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I've been actively tinkering with Linux since around 1995, nowadays I don't use any distro's I either compile from the ground up for a major upgrade or I just dd an image of a machine that I've already compiled from the ground up. I do a VERY minor ammount of development, however I do create/bug & spell check/update various Linux doc's. My current project is the Advanced Server HOWTO, which covers having a working Linux box and implementing NAT/Firewall/Site Block/Content Virus Scanning/DHCP/DNS/Cacheing Proxy/POP3/SMTP/LDAP/SAMBA/Basic Inet Services/+More all in one tightly integrated package.


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Saturday: Woke up early for a Saturday, actually made it out of bed before 10:30am.

Took my daughter to a birthday party, and then went to go and get my wife's birthday present, decisions and choices I hate them.

Returned home with daughter and then proceeded the thrash away with IPTables, experienced some strange Masquerading issues that took a while to resolve. Played my daughter at BomberMan and was suitably beaten.

Spent evening attempting to beat IPTables into submission.

6 Apr 2001 (updated 6 Apr 2001 at 22:26 UTC) »
Friday: Friday has finally shown it's beautifull face and announced the beginning of the weekend, time enough for me to do some serious work on trying to finish this doc, or at least get it to version 0.1.

ISDN link to Bangalore keeps going down, am convinced it's an error at their end but no way to decisively conclude as it may be a problem on the transatlantic link side of things.

Finalised the settings for invisible proxying with content scanning and it runs lovely, no longer need to specify any proxies just point it at the default gateway and hey presto.

More DevFS fun, decided to implement it on the server before migrating it to ReiserFS, as usual it did not go according to plan, recompiled the kernel, migrated boot onto a seperate drive, reran lilo and recieved a lovely message about boot signatures.

After checking that I hadn't gone above the 4Gb limit, then restoring the mbr, then rechecking the lilo.conf, then recompiling lilo 20 times I found it, thye most stupid of things, the most irratatingly simple, the partition I had migrated boot onto used to be the NT boot partition and I hadn't removed the entry from lilo, DOH!.

Thursday: One of the worst days I've had in a long time and one of the busiest (anybody would think that I link those things together :o) Had 3 of the Stratus HP-UX boxes collected, took about 3 hours trying to work out which ones they were and then an age trying to navigate them out of server rooms (who the hell put them right at the back).

I think the I.T. manager may be reading my diary, today he removed everyones access to the server room except mine and refused to restore it until it was tidy, spent 6 hours trying to chase cables.

Buggered my laptop for the second time this week, decided that having DevFS mounted over the top of my old /dev was untidy so I moved /dev and rebooted, then realised that I hadn't created a /dev folder to mount DevFS in, trawled freshmeat looking for a rescue disk that could handle ReiserFS (may I recommend Recovery Is Possible), 5 minutes later, presto.

Keep being nagged about project slipage, so many things to try and keep on top of atm.

4 Apr 2001 (updated 5 Apr 2001 at 20:36 UTC) »
Wednesday: E-Mail from heaven, I'm so happy I could sing, my previous company is no longer trying to take me to court and is willing to accept my offer, that potentially makes me £3000 better of, I am so glad they saw sense, I doubt I could have afforded the legal fees if they hadn't.

I'm currently distressed that someone has rated me as a journeyer, makes no sense to me.

3 Apr 2001 (updated 4 Apr 2001 at 14:43 UTC) »
Tuesday: Feel guilty about lack of participation in things Linux related, so I'm spending a large chunk of time answering questions on the LFS mailing lists. Keep being pestered to start tidying up the cables in the server room, our IT 'Manager' is threatening to remove access, if only he would my life could be a better place to live, ho hum.

Am still getting to grips with the trust metric system on advogato, was surprised when I logged on this morning to find I'd been certified by a few people, nice to see. In turn I went through each of the people looking at the projects they were involved in and being distressed that I had actually used most of them so I was aware of the quality of coding, used this knowledge to rate them in turn. Not sure if that's right but it works for me.

Hmmm, talked someone though how to move the /boot partition onto another drive and I carried out the instructions my self to make sure I hadn't missed anything, then moved it back, X locked my machine and rather the use SysRq I just rebooted, guess who forgot to rerun Lilo?
Had the lovely LI prompt. One tomsrtbr+loadlin later and I'm back in business.

Moderate success on the Advanced Server Howto, left DNS be for the mo and carried on with squid and squirm, still cannot decide between Apache Proxy and Squid, Apache seems to do a better job of getting cache hits but Squid can do a hell of a lot, setup squirm so that it blocks 90% percent of web adverts, gave me a warm feeling inside.

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