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Name: Adewale Oshineye
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I program mainly in Python and Java.

I'm currently playing around with an RSS/Atom aggregator called Aggrevator, a code duplication detection tool (which I inherited from the original developer) called Same and a Wiki called KwikWiki.

I use delicious to track and organise the my wanderings through the noosphere. is a window into the contents of my mind.

My interests revolve around:

  • Wikis
  • Syndication i.e. RSS, Atom and Atom Publishing Protocol
  • Large scale collaboration
  • Modelling complex financial instruments
  • Software system longevity
  • Collaborative filtering, trust metrics and reputation/recommender systems
  • Photography
  • Go
  • Software Craftsmanship
  • The views expressed on these pages are mine alone and not those of my employer. Just in case there was any doubt.


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    Awkward questions for those boarding the microservices bandwagon

    Why isn't this a library?
    What heuristics do you use to decide when to build (or extract) a service versus building (or extracting) a library?

    How do you plan to deploy your microservices?
    What is your deployable unit?
    Will you be deploying each microservice in isolation or deploying the set of microservices needed to implement some business functionality?
    Are you capable of deploying different instances (where an instance may represent multiple processes on multiple machines) of the same microservice with different configurations?

    Is it acceptable for another team to take your code and spin up another instance of your microservice?
    Can team A use team B's microservice or are they only used within rather than between teams?
    Do you have consumer contacts for your microservices or is it the consumer's responsibility to keep up with the changes to your API?

    Is each microservice a snowflake or are there common conventions?
    How are these conventions enforced?
    How are these conventions documented?
    What's involved in supporting these conventions?
    Are there common libraries that help with supporting these conventions?

    How do you plan to monitor your microservices?
    How do you plan to trace the interactions between different microservices in a production environment?

    What constitutes a production-ready microservice in your environment?
    What does the smallest possible deployable microservice look like in your environment?

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