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28 Jan 2010 (updated 28 Jan 2010 at 00:34 UTC) » awesome stuff for developers (soon)

I seem to post here only when major things are happening. All the day to day stuff ends up on my Twitter account... :-)

Anyway, the big deal now is that I'm moving from exclusively focusing on the Ruby space to helping all of developerdom! My new project is, and if you're a developer with an interest in stuff like Git, Ruby, Python, Apache, OS X, Linux, the iPhone, memcached, and stuff like that.. go register an interest. You'll only get a few mails EVER and I'll let you know as things launch.

As an aside, there will be a podcast featuring interviews with people who run (or are gurus of) software projects like those mentioned above. If you're the author of a popular library, technology, etc, get in touch - there might be an interview opportunity :-)

Things have jumped quite a bit in the last couple of years for me. Over two years ago now I launched Ruby Inside to promote my book "Beginning Ruby" published by Apress. Instead of just promoting the book, however, it has become the most popular Ruby weblog out there with over 16,000 subscribers! The power of open source audiences!

I have partnered up with someone else now to do a similar thing in the nascent iPhone development industry.. so welcome Mobile Orchard, a blog for iPhone and iPod Touch developers!

It seems I have moved out of development somewhat and more into publishing news and information for those who ARE developing.. and most of that is aimed at open source developers. So.. even if I'm not developing software, I'm trying to help the community. Long may it all last!

It's been a couple of years since I posted here.. I'm really glad Advogato didn't die during that phase several months ago, and vow to do a bit more here ;-)

Currently playing with Linus' 'git' (which is definitely proving how superior it is to Subversion) after being won over by this presentation. It runs on OS X pretty well, but I'm wondering whether to move to Linux full-time for development nowadays..

Not significant amounts of news. Feed Digest has become a real business, and I sold my Code Snippets app/site (first announced here on Advogato!) to DZone for a not insignificant five figure sum earlier this year.. who says you can't make money from open source? (downside: it's not open source anymore.. blame my license for that ;-))

I've become the latest addition to the Weblogs Inc., recently purchased by AOL, stable of bloggers. I'll be working on the weblog covering the open source beat, so if you have any leads, drop me a line. I start this week :-)

It's been a few months since I posted and.. wow, what a few months! One of my crazy ideas has turned into a proper business and gotten some funding. Am I the next dot com millionaire? Nah.. but it's great working with technology and not worrying too much about how I'm going to buy the next sack of groceries anyway. We're moving for further rounds soon..

In other news, my buddies at Globat have launched, in order to raise $1 million for Katrina victims. It's based off of the idea that's been going around the net lately where a 21-year-old British kid has made $150,000 so far to pay for his university education. Now let's hope Globat can do it to make money for those in serious need :)

My latest Rails project launches.

After months of development (it'd have been longer if not for Rails!) GoDefy (Internet marketing products) launches! It's all in Ruby on Rails and while its product niche is small, it has a lot more features than something like Froogle, and better searching that sites like, etc. The code for it will never be open sourced, sadly, although it's definitely a testiment to what open source can do, and why I continue to donate a lot to the community.

Snippets marches on.

TextDrive, a Web hosting provider, is now using my open sourced Snippets system on a form of specialized knowledge base for users of their services. Brad Phelan has also launched a Snippets site for Matlab code.

26 May 2005 (updated 26 May 2005 at 23:17 UTC) »
Snippets, as mentioned in my last entry, is now open sourced under a BSD licence. It's not 'open source' in the modern term of encouraging people to improve it and to work on it with me, but 'open source' in that you can play with it and do with it as you will, as long as my copyright notice is included in your documentation, etc. Attribution is a polite bonus. I guess I should mention it's developed in the "Web framework flavor-of-the-decade", Ruby on Rails.

The actual code snippets site, which is the flagship Snippets site, is now getting about 10,000 pageviews a day and has about 300 snippets of code in at least ten different languages. I think it might explode like did, but be for coding snippets. I know I use it to store mine, and I keep finding useful stuff in it all the time! Subscribe to the RSS feed and keep up to date with the latest source code people are posting... or just keep up with the language which interests you most. Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Java, and so on..

Snippets! I've released a new site called Snippets. Snippets is a site for snippets and samples of source code / shell commands, and so on. I will be open sourcing it in due course.

A few months ago I became a Ruby On Rails developer, and although the documentation isn't bad, I often have need for lots of snippets of code, and developed Snippets to hold them. However, anyone can use it.. that's the whole point :) It uses the tagging/folksonomy that's typical to many sites these days. You can narrow down code snippets by tag, so you can first look at all the ruby code, then ruby + rails, then ruby + rails + authentication.. and so on. Makes it easy to find exactly what you want. You can also steer clear of everyone else, and simply look at your own code snippets only, and narrow down with tags on those too. Powerful stuff. Best part? Thanks to Ruby On Rails, 28 hours after coming up with the idea.. here we are. Yes. It took less than 2 days of coding. I love Ruby on Rails (and that's hard to say, being a die-hard Perl monger..)

You database wizards might also appreciate this article about how I did the tag intersections in a single SQL command without endless joins. It took some work, but we got there in the end.

I'm Ajaxing and Ruby on Railsing. It's been a while, but since I last posted I have become a Ruby on Rails addict. Rails is an MVC web app framework for Ruby. You can throw together apps in crazy amounts of time, even with testing.. It's fast, reliable, and I'm already making a living off of developing Rails apps!

In community spirit, I decided to use my last release to help me keep up to date with Rails, and I produced the Ruby on Rails news dashboard. Today I then added the AJAX news dashboard. These let you keep up to date with the latest buzz and links surrounding these technologies. And, well, it gives me more ideas.. yes, news dashboards.. this idea could go somewhere :)

RSS Digest. I launched RSS Digest today. It lets you add an RSS or feed to your site with no coding. It does all the caching for you, you can use JavaScript or PHP to include it on your site, and the formatting is very customizable. The nearest competitors don't have the same features, which is why I wrote it. And, well, I wanted to get my finger into the RSS pie! Oh, and it's free, with no garish advertising notices.

(P.S. It's not open source yet, but it will be. I know it's not usually the done thing, but I like to have complete control up to a certain point and then let the code free ;-))

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