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FUDCon Pune: Now Accepting Subsidy Requests

If you’re planning on attending FUDCon Pune, and are going to need subsidy for travel and accomodation, you should head to this link to fill out the form requesting for one.

You may have some questions about this, and we already have some answers.  Feel free to hop on to the fedora-india list or the #fedora-india IRC channel on Freenode if you have other questions.

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This Saturday: Fedora 21 Release Party in Pune

Fedora Ambassadors from Pune are hosting the F21 release party at the MIT COE, on Saturday, 21st Feb, from 10:30.  Details on the party page.

It’s been a while since F21 released, but with the FUDCon preparations + planning and travel of the ambassadors for conferences, hosting the release party was delayed.

This is also a good opportunity for us to visit MIT COE, the FUDCon venue, and interact with the folks there and prepare them for what’s coming in June.

PS: CFP for the FUDCon is open as well!

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FUDCon Pune 2015 Planning Meeting Minutes – 17 Feb

We had a good productive meeting today in #fedora-india as well as on phone + in-person at the Red Hat Pune office.

We used the Etherpad at for keeping notes.

Highlights are:

  • We’ll soon add a code of conduct / anti-harrassment policy for the event
  • Outreach: everyone focussed on spreading the CFP message
  • Current logo draft looks good, minor tweak suggestions to be put on ticket
  • FUDPub venues being evaluated, but we’re getting a good deal from one of them

The entire minutes are appended below.

Last meeting :

Agenda + Minutes
 * Creating FAQ for FUDCon India 2015
   * Kushal to draft it
   * Kushal has a list of Q
     * Amit will get creative with answers.
 * Code of Conduct / Anti-harrassment policy
   * In the works; mail sent to ambassadors@
   * Siddhesh + Rupali
   * draft based on Ryan Lerch's Flock planning content + + Linux Foundation texts
   * Every other confence is using PSF/PyCon's CoC (info)
   * (idea) One person should be listed as contact as go-to person for violations
     * have one email + one person on-site?
       * Rupali nominated! (+4)
 * The end date of CFP, March 9.
   * I think it is early for Fudcon as the conf is in last week of June
   * 2months for Visa and travel plans and 3 weeks for confirming the talks = around 3 months should be fine (Kushal: Having a strict date will give organisers enough time to handle the schedule properly.)
   * Possible negatives: tickets get costly; visa processing takes time; people have to make plans at short notice, etc.
   * Let's see the response on 9th march, and then decide on extension?
     * We can perhaps give leeway for intl speakers who missed cfp deadline
     * Ok. works for me
   * Fudcon date is very near to RH summit. People attending RH summit can't attend Fudcon Pune
     * Unfortunate; can't alter this now.
     * People typically who attend Summit are not our audience / target speakers etc.?
       * There are some overlap , but it is very less.  May be around 10 or so
 * Outreach
     * this is for industry + mailing lists (communities)
     * we need help here with more lists + more volunteers to do the outreach.
     * this is for colleges / educational institutes
     * separate cfp needed because we need to mention open source in education here -- we could have a track for professors / teachers here to get them together and discuss problems specific to their area.
   * For Outreach, we can do this offline based on both the etherpads.
   * Please think of more companies which deal with RH / CentOS / Fedora; reach out for CFP.
   * Video series
     * Videos from FPL (Matthew Miller), jsmith, Kushal, Parag, Rahul, Joerg, etc. -- extolling the virtues of FUDCon + Pune
       * Let's ask Nitesh for this
 * Website
   * website up
     * just need to figuire openid thing now
       * Praveen + Siddhesh.
   * Finalize CfP text (done)
   * Graphics status update?
     * Two draft logos ready - Suchakra + jurankdankkal (Fedora-Indonesia)
     * We need to give feedback on the ticket:
     * Latest Draft:
       * This logo looks good to several people; minor tweaks are needed.
       * Looks good with small + big sizes - fit for website logo + banners.
       * Soni suggests adding flag. (+1 amit)
       * Currently it's a choice between this one and the older logo from FUDCon Pune 2011.
   * SSL support?  Asked Saleem about it
     * We're still figuring this out.
 * Wiki
   * Help editing this wiki - content + categories.
 * Accommodation (done)
   * We negotiated good rates with Cocoon (INR 3000 + taxes)
   * Double-occupancy, Free wifi, breakfast
 * Travel updates? (after CFP closes + speaker selection)
 * Marketing
   * Fedora magazine
     * CFP article out
     * One more CFP article at -1 week (1 March).
       * Amita
   * Make a list of MLs to post the CfP to
     * also reach out to ambassadors in apac for confirmation / planning
       * Siddhesh
     * send email to fudcon-planning about CFP
       * Siddhesh
   * Video update?
     * is good for sharing between a few people (for these meetings)
     * Pankaj has emailed kpoint folks (the ones who did video last time)
     * Last option will be to have a tiny webcam doing live Hangout -- advantage is it has auto-archival on youtube.
     * Kushal will check with hasgeek for video.
     * will need some trac ticket?
     * Siddhesh
   * Twitter
   * Facebook
   * Google Plus
   * LinkedIn group
     * Chandan to send out cfp blurbs on all these social sites [DONE].
 * Budget
   * Make and maintain a publicly visible sheet to track expenses?
     * I  think we should have a wiki where we export the sheet in use.   ethercalc lets anyone edit, which is not exactly ideal for a  budget-tracking sheet.  For people interested in handling budget, just  contact the owner for budget acc. to the wiki
       * publicly visible, not editable :) So wiki would be fine
   * Sponsorship
     * Can we get partial funding for RH people?
       * This will come later -- after we get all others done and we have extra budget.

 * FUDPub
   * Rupali reached out to Venue1
   * Venue1
     * Space for 100 people
     * Reasonable (approx 1800 per person)
     * RH has relationship; payments are easier
     * Close to cocoon
     * No limitation on sound limits - a nice party can be had.
   * Rupali continuing to reach out to others
   * In any case, we can close this by next week.

 * Swag
   * Niranjan suggests some programmable arduino boards manufactured locally with our logos
     * About ₹750
   * Swag for Volunteers
     * tshirts
   * Swag for Organisers?
   * Swag for Speakers
     * Umbrellas (for sweet Pune rains)
   * Fedora badge for attendees?(added to the FAS account)

 * Mobile Application

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7 Feb 2015 (updated 19 Feb 2015 at 07:10 UTC) » talk: Live Migration of QEMU/KVM Virtual Machines

Yesterday was the first day at 2015. It’s my first, and I’m impressed by the large turnout and the perfect management of the event by the organizers.

Yesterday was also the day I presented my talk on live migration of QEMU/KVM VMs. The slides are here. There was also live video broadcast; and the recording is at this link.  You’ll have to select the E104 section to view my talk.  Also, that selection process needs flash.  Unfortunate.  I’ll check if there’s a direct link to my part of the talk.

Update: The direct link to the talk is here, thanks Donovan.