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6 Apr 2002 (updated 21 Apr 2002 at 02:13 UTC) »


Great, SlashDot's crowd is happily tearing into yet another moronic "what language fits all the buzzwords" question. What a waste of mental energy.

11 Feb 2002 (updated 11 Feb 2002 at 22:05 UTC) »

Keeping off the daily buzz of php development lists has seriously improved the quality of my life. It's all working on well enough, considering I can still read them via news.php.net when I so desire.

Meanwhile, I decided to kick PHP-GTK up a notch and call the newly released version 0.5.0, since it is a fairly mature product at this point. Alan keeps doing cool stuff with it (but Alan, fix up the page so that other browsers can view it too). More and more translations of the doc are being done, and the doc itself is getting better.

ssb checked my tokenizer extension into the PHP repository for me. Hopefully it'll find a good use.

I've also been working on a set of functions to perform runtime object aggregation -- dynamically adding to/removing from an object methods and member variables from a certain class.

I've finished reading The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers - what an excellent book. Must check out other books by him. Ripped through Dust by Charles Pellegrino in about a day; interesting premise, science, bad characters. Blondie 24 by David Fogel is very good, even though it lacks any code behind the project. I've always been fascinated by neural networks, AI, etc. Slowly making my way through Pratchett's The Wyrd Sisters, don't know why, but reading the previous ones seemed to go much faster. Up next, The Wooden Sea by Jonathan Carroll and probably Lenin's Tomb. Some days I will have to find time to re-read the good books I've already read.

I've been on a strict mass-preserving/fat-burning workout diet for the last 2 weeks: 300g of protein/60g of fiber a day, very few complex carbs. Also added flaxseed oil to my menu. Consuming prodigious amounts of whey protein, glutamine, and creatine and using fitday.com to manage all that. Workouts 4 times a week. Ugg, I hurt now.

I've been looking at Sony Cybershot DSC-S75 digital camera - $519 is the cheapest I can find. Maybe someone will be nice and give me a present.

Another year has come and gone. What transpired within this pretty much arbitrarily delimited period of time that matters to me? In no particular order:

  • Monte and I released Smarty template engine.
  • September 11 and subsequent events made me feel that living in this country is less secure that I previously thought.
  • I turned 25 and started feeling my priorities and outlook on life change. So many things that used to seem important now appear trivial and vice versa.
  • PHP-GTK was released.
  • Uzbekistan is suddenly USA's best friend and I don't have to explain where it's located
  • I made new friends (mostly local Russian students) and kept almost all the old ones.
  • Having lived in the same place for 9 years and worked in the same company (that I keep growing disillusioned with) for almost 6 years, it is only natural that I have been entertaining thoughts about making a change.
  • I still haven't met the one.

I am finishing the year unsubscribed from all the PHP mailing lists and keeping my distance from it and the related projects for a while because I am feeling somewhat tired and burned out, and all the bulls**t going on in the community doesn't help. I hope to return to it after some time off.

I hope.. no, I know the New Year will bring all of us something wonderful, something that makes your soul tingle just thinking about it. May all your dreams come true. All I wish for is peace, love, and understanding. The rest will naturally flow out of this foundation. Happy New Year!

rasmus, congratulations to you and Christine on the upcoming release.

On PHP-GTK front, I've implemented support for compiling extensions into shared libraries and loading them dynamically which will prove useful in a few areas. Alan checked in his gtkhtml extension, and I added gdk-pixbuf stuff after hacking the code generator repeatedly. The stuff Alan has been doing with PHP-GTK is amazing.

After a poke from ssb, I made the 'overload' PHP extension support proxied method calls via internal __call() method. Stig says he has cool and immediate need for this.

I'll be visiting Vegas next week, for the first time ever.

12 Nov 2001 (updated 12 Nov 2001 at 18:52 UTC) »
jimw, PHP-GTK docs are written in DocBook .xml and using xsltproc from libxslt project for chunking is very fast. Probably a very good idea to move from DSSSL to XSLT, plus it'll give us more people knowledgeable about these stylesheets.

My 25th birthday came and went. And this year I actually celebrated it properly, with a lively party and a big group of friends. Having something like that at my apartment would definitely result in a noise citation, so we held the party at my friend's basement. Great quantities of food and drinks were bought and prepared and the party started at about 8 pm with 20 people or so. The basement was outfitted with blinking lights, strobe lights, colored lights flashing to music, smoke machine and a cool laser light setup. Definitely better that most of the night clubs around here. So, an hour later everyone is grooving to the beat and consuming large quantities of alcohol. And more people showed up. With presents. Which prompted the presentation and toasting ceremony.

I ended up being driven home about 2 am feeling like I was in one of those full-body VR setups, because my body was trying to do something completely different from what I was telling it. Woke up the next morning just peachy though. Found out that people stayed around for an hour more. Then I looked at my camera and noticed that it had 22 frames shot, even though I put in a new film midway through through the party. Needless to say I haven't a slightest idea what might be on those frames. I guess the people at the photo lab might be in for a good time.

Pretty happy about my birthday though. Got some nice presents and also bought myself something too. A nice set of Infinity speakers, an Onkyo receiver, and a Toshiba DVD player. Finally, I'll be able to enjoy Police Academy in glorious surround sound. What, it's not available on DVD?! Aargh..

Not much news on PHP-GTK front. Markus did a talk at International PHP Conference on it, and it was well received. I will regroup and start on the build system soon.

rasmus, you mean if I want to explore artificial neural network and genetic algorithms for some DNA and protein analysis problem or weather pattern prediction, I'll find a way to hook it into PHP to make it "smarter"? <shudder>

Lately I've been getting an itch to work (probably from scratch) on a project that's separate from PHP and its subprojects (God knows I've been spending a lot of time on them). But when I try to figure out precisely what it is I want to do, I find that almost everything has already been written. Fifteen times over. Just take a look at Freshmeat. So, what's a developer to do? <preparing myself for an inevitable barrage of don't-start-new-projects-help-on-existing-ones replies>.

My workout routine has been going well. I take major portions of whey protein and 3 caps of L-Glutamine regularly, and in the last couple of weeks I started using Ripped Fuel before each workout to see how well it works. The feeling you get during and after weight lifting is great (all those endorphines), it charges you up for the whole day.

My brother has been discharged from the Uzbek army. Now I can breathe a bit easier.

jimw helped set up automated manual building for PHP-GTK, so now we have documentation being updated daily from CVS and also downloadable versions in different formats. Very nice.

After some discussion on the PHP-GTK development list, we came to the conclusion that it would be better to support dynamically loadable extensions for PHP-GTK, instead of linking them in statically. This became apparent after GtkScintilla and GtkSQPane support was added -- not everyone will need the whole caboodle compiled in. That means I have to redo the build system yet again, and this time really learn libtool. <sigh> I despaired to find a person who could help with that.

Have not got too much time lately to read, as I've been concentrating on tech editing a PHP book and writing a chapter for another one. The deadline is a week away, so hopefully after I will be able to take a short break and maybe even go on a short vacation somewhere. Canada sounds good, and that'll allow me to have my visa restamped in the passport.

Caught a trailer on TV for The One with Jet Li. It looked badass, like a Matrix on steroids. Comes out on my birthday too, and so does Monsters, Inc. - how nice. Reminds me, need to update my wishlist on Amazon.

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