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The Freenode policy on staff behaviour

Or “Why do I regret making a donation to Freenode“.

Because I didn’t expect to support a team that include people that don’t know how to “fairly” use his powers.

First of all: the Freenode services are great. They have an open and explicit policy on many things, you see people working on improvements every time. They encourage “Real World” communication with groups. As fas as I see, the services are stable. And they are free. PDPC is a group that provide good free services for the community. And as a regular user of these services for many years, I think they deserved a small donation on the last year’s fundraiser.

But today I think it could be better if I had used my money on something else.

It is not because they don’t provide an useful service. They still provide an useful service. But it is because I don’t want to support behaviour that I don’t think it is fair.

I agree that the IRC network need to have a good policy on what is “desired behaviour” on the network. It is their right, they run the network, they spend their time maintaining it. The problem is when I see an “unfair” behaviour, and something that represents the network simply say that “it is not open to discussion”.

Today on a channel that I don’t use to join (but I used to join some time ago), somebody simply offended a network staffer:

04/02/2006 12:58:42 nerdwell    hey udk, pq vc não vai a merda? retardado
04/02/2006 12:59:56 UdontKnow   -carneiro.freenode.net- Added K-Line [*@] to


04/02/2006 12:58:42 nerdwell    hey udk, why don't you go to hell? retard
04/02/2006 12:59:56 UdontKnow   -carneiro.freenode.net- Added K-Line [*@] to

Okay. It was a personal offense, and I think he really deserves some “punishment” for this “anti-social behaviour”. My question is: this was a personal offense to a network staffer. If somebody called me a retard, he would get a complete ban from the network, too? Anybody who offends anybody in the network will be completely banned, as it happened in this case? I don’t believe so. Then the given network staffer himself confirms what I’ve suspected:

04/02/2006 13:08:27 UdontKnow   topeira: eu diria... se voce nao sabe no que esta
        se metendo, nao faca acusacoes impensadas


04/02/2006 13:08:27 UdontKnow   topeira: I would say: if you don't know what you are
        dealing with, don't make improper accusations

Well, I think it is a way to say “you must know who you are dealing with”. Or, in other words I understand this comment as “this is what happens to you when you offend a network staffer”.

Also, I guess the problem would be easily solved with a simple kick/ban from the channel. It would be simpler and with less harm. But it looked like that a network staffer wouldn’t use these “simple” soutions, if they can take stronger measures.

I don’t think this behaviour is fair. It isn’t unfair because the people that offended the staffer didn’t deserved a punishment. But because you simply can’t k-line everybody who offends someone in the network. It is pratically impossible. People won’t go to network staffers everytime someone offends someone. So we necessarily will end having an “unfair” policy: when a problem happens between someone and a network staffer, the consequences will be stronger because they can.

Obviously many people started to question the right the network staffer had to set this k-line. What happened? He said that “this is not open to discussion”. Simply this. So, people don’t have the right to discuss the actions of the network staffers.

It is OK: they have the right to define whatever policy they what. They run the network. The network is not a “right everybody has”, but simply a service provided by them. I understand this completely.

The problem is that I don’t want to support such behaviour. If they are supported by donations, I expect them to listen better to what people think, instead of taking some actions and saying “it is not open to discussion”. And, if the policy of the network is supposed to include “listen to our users”, I think PDPC should take a closer look to the behaviour of their staff team regarding their reaction and “openness to discussion” with the users of the network.

If I could, I would ask my money back.

(The relevant logs for the event are available at http://debianbrasil.org/irclogs/)

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Google Talk Now Federated!

Good news for jabbers users: Google announced today that open federation is now enabled on Google Talk. This means that now any jabber user can talk to a Google Talk user and vice-versa. I’ve been waiting this for months.

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Temporarily Closed

Today we (Kátia and me) start our vacations. We will be back on 6 January 2006.

Probably I won’t have access to e-mail, but I will try to check it during the trip. I hope I will have (cheap) GPRS available while on roaming, then I will be able to check my mail on mutt via ssh using PuTTY from my mobile phone.

See you in 2006.

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Look at this post.

On a previous story the guy told a story of someone accessing a URL that would hose a Windows machine, if accessed using Internet Explorer and Windows. They have clearly warned people about it:

“NEVER under any circumstance visit this url using Internet Explorer and Windows … you have been warned.”

But, wonder, there were lots of people that actually accessed it! Read the complete story and the comments he got, if you want some fun. Some examples:

11/25/05 “…and I hold you personally responsible for the damage you inflicted upon my computer. I am turning this over to my attorney in the morning. When he is done with you and your website, you will never hack another computer again…”
11/26/05 “…and how much did Linux pay you to infect our computers? I hope it was alot because when my lawyer is finished, you will be living in a cardboard box…”

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Python modules for Yahoo services

I’ve just published the current version of the Python modules for Yahoo services I was writing.

The initial purpose of the modules is implementing the protocol for PIM data synchronization service from Yahoo. But it may be extended in the future for other services, maybe for the interfaces provided through the Yahoo Developer Network.

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Small update: the URL for my homepage has changed: http://www.raisama.net

27 Apr 2003 (updated 2 May 2003 at 20:18 UTC) »

Wow, another post to this diary, in less than one month.
Actually, I am just testing the xmlrpc interface to see if it works, I am writing this post on the python CLI 8)

Time to a new yearly post to this diary. 8)
I came back to Conectiva 2 months ago, and I'm back doing interesting things. (-:

I was going to say that I think I will start posting more often here, now. But we know that it is not true. ;)

I guess I'll start to post something here more often, now.

This is the first day of the 3 weeks when I'll not go to the University. (-:

1 week out of Conectiva. :(

At least, now I have more time to the university, and for sleeping more than 4 hours each night. (-:
Maybe I'll have more time to post diary entries here, too. ;)

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