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msevior The GPL is not a contract, it is a license.

I think, technically, it's closer to a copyright since the user never explicitely has to agree to anything.

7 Feb 2004 (updated 7 Feb 2004 at 14:47 UTC) »

Haven't written anything in a while. Currently dorking with Mono, it's more cool than I had expected. I've also been spending a lot of time with C++ and libgc, very cool, I almost don't believe it.

Right now I have decided to throw some time after the TenDRA project and see what happens.

Doesn't SCO have claim to the copyright of TenDRA? Or some of the libraries in it? I could have sworn that a company they own did a chunk of the work. I'd never sabotage a project or wish a compiler team anything but luck (more is better in my book, I like choice) but with the current SCO situation I'd be cautious, you never know if they may wish to excercise their right as copyright holder to re-license a project. Should it ever become a GCC: GNU Compiler Collection competitor and useful I'd half exepct it from them right now. You could always fork but they seem to take a fairly liberal view of their rights. I'd think SUIF and Open64 would be safer choices if you insist on not working on GCC.

Speaking of, Pascal is included in the Mandrake GCC RPMs anymore. It warms my heart and brings back fond memories. I'm not sure if GPC is mainlining in to GCC of it Mandrake is patching their own cut. As I understand it, GPC has been a work in progress for clse to 15 years so it's nice to see it getting put in to some more popular places. Hopefully this addition will make Pascal and Ada (which has been in the main GCC tree for a while now) more popular choices for some projects.


I've been playing with Python and ORBit a bit lately. I'm impressed. I've never seen CORBA so simple before. I've heard it talked up for the last 12 years and it looks usable now. I've dorked around with SOM but it was a nightmare compared to ORBit now. Especially with Python, 15 minutes and I can clients and servers talking to each other. Very sweet.

Other stuff

I'm still high as a kite on cycling, the season usually starts to get a little depressing after the Tour but I'm riding a lot and still loving the bike all the time.

Simply incredible... The Tour de France organizers have chosen not to invite Mario Cipollini's team this year, again, in favor of some lame second-tier French team. This is a man who is the reigning world champion, has won 42 stages, as of his victory today, at the Giro d'Italia (a record!), the Milano-San Remo classic, Gand Wevelgem (apologies for my spelling) and numerous other races. Two thumbs down for Jean Marie LeBlanc.

Another cycling fan! I'm also ouraged by this crime.


I'm not sure what to say. It's nasty, Iraq is proving many of the assertions about them to be true. They are grossly violation Geneva convention by placing bounties on the heads of their enemies and showing POWs on TV. They launched scud missles which are considered WMD and then the fake surrendering and other perfidy is disgusting. I hope it ends soon. I think there are lines that shouldn't be crossed, ever; I think it is imparitive that we never give in to terrorists or their tactics like this. I can't imagine how you possibly justify their actions. I pray for peace soon. No more from me on this.


I'm a big fan of a clean build. At IBM once I worked on a huge project that had a perl script that built the makefile and then ran make. It was insanely complex and some dirt bag coded himself some job security with it. Adding or removing files was impossible without this guys help, I added a single cpp file once and it was broke for 2 days, you simply couldn't add a file to the list of files to compile. Currently debugging the same problem I've debugged at every other job. Some jackass puts a "perl necklace" (pardon the sick humor, but it is the best description I've ever heard for a 1000+ line undocumented piece of mission critical perl) on the build and we make a few changes and the build stops working. NEVER DO THAT! EVER! I honestly haven't run into something you couldn't do with GNU make, it might take a little script but it's always possible. ant and a-a-p do some nice stuff for you too. Bottom line: don't make the build too complex, don't have too many system deps for it, and don't leave it undocumented... I think this might be my biggest pet peeve, I think you should be fired for doing stuff like that.

Open Source Sabotage

Then last night I debugged another, very interesting bug. It was an intentional one. An opensource project, that I won't name yet, intentionally pushed out sabotaged code. There website had a redirect, if you downloaded it from some computers you'd get the bad code, if you downloaded it from others you'd get clean code. I was shocked that someone would put the time and effort in to something like that. Upon closer inspection they had some embedded messages in the software that were hidden behind a simple XOR-esque encryption and made to look like data strings. When you run the software you get a little nastigram about how you've been black listed. Any comments on the best way to deal with this with in the community? I'm inclined to start a fork. Anyone know of other cases of this? They didn't drop our IPs, they didn't contact our ISP or admins about anything, they intentionally sabotaged the download.

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