dot org. Please send flames and complaints to /dev/null


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I'm a film producer!

Yeah, I'm now listed on IMdb for being a producer on the 1 Second Film!. Sort of cool. :)

    I haven't been very good about making updates to my blog anymore. I have started a new blog at my homepage, but haven't been all that great about keeping it up to date either.

    I'm moving back up to Baltimore pretty soon, because I got a good job there. That's always exciting.

    Anyway, I'll post more information on the homepage blog soon.

    I spent some time yesterday in Windows working on GLSL support in NeoEngine. I had started on it before, but I scrapped that code in favor of this new design. I can't really decide yet if I like the new design or not, but it involves no API breakage so it seemed like the way to go. The previous design involved breaking the API for how we deal with shaders, and it ended up complicating the API, especially for systems that use DirectX or older OpenGL shader implementations.

    The major difference in GLSL is in that it allows you to link shaders into a final program object binary. All previous technology required that you send the entire source code for the vertex program, compile it, and entire source code for the fragment program, compile it.. and with each render you have to enable the vertex program and enable the fragment program. With GLSL you can upload the source code for as many vertex shaders and as many fragment shaders as you need, compile them, then link them all together. Much more like a traditional compiler. This is good, because we can make pipeline programming modular now. Well, we can do so much more easily now anyway. To do so in DirectX HLSL you need to do manually "compile" the source code together from multiple string sources before you upload it and really compile it. That's a lot of trouble.

C++ streams
    I learned a lot about C++ I/O streams back when I was working on NeoEngine's logging system. I'm pretty happy with how it works. It's set up with a log sink and log source system (with the streambuf class used internally). It doesn't appear that there's any standard C++ stream method of doing the equivalent of mmap(), so I think I'm going to try to make an mmmap-based stream sometime. I need to use mmap() for something else I'm working on, but I'd like to keep with the C++ style stream I/O if possible. Also, just so I learn better how to use it.
21 May 2004 (updated 24 May 2004 at 00:39 UTC) »
Viola/violin concerts that I'm dying to go to
    I just found out that on August 17-18 my favorite violist in the world, Tabea Zimmermann, is playing Mozart Sinfonia Concertante with Christian Tetzlaff on violin, with the Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra and Bernard Labadie conducting. Then on the 18th at Lincoln Center she and Tetzlaff are playing Mozart Duos in G and B-flat, and she's doing a Hindemith solo sonata (not sure which one).

    I am so dying to go to these two concerts. This would be like the coolest thing ever.

    Plus I've never been to New York, somehow. This seems like a fantastic excuse for going. :)

Piano quartet recitals
    On Sunday we played for the Dallas Peace Society, and then a recital at UT Arlington in the evening. At the Peace Society concert there was a Mozart wind quintet, then our piano quartet played Brahms g minor quartet. At UTA Dr Solomons and Amirosh played Brahms clarinet trio with a clarinetist whose name I can't think of now, and then Amela and I joined to do the Brahms g minor quartet again, then a piece by Amirosh called Legends. It was really cool. But damn, we were tired by then.

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