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I am a grad student at University of Kentucky's Computer Science dept. I plan on getting my PHD in Quantum Information Theory (Quantum Computation / Communication), but that is many years from now. I have worked with (GNU/)Linux since I first heard about it and have participated in several open source projects. My current project is criswell's Tux Typing.

I am engaged to Emily Janovyak, who is a history major at Berea College (where I got my BA in math). She is currently (for Fall 2001, and Spring 2002) in Stirling University. We are getting married July 6th, 2002! (If we don't jump the gun and get married this December when I go visit her for Christmas... Don't think so, but you never know ;)

I hope to continue my education and eventually get a job with either a research company (or a company with a research position) or maybe a programming company.

Besides Emily, Free Software, and working towards my PHD, I love cooking. I used to limit myself to 1 tv show, The Simpsons, but I found " Good Eats" on Food Network. It rocks! All I can say is that probably any geek would like it... So now I limit myself to Good Eats with Simpsons every once in a while.

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I have been working! I swear! Really!

I have been attacking KDE! I have been working on a lot of design also. Thinking about how things should work (and shouldn't). I really like the way that kde is for the most part, but it seems like communication (for one things) is very compartmentalized. I would like to see an intergrated method of communicationing, be that email, im, irc, chat, voice mail, or voice chat. I don't know how I would like to have this integrated and have been scratching possible ideas out on paper. Once I have something more I might put it here...

I really like the idea of being able to say "any communication for person X is important" and what not. I really like the way that the email icon on the dock in Mac OS X showed the # of new messages, but it only included new messages in the inbox, but if you used rules to move them around to folders, it wasn't included in the total. I also like the idea (from what I have heard of it) of having more communications tools built-in, which XP may be doing (haven't seen it for myself).

Also thinking about MPI and Lisp and blah!

Next week is the programming contest, yah!

  • code:

    I fixed a lot of things in my code for the kbatmon system tray. I hope to do some more cleanup so that it is organized as:

    • A generic class that creates a kde system tray icon.
    • The battery monitor will be derived from that class and contain info specific to the battery monitor....

    Then I hope to write a few more programs that utilize the generic class... Just simple ones that do things like check mail or whatever. The only other one I can think of that I want is an icon that shows signal strength for my wireless connection, and if you click it, you can connect to another wireless network (and get ips, etc)...

    The other main reason I want to do this is to write a tutorial/howto on writing system trays... It took me many hours for something that should be simple.

  • life: More mpi coding to do. For my languages class I need to rewrite a lisp interpretter to allow deep binding. Midterm Tuesday in Parallel computing. So this weekend will be study non-stop.

kbatmon.tgz - KDE System Tray Battery Monitor (for ppc's using PMUD without APM emulation compiled in...)
  • Code:

    Well, with the help of some friends on #kde and #kde-users, I have created my first kde app. It is a kde system tray app that gives me the battery status, and tell you the time when you put your mouse over it. This is for PMUD (or ppc). Everything I had found up until now didn't work. -- an exterme hack. It works. I will probably fix it in the next few days and post it online ;)

    I will probably make an 802.11b like system tray icon, showing the status of the signal....

  • Life:

    My classes in Parallel Computation is more interesting. I am reading some more material and coding some more challenges...

    Crypto is going well.

    In general things are good. I just had a bad weekend last week.

  • code:

    Nothing :(

    I read several papers but ...

    Arg, I hate days like today.

  • life:

    Today royally sucked. This weekend sucked. I didn't get any coding done (besides a homework assignment which was POSTPONED just 1 day before it was due !!!!) and I didn't get my homework done. It wasn't for a lack of trying. But things just wouldn't work out today. I had to sleep at a friends because my neighbors through a HUGE party (luckily they told us this time, as last time it was a suprise, and they broke a window, a light on my car, kept me up past 6 am -- this time we moved our cars and protected our stuff). This time I came home to a slashed bike tire. They actually sliced both mine and my roommates back wheel. At least they could have sliced the front and back. So tomorrow I have the walk a mile to class. :(

    On top of that my weekly phone call with Emily was cut short :( This compacted with the previous event made today a real sucky day.

    I am completely unprepared for my weekly meeting with my advisor tomorrow. Why do I do this everytime. I read so much material over the last week, of which none pretains to what I should have read. Damn me! Why does everything ELSE have to be so interesting. So I am facing a delima tonight of staying up until I am prepared (so basically not going to bed) or just asking for an extension. I haven't done the asking, and I really want to save it for a time when it is needed, so I will probably not sleep until tomorrow after classes. Arg. If anyone finds out how make it so you don't have to sleep (without using drugs), I have $$$

    Sometimes the life of a bum/underachiever looks soo apealing. But then again, I like being challenged. Maybe if I do that my challenge will be to get up in the morning (which I still haven't managed to master, unless there is a grave threat if I don't get up).


  • code:

    Fixed a smaller error I created in the parallel prefix code I coded last night. Then I worked on an MPI version of matrix multiplication. I am using MPI_Cartesian topology, and the corresponding shift function. Coding this made me realize (again) how much I need to relearn linear algebra. I suck at it. Even simple things.

    Nothing done on other stuff. I don't think I will be able to code on Tux4kids stuff until after my meeting with my advisor monday. I have to study non-stop on Finite Fields, and also I have to get some "design of programming languages" done.

  • life:

    Fixed a large bug in my house... I cleaned my room, which really needed it. I can now use my desk! In the process I found some papers I had printed out about a year ago (math related) that I thought were interesting. I still do. I think I may read one tonight before I hit the sack.

    Tomorrow I have to get up early (for me) for a morris dance gig. I hope it isn't raining.

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