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Long time, no post.

Still haven't gotten back to any of the Open Source projects yet, but things are dramatically improved. Things are looking up and I think we're going to be on an even keel by the end of this month, middle of next. Got quite a few creditors that we still owe money, but soon...soon... Should be clearing some real money doing work for a small financial trading interest while I wait to see if Coollogic gets their funding (If's really, really too strong a word, considering what I know, but I can't say what is actually happening on that front because of NDAs and all... But, with all the pain I've went through over the years, I'm going to harbor some small doubts until I see the end of it- even if I know it's actually going to happen...) and I should be largely back on track with finances, etc. by next month at the latest.

On a different subject, I found the company that makes PC keyboards the exact same way IBM used to make them. Why would one want one of these old "clunkers"? Because of the positive feedback and solid performance of them- they're like tanks and can shrug off all kinds of abuse that'd kill other, lesser keyboards. Go on over to Unicomp and check it out. Gamers should love the snappy response these gems give to you.

Well, on to the Open Source notes...


Well, I'm in the process of attempting to resurrect this library. While it was something to speak of in it's day, it's a little crufty- and makes assumptions about things that aren't 64-bit clean. I'll hopefully know more about whether or not I've been wasting my time or not in another week or so as I find time to finish an integration of it instead of OpenPlay in Ballistics. I was hopeful at first, but it's not looking as rosy right at the moment...

JXTA/JMF Related Projects

Ended up getting laid off from my Contract back in March (Damned shame really, he couldn't afford my services because of investor problems- and he's just short of getting his products out the door...) but I've been continuing working on the Java based projects with his blessings. Most notably, there's two frameworks, JXCube and P2People. I got an older CVS version working of JXCube and I reverse engineered the final binary of P2People so that I now have clean compiling code, etc. In the case of JXCube, the video conferencing stuff's kind of kludgy and probably should be re-done as it's streaming raw video and audio, using the Java Media Framework only to capture. (A pet peeve of all of this is that while Sun seems to "rely" on JMF for some of their initiatives, everyone, Sun included, seems to treat the whole thing like a red-headed stepchild... Poor docs, no real books on the shelves... Hmph!) It's going to need some overhaul using snippets of code from P2People to make it work the way it should, using JMF to stream RTP via normal means, SIP/STUN based means, or through JXTA... In the case of P2People, I've got some overhaul to do in that it's been written against JXTA 2.1.1 and things have changed up in the form of crypto code, etc. The code compiles right now, but it's not happy w/1.5 of the JDK. I expect to have working P2P Video Conferencing using Java shortly- if the stuff works decently enough- I've still got loads of reservations. If one could make GnomeMeeting a little less Linux-Centric and could find some way to manage all the P2P capabilities within a SIP->H.323 bridge that also ran on the machine, it'd rock. Well, I don't plan on letting the Videoconf stuff go by the wayside, too useful...

Various Embedded Linux Projects

Haven't worked on this for a little while, but as things slow down a bit around home, I plan on revisiting my energy management solution system code and working on the embedded packaging and LiveCD solution for stuff as time permits. When Coollogic gets things all straightened out, I'll probably shift focus to doing this stuff. Should know more on this by end of next month one way or another... Just went over to the DirectFB site and was anything if not impressed- quite a bit of support there now and it's pretty robust. I expect to be able to use the UniChrome support shortly on my EPIA setup and I plan on coming up with something to work with MythTV- sort of a Media PC/Gaming Console. Yeah, yeah, I know- everybody and his dog has attempted this and failed. Well, I don't plan on making money at the boxes themselves- I just plan on making up a distribution that provides someone with the right toolbox to make one for themselves with minimal fuss.


Well, it's not been forgotten and it's mostly waiting on free and available funds to afford the purchase of a few parts. I'd sidelined it, waiting to see if the bunch that claimed to be almost there were going to produce results or not (Why put any real effort into the project when they're going to do nearly as well as I could- it'd be better if I got along with them to combine forces...)- which they haven't. Expect a possible resurrection of the thing in the future as I move forward with one of the needed components of this project, the embedded distribution system.

Linux TabletPC Project?

I just got a demonstration recently with MS' Windows Tablet Edition. Nice. Too bad it's got Windows at it's core. But then, it got me to thinking. Why can't we have the same capabilities under Linux- and I don't just mean a touch keyboard on the screen like Lycoris did. What's keeping us from coming up with similar capabilities for Linux? Oh well, food for thought, eh?

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