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Tonight I finally got around to tweeking monpow (which is available on my website). I now enjoy a 200% gain in my internet speeds. I will now push this tweek into several of my old utilities that can use network speedups and ditch UDP where I can :-)

No Visitor visits since last entry :-/

Well, so much for finding anyone with a clue as far as knowing how to embed stuff in silicon. I suppose I'll just have to sell my idea and move on.

On a brighter note, I'm now enguaged :-)

Many visitor visits.

Moving right along....

Today I was released from my work duties, which isn't all that bad of a deal. I now have more time to work on my own dreams, instead of someone elses. More on that in the future.

Currently I'm attempting to think up of a good dot com name... always a tough thing to do. need to attract a few more investors and get a few HARDWARE CLUEFULL people... I hope I can find a few. Probably a difficult thing.

I ofcourse am not going to divulge in what it is, but I will say that the primary target market WILL be Linux. Windows? Who gives a fuck about that. However once developed it will be open sourced drivers and firmware, mainly because I'm absolutly disgusted with so-called corporations. Thier evil greedy bastards and they suck. So if some Doze (L)user really wants to use it, they can just figgure it out, but I'm not going to support it. I can also say is it is finally my turn to create a kick ass company to work for. It's time to start a new trend in business, one that doesn't suck. I'd also like to have everyone retire early. The trick is balancing everyting, and I now know the formula to pull it off.

More and more Visitor visits.

All stories that you heard about the business trip to Seattle were true. No animals were harmed. ;-) Seattle was a fun place. I was ever so lucky to have the city's multiple time martini champ as my bartender at the hotel...

Been to busy to write much of anything on this diary. I also cannot discuss what I do that keeps me so bound to the consoles... NDA's kind of suck in that respect. I can say that I am hacking Linux kernel and hacking harware. It's what I do best, and I have loads of fun doing it.

Many Visitor Visits for many days, none of which have been poison.

Alot of time has come and gone. Basically life has been very busy for me.

Why didn't you atleast drop a note in the box? Who ever you are, THANKYOU!!!!!!
Now all I have to do is see if this stuff actually works...

Many Visitor Visits for many days.


White like snow, streaked with gravy that looks like cindars used on the road, a gravy swamp. Twisted faces and menacing arrows fly in your direction, your only hope is to eat a hole into the land below you to protect yourself.

Moral of the dream? Never go to bed this starving :-)

lots of visitor visits, some are poison.

Busy busy _BUSY_ month!

TCP/IP stack on back burner till I find some place or someone willing to finance me to finish it. :-P

Another section of web pages done, including some private ones.

Got employment that is finally acceptable. (in other words, Linux related)

Time to plop in some spinlocks in arcnet to fix wonkyness. Thanks to jmr for the pentium chip.

Lots of vistor visits.

Decisions, decisions, decisions were made 2 weeks ago.

I suppose I need to get back into code mode, but that has to wait a few days yet. To many personal tasks to get out of the way before I can get back to writing more code or building more hardware.

I hope I can then finish up all I have to do within 2 weeks for a web based project, then I can get to clear off alot of the other little projects that need to be completed.

Tick tick tick goes the clock.

It has been a long and precarious time since I last made an entry. It seems that I had the need to totally immerse myself into fits of codeing and gameplay (DO][OM) to keep my mind off of the faithful day (march 17). The visitor arrived as expected with tales of horror. Quite uncool things, and very disturbing, most of it being of very gruesome and of a graphic nature.

The events of six years past are still burning with great passion. I am not entirely sure if this is a good thing or not. The intuitive advisor feels I should regroup the visitor, but I personally am not in a position to regroup anything at this point and intend on checking all of the cards in my hand as other potential options do exist. I do not know which branch of the twisting forked road of life to take. So many decisions I have to make, facts to wiegh, etc. I feel like a 6502 at 250KHz with 10K of RAM trying to emulate an i686 at 400MHz with 512M RAM and running Linux. My program of life is thrashing wildly. I have only a simple program, and no answer has yet been copied to the vast console in my brain. The program is as follows, in funny BASIC:

0 X=0


20 DECISION=INT(RAN(0)*100)/10

30 X=X+1





(march 17)

Visitor arrived.

We touched, eyes were opened, and true answers were given.

Visitor left.

Yawn, 20 hours later, full service was restored. Wonder how much the insurance comapny is gonna be hit up for on that stunt... :-)

Basically vegitated all day. Felt good to do that. Tomarrow I have to get my rear in gear to finish a web project.

No visitors.

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