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I'm a software engineer, currently working for Xplain Hosting, A drupal hosting specialist, as Senior Drupal specialist. I was probably the first person to use Drupal in New Zealand!

I'm also very interested in web applications, for which I mainly use Eiffel. The most interesting class of web applications are business process systems, in which I specialise.

I'm also busy with Eiffel free software projects. I maintain the Cetus Links Eiffel pages.


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Another update on the Linux NFS server problems I had: massively high i/o by process jbd2/xvda1-8.

Problems came back. So switched from paravirtualisation to hvm. And initially that appeared to work.

But now, any time we launch another php5-fpm server, immediately jbd2/xvda1-8 jumps to it's max. Tearing my hear out.

5 Jul 2014 (updated 20 Aug 2014 at 23:53 UTC) »

An update on the Linux NFS server problems I had: massively high i/o by process jbd2/xvda1-8.

The initial fix I settled on was perhaps a file system corruption issue. That didn't work actually, even though initially it looked like it did.

Then I thought it maybe a Linux kernel. But even that didn't permanently fix it.

Issue just appeared again: added one more php5-fpm server to the mix, an identical copy of another one, and bang problem came back.

My latest solution: I was using an lvm2 stripe, switched to an md stripe. Seems to work so far.

Update: didn't work, see

26 Jun 2014 (updated 26 Jun 2014 at 23:33 UTC) »

Suffered from very slow scp to a FreeBSD server. rootbsd said the hpn patch should help, but that it was already applied in FreeBSD 10. That was the pointer I needed.

By default FreeBSD has some kind of scp transfer performance improvement patch:

# Disable HPN tuning improvements.
#HPNDisabled no

When I change this to:

HPNDisabled yes

My scp performance jumped from about 300KB/s to 8MB/s in this particular instance. Now applying this to all my FreeBSD boxes, on my local network performance jumped from 58MB/s to 71MB/s.

I think this setting should be disabled!

As an update to my last post on weird Ubuntu 12.04 NFS4 server load: repairing the ext file system actually didn't really work.

Redid the test, problems came right back.

Next thing I did was turn the root volume into xfs: better, but still writing 1MB/s, with 50% i/o utilisation for the root disk.

So perhaps a Linux kernel things. Created a 13.10 nfs server, problem disappeared.

28 Mar 2014 (updated 3 Apr 2014 at 03:28 UTC) »

Really weird issue yesterday trying to move a customer to AWS. Testing was all fine, but when we switched the ip address, the system grinded to a halt.

The cause was the NFS server, which became unresponsive, so web and php5 farms stopped. Using iotop I found out that this was caused by the jdb2 process, jbd2/xvda1-8 in my case. jdb2 basically was at 100% i/o. Initially I thought perhaps the instance was faulty, so build a new NFS server (simply replaying my ansible script). Got exactly same behaviouron the new server, all i/o grind to a halt as jbd2 took over as soon as I did even simple things like checking out a Drupal repository (so single client, doing an svn co).

But why would jbd2 kick in? With iostat -x 1 I determined that we were writing 5MB/s to the root file system. That made no sense. There is nothing on this NFS server that would do that. All data is on separately mounted EBS disks. The root file system is ext4, but all the other files systems were xfs! And the clients only mount the xfs file systems.

Using a suggestion to debug what's going on, I tried:

echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/ext4/ext4_sync_file_enter/enable

Waited for a minute and then did:

cat /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/trace

Got a lot of lines like:

nfsd-943   [000] 8559086.521147: ext4_sync_file_enter: dev 202,1 ino 30703 parent 30666 datasync 0
nfsd-942 [000] 8559086.527871: ext4_sync_file_enter: dev 202,1 ino 30703 parent 30666 datasync 0

OK, clearly the NFS daemon causes a lot of datasync() calls. But why would this have an effect on the root file system?

After more googling I found this comment:
Problem vanished after fsck'ing my ext4 partitions

Huh? Worth a try. Stopped NFS server, mounted root disk on another server, ran fsck:

# fsck /dev/xvdf
fsck from util-linux 2.20.1
e2fsck 1.42 (29-Nov-2011)
cloudimg-rootfs: clean, 62399/524288 files, 378952/2097152 blocks

and reattached. Problem solved!!

I have no explanation for this behaviour, except that maybe the latest Ubuntu 12.04 LTS AMI has a bad disk.

PS: I now believe I was wrong, see this update.

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