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Notes: sysadmin/netadmin. interested in cryptography, C langage and bsd systems (mainly openbsd and netbsd) had an account here by 2002-09-12 but because of a job i had to remove everything :/ so i am restarting it to have some place to drop interesting links or ideas i can come across


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did not post anything for years. finished learning c# and used it for several projects. now learning java. upgraded my main box to the latest fedora and playing with netbeans. i kinda like the gnome 3 desktop, once you learn the keyboard shortcuts it's quite fast and sweet. no idea what all the fuss about gnome changes is about.
started learning c#. love it. funny as its designer wrote the turbo pascal which my father offered me when I was 8 and his pascal ide and compiler marked my programming learning days. it's like coming back to the beginning in a circle of life, and finding hejlsberg work again, and learning again as if learning programming from scratch. two days for langage, and now ahead a long way to learn its massive API.
working on porting netbsd to the lemote leeyoong. busy.
sleep/suspend support is working on lemote netbook on openbsd current. while it goes to sleep and comes back with no problem, it seems the machine still puts out heat when sleeping so some parts of the motherboard are not cut off from power as they should (otto is looking at this if i'm not wrong). meanwhile, i had some fun in removing the lemote picture from the boot screen and put a nice openbsd blowish there, and also upgraded the pmon to 1.4.9 (i am looking for sources for PMON 1.4.5 to make a diff between 1.4.5 and 1.4.9 but can't find them on the Lemote website anywhere). here is a link to a post on misc@openbsd and a picture of what it looked like before, and after. so you can tweak your lemote netbook to display the pic of your choice on boot and really hack it from the very Bios itself, which is not a Bios anyway. spending some time with gallant12x22.h in order to try to redraw the chars to get something closer to what Inconsolata looks like since the console font is loaded from kernel and we're not using some kind of vga font (being on a mips platform, we don't have no stinkin vga device there). made a picture in size 12 and rewdrawing it pixel per pixel, and converting each line to an hexadecimal value :p spent a lot of time reading the pmon 1.4.9 sources especially the machine langage parts initializing dram and various things. code is worse than what's found in linux, my eyes are bleeding (who's the masturbating monkey, linus ?). been waiting for two hours for mutt to finish compiling with sasl flavor, seems the poor netbook is compiling dependency after dependency from sources. i probably got hacked by miod who's taking revenge for me storming his mail box with "fucking useless fucking chinese unreadable fucking ptt/doc files". considering replacing its hard disk with a sd because the hard-disk is the highest source of heat for that machine.
finished installing openbsd on the loongson-2f machine. was quite easy. just dumping with dd the openbsd 4.9 miniroot.fs on a usb key, boot it from pmon (i really like the way it handles devices, /dev/fs/<filesytem>@<device>/path/to/whatever). seems much more handy to use than what i was used to on sun machines :p

the battery should give the netbook about 1h30 of life, but it goes a little above. machine kept running for 1h50 before shutting down. at 3 % the netbook suddenly shot down so openbsd won't be happy and fsck the whole thing. need to write a script that does a shutdown when battery reaches 5 % or so (suspend/sleep not supported yet). that will teach me not to respect what that battery blinking red led means

running at full cpu speed (797 MHz) after 1h apm reported battery at 47 % with an estimated running time left of 51 min. after 1h45 17 % was left, and then battery started going down fast. at 1h47 there was 3 % left. since it's a new battery running its very first charge, things will get better after 3/5 full decharge/charge cycles. autonomy at full speed is 1h50 to 2h which is quite good for a 23 Wh battery.

here is the openbsd 4.9 dmesg for the machine. X currently runs in non accelerated mode, using frame buffer. only one console in vt110 so you need to install screen on console. launching X is just typing startx. right now i am using the defaut fvwm window manager preinstalled with it, does the job for now. wonder if i'll install gnome or not since i mostly spend all my time over a dozen xterms.

frame buffer runs at 1024 x 600 (screen resolution, it's 10 inches) in 16 bits/pixel. i took two screenshots using xwd : first shows a top running with a uname -a for the platform (mips, 64-bits, little endian). second shows installation of a few packages using pkg_add.

i need to install a lightweight wm. probably will be xfce. machine does run gnome (i think the default linux i removed was using gnome) but i am still wondering.

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