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I work at Logilab, a french IT company that I co founded with some friends in september 2000. Logilab is strongly involved in free software, with several GPL'ed projects available for download on I've been giving talks and tutorials at Python-UK, Europython 2002 and the Libre Software Meeting.

Apart from the development I do at Logilab, I'm work on PyXML and 4Suite, and maintain the Debian packages for these two projects. I also give courses on Python, XML, UML and eXtreme Programming.

As a "hobby", I'm helping my wife with the computer-related stuff she needs for her PhD thesis in medieval history. This means doing some GUI stuff with MS access for the database, some statistics, using R which is a great free software tool.

I also listen to some music, mainly Jazz, and I play the drums, vibraphone and piano. Well right now, definitely more piano than drums or vibes, since I live in a small flat. I have a nice Yamaha P80 with a very good sound, especially with headphones, so that the neighbours won't be disturbed


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This may be old news for most people using Numeric Python on a daily basis, but I've just "discovered" that Numeric ufuncs can be applied to class instances, if they implement the right interface, which is a method with the same name as the ufunc.

One dumb example :

class ZeroAngle:
    def sin(self):
        return 0.
    def tan(self):
        return 0
    def cos(self):
        return 1

a = ZeroAngle() import Numeric as n print n.cos(za) print n.sin(za)

This of course does not work with the functions in math or cmath, which try to coerce there argument to float.

A very nice usage of this is in Konrad Hinsen's Scientific.Functions.Derivatives (part of the Scientific Python package)

18 Feb 2004 (updated 18 Feb 2004 at 09:10 UTC) »

Logilab managed to push out new releases of some free software projects yesterday:

logilab.common 0.4.4, a set of shared python utilities (the 2 other projects mentionned below depend on this one)

pylint 0.3.3 a python lint tool, which features an emacs mode integrated with the python mode, and a small gui, mainly to ease use on windows boxes, but can be usefulk on other platforms too

pyreverse 0.5 a tool to reverse engineer python code, which is able to create UML diagrams, visible in ArgoUML or dot

Someone on fr.comp.lang.python asked for a way to format a float as a french currency (i.e. with thousands separator). There doesn't seem to be anything available in the standard library and the % operator has no specific format for currency. Here's the code I came up with:

def as_currency(amount, thousand_sep=' ', decimal_sep=',', symbol='ยค'):
    num = '%.2f'%amount
    left, right = num.split('.')
    left_digits = list(left)
    spaced_digits = [decimal_sep, right, symbol ]
    while left_digits:
        spaced_digits = [thousand_sep] + left_digits[-3:] + spaced_digits
        del left_digits[-3:]
    return ''.join(spaced_digits[1:])

This could probably be enhanced by using the locale module to get the values. It's rather unfortunate that locale.format has not % substitution for currencies.

Long time no write.

Kiddanet project is almost over now. I'm struggling with the last configuration and installation problem, namely auto configuring the client machine to run multiple instances of squid in parallel, with different redirector settings.

So, I'm finally back online. Feels good. I almost killed the 'd' key of my keyboard while going through 12K+ mails.

I'm back working on the Kiddanet EC-funded project, and doing SVM classifiers. The existing code has to be rethought because of changes in the layout of the database. And I also have to code a Web interface for the validation and training of the classifier.

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