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OK, I'm a teenager, I'm a sysadmin at Stuyvesant high school, the top science/technology High School in NYC. It's up there in nation rnakings too.

I love open source software, I've written some, a little map utility (too lazy to use xargs), a calculator epplet that everyone complained was too big, an mp3 client/server in perl, using DBI and Perl/Tk. I've started contributing to the everybuddy project. Just learned gtk, so I'm starting to use it. Working on a nice scalable digital clock as a starting app, then i want to see about some agems (bust-a- move clone, jezball clone), not sure if I want to use GnomeCanvas or SDL. SDL looks very cool, but toally undocumented, which sucks.

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need some people to test drsh before I release this version on freshmeat. A lot of bug fixes, some compile fixes, some functionality fixes. Still need help with the compile. The code is getting uglier (forking a codebase does that). I'll try to cleav it up for v0.6. Decided to try M17. I said I wouldn't compile mozilla a little after M16+cvs. My best friend and i were completely deluded that all we needed to do was pass configure the right set of flags and a working browser would compile. What can I say, stupidity is something we gifted 'utes whole heartedly embrace.

Looking for a good web-based mial client that (here's the biggie) works with multiple unix mailboxes. Just plain, lcoal, raw text mbox's in a folder. Not imap, not pop3, not 1 giant mail spool. Does it exist? I currently pop my mail to home & then filter it with procmail, I want to keep my mailboxes consistent, sometimes ssh-ing in to use mutt hust isn't feasable. No, neomail doesn't do what I want. if you know of a program which scratches this itch, let me know. Leave for LWE monday! YEAH!

Hey all. Haven't put up a diary entry in a few days. Work sucks and I hate it. I hate a stupid undefined spec that changes everytime I finish the code, so the code is never "on time". I hate having my development box changed 4 times. 3 different architecture. This internship ahs taught me where I don't want to work. It's over soon. LWE next week! Excited! My box works. Ended up shelling out $110 (total including admission to a local computer show, every store's supply was out, so I had to go) for an ABIT V?6. Don't care. My computer works. Anyone need a dying bp6? Not openign my PC for a while. Did anyone find the math tricks useful? Lot of people downloaded drsh, one person liked it, wrote to me, found some bugs, some his fault, some mine. I need some help with the build process mostly. Did anyoen find the mental math tricks useful? or were they unintelligible? I've been going out blading a lot with friends, which is good. I actually have friends who live in the area. I've got a cool spell-checking patch for gaim, but it causes the buttons in the main window to lose focus, you need to click twice to use them after you've popped up a menu. Opposite of my original problem. If you've got any idea or want to see the pacth, contact me. TMBG concert in prospect park the day after I get back from LWE. COOL! Still sore from blading yesterday, I'm so happy that I'm blading so much. Wore out my brake for the first time ever, I've been blading for 5 years now. I'm *pissed*, the brake that came with the blades was rubber-ish. The replacement is hard-ish plastic and makes the loudest screeching noise you've ever heard. Anyone know where I can find the rubbery replacement brakes? they're rollerblade standard/abt-lite brake. More later.

I'm so pissed about work. I was not hired to work on a stupid foxpro app that no-one knows anythign about or will tell me about. I was taken off a project I was havign fun with to go back to wokring on this stupdi thing that's going nowhere. I have no idea what I'm doing. I was hired for linux/perl/C. GRR! if you have any tips on migrating a foxpro app to a mysql backend, email me

just got paid, $1000 is all mine, the res tof my pay for the summer is going into the bank. Wondering what to buy.

More fun mental math. Averaging! Take the numbers 20, 30, 28, 25, 24. Average them. Here's how you do it. Take the low number, 20, now bring everything down to 20, whatever you subtract to get down to 20, add to "the pot". 20,30->20 (10),28->20(18),25->20(24), 24->20(28). So now you've got 5 20's and a pot of 28, divide the pot by 5 and add it to 20, the average is roughly 24, closer to 23.5 . You can do this for wider ranges too. If 14 was in the mix, I'd still pick 20 as the base, because i know I have enough to bring up 14. When I'm brining down 30, I'll redirect 6 to bring up 14 and only add 4 to the pot. Is this making sense?

GRR! i was so happy working on this restricted shell I was writing at work. It was fun, it was C, I could do it. Now I'm being forced to work on getting a stupid foxpro appliation to talk to a SQL server

I was talking to a girl I'm in love with yesterday, i was telling her how lonely I was, she was telling me how lonely she is. [What's the problem? I have no idea] Yes, she's well aware I like her, and she's turned me down repeatedly.

Have i mentioned I hate foxpro? I have no docs other than the online help shit. They were written by a sadistic idiot. The most unreadable crap ever passed off as docs. Screw MS.

Got an article published in Linux Journal yesterday. Family was happy. We went to BBQ's in the village [NYC] to celebrate. The village has an intoxicating effect on my parents. The Village has been getting odder as i grow up. It's always been bizarre, but the cultureclash makes my head hurt. Preppies vs. Goth. GAP vs. Righteous Sex.

Let's all learn howto calculate percent in out head. Let's do 15% of $58. Here's how you do it quickly. Take 10% of 58, 5.80, now 1/2 of that is 5%==2.90. Now add them! 8.70. 13%? do it roughly, 5.80 is 10%, a third of that, hmm, a third of 6 is 2, so we'll say 1.95+5.80=7.75!

More fun math tricks later. Did I mention I hate foxpro? Upgraded to debian unstable for 2.4, and now my system is unstable, what a rush! more later.

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