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It's been a _long_ time since I posted. The only thing that even make me want to post was aaronl's comments about GNOME (and KDE I would guess, given that he's so against using memory..)

I really wish I could come up with some comment that make aaronl realize how inflammatory/silly he sounds. He quotes numbers about how terrible memory consumption is in GNOME apps, then turns right around and states that he knows the numbers are inaccurate -- beyond that, he's makes the statement that he's not even trying to _be_ accurate.


I wrote Gabber. I've had my own concerns about memory consumption (X-Virge can vouch for that :)). Fact of the matter is tho, that the GNOME libs provide some great functionality. They do it in a modular manner and overall in a fairly clean way. I've considered removing GNOME stuff from Gabber, but on review I've found that there's just too much good functionality -- I'd wind up with an ugly client that nobody would use, and all for the sake of having one less dependency. No thanks.

  • Monday (late nite)
    Another day has passed by. I've been visiting my grandparents and little (tho he prefers "younger") brother in Panama City this weekend. It's been nice, I guess...nice as being away from the fiancee and one's projects can be. I hate to travel, but I love to move. Weird, huh?

    Gabber is coming along nicely and I've learned a lot about gtk--. It is an excellent adaptation of the gtk+ toolkit. The sigc++ signaling toolkit is great and I have even integrated it into jabberoo. It's excellent for doing any kind of event based system that neats strong typing and/or ref-counted objects.

    Another great lib I found is the Views Template Library (VTL). I'll have to post that link later. Basically it's another layer of abstraction that allows you to view a container via multiple views. Hence, you can view the container as sorted by a certain key, w/o having to actually sort the container (of course, you trade performance for lesser memory).

    I do like C++. I know some people complain that it's too complicated, or too slow, or too low-level. *shrug*. It works for me and I believe it's a language that's gonna stick around because of its complexity and richness. I would be remiss to not quote graydon's excellent summary of the language:

    "C++ is the mecha godzilla of the programming world: learn to pilot it, and you will be able to lay serious waste to tokyo. Don't learn to pilot it, and king seesar will whup your sorry ass."
  • Well, I survived my trip to Denver. Actually, it was a most excellent trip. It was good to meet jer & temas IRL. They are Cool Dudes (TM), and I'm proud to say that I work with them.

    My fiancee's birthday-weekend-rama has been completed successfully -- now back to my normally scheduled programming. :) Today, I've been working on getting gpg setup so my emails are signed and am currently working (read: waiting on openSSL to build) on transitioning the Gabber source code over to SourceForge.

    This week should be a big week for Gabber as I plan to get proper support put in for agents/services and groupchat. I've also heard some rumblings that a gtk-- person want to help us move to gtk-- 1.2pre. That needs to be researched a bit as I'm not sure that the gnome-- 1.2pre has been released yet.

    Gabber has finally started to reach critical mass. It can now send/recv messages, chat -- groupchat will be implemented after I get back from Denver. At that point, most of the Jabber clients will support groupchat and I'd imagine that we'll start to move away from using the #jabber channel on IRC.

    Jer is trying to get me to write an article detailing our rather unique approach to using libglade/gtk-- in the gabber. I might just do write a piece about..wonder how much flak I'd get from the Gnome people about using C++. :)

    In other, less techy news, I'm trying to get my workout routine re-instated in my life. I miss my kata workouts and have lost a fair amount of flexibilty. It's gonna be hard, though..especially the first week or two. Blech. It hurts just thinking about it. Fortunately, it's fun once I get started and I know I'll start feeling better once I get in the groove.

    Flying to Denver early tommorow morning. Woohoo. Finally get to meet jer & temas in person. Great fun all around, I'd say.

    Tuesday (now Wed.). My eyes can hardly stay open. It's been a better day than yesterday, but I'm ready for it to end. One more time, I managed to get the fiancee upset at me. I'm becoming quite the expert, tho I suspect wedding-stress is a major factor in the anger-at-dave algorithm. Whatever, the case, I love her.

    In less emotional news, I managed to rewrite my deleted programs and get a spec for the next software iteration from my client. Of course, I won't be doing anywork on that until I get gabber working...tommorow, I think. It's do or die on gabber, now. I'm starting to get a rep for all talk and no code..time to change that.

    With that, Adeiu.

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