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It's now been a pretty long time since I posted anything here. The reason are the usual one; too much to do!

A lot of stuff has happened the last days. Unfornately, I'm too tired to make up a resume of it. Today Vegard and Lila got married, here, at the Gathering (Vegard is the big chief of TG). Interesting...

Have, as usually, got nothing done trough the whole party. I need silence when I work, and it's not much of that here.

I'm now at the Gathering with X-Virge, Zleeper, Norwolf, Reckie and Critical (all aka's) - we're the linuxcrew. In addition to us there another 4500++ attenders, irc'ing, exchanging warez, movies and mp3's, some just toying around, and a few people doing something usefull too ;)

I'm really amazed how extremely many persons there are here, and the lan were actually stated as THE WORLD'S LARGEST TEMPORARY NETWORK(!!!) last year. I think that's impressive - really.

We also discovered how much work it was turning 5000 cd's, t-shirts, network-cables, magazines (*2), can-cooler and box'es with pringles, into 5000 goodie-bags.

Now I'm gonna get some sleep soon I think. Tired. So very very tired...

Tiresome day. I kept myself awake until 3am at the night, and woke up exatly 3 hours later, jumping out of the bed, and into AJ's cars which waited outside. Went to Oslo airport, where we met Julian and his father Niel. It was cool. They're staying at a hotel in Oslo until tuesday, when they're going to Hamar, and The Gathering. Really looking forward to it now!

Got AJ's SMC Ether-EZ pcmcia card to work, found out it was all about Redhat 6.2 coming with a too old pcmcia-cs package. Idiotic problem.

Tomorrow I have to clean my room, and pack (clean my room because my 13-year old cousin shall live here a few days)

I may repeat myself, but I'm _tired_!!!

I have been doing absolutely nothing the past few days, and I'm just enjoying my easter-vacation. Except for doing a little graphics: I took this pic I made a while ago , added a few nasty details (like shadow, and a little nudity), and put it out. It's at my so-called homepage. The exotic details is meant in a humorous way, I'm no pervert ;)

Tomorrow I'm going to Oslo airport with aj, to meet Julian and his father. Actually it's only a few hours from now, I have to get up at 5am. I'm looking forward to it!

The computer test today went ok, except for the delphi part of it being based on some earlier things we were supposed to do in an assignment, like "do what you did in module 6". Module 6... wtf do I know about module six, but I looked over my shoulder at my neighbour's screen, and I think I got the idea. TOO SIMPLE!!

Then laid down, and slept 5 hours (which were supposed to be 20 minutes). That really hurt my schedule. We need to extend the day by... hm... another 24 hours, and why the fuck do I _have_ to waste so much time sleeping??

Had a few problems with php4 rc1, it didn't compile (DIR were not defined in one of the source files), and too tired to find out whats wrong. Well, guess php3 have to do for a few more days then... bah!

The german test were today, I can't say it went good, and I can't say it went bad either... at least not with my low expectations :)

Anyway, I've started to like php. Actually I could have learned it a long time, but I were just being stubborn, and wanted to write everything myself in C. Actually, in the first web-application I made, I even made the database myself, not very good, but very educational. I've also now (if I convert to php), got lotsa code to scrap, and it actually makes me feel a bit sad, but the way I was going with my w.a. stuff, was towards php anyway, just got to admit there exist better code than mine ;)

Well, at least I've learned a lot by my cgi coding in C, now I may get some time making real applications, like gnome stuff (I'm very eager to really get into gnome development =), and kernel stuff (have to find whatever bug crashing my machine all the time ;). But the big question is: do I have the time? Arrgghh.. if it hadn't been for the school!

I see I've got my first certification as apprentice today, by X-Virge alias Julian, and even though I probably don't deserve it; thanks :) Im gonna spend the whole easter-vacation with him, as linux crew on the Gathering, and I'm sure thats gonna be cool. Man, going all the way from USA to Norway on a computer event, and not even get paid... But fun it is, and sure very educational too!!

Went a trip to sweden today, with AJ, Stian and Leif-erik, to buy Redbull (it has a to high caffeine percent to be legal in Norway). Unfornately, I'm damn broke, and couldnt afford any, my only kind of income at the time being, is lending money from AJ, but only until Linux Løsninger starts being profitable. where I guess I must start paying back ;)

And btw, bonobo simply rules! Yeah, and computer test at school tomorrow, finally one that's gonna be easy. Guess that was it for today...

Had my "nynorsk" test, I think it went... ok... :)

Didn't get much else done today, were damn tired, because I spent last night studying. Tomorrow is the german-test. I suck at that language, and may get 1, which is the grade you get if you used all germany-lessons surfing at the net. Oh well.. I'll try to pass.

Installed redhat 6.2, and compiled gnome from cvs ...much harder than expected, since it seemed like the newest libxml changed its structures, so I had to go trough tons of code, changing ->childs and ->root to ->children. Haven't noticed any big crashes yet (except for in nautilus), so I guess it was the Right Thing To Do (tm).

I have way to much to do these days, and I wish the time could just stop for some minutes, so I could get some sleeep...

Also started working on a new icon-pack for gnome, cartoonish style... looks pretty good, I'll put it out someplace if/when it's done.

Have a big test tomorrow in nynorsk (alternative norwegian language), so I guess I should read some!

Discovered today. Really looking forward to be the next Allan Cox, now that I have a diary and everything... ;)

Anyways, this day started with me having a speech about american slavery at school. It went really bad, because of my maxium 2 hour sleeping policy the last days.

Gnuified the RGBDS(rednex gameboy development system) makefiles, so that I can start on a gameboy programming school project (in linux :). I'm wondering if otakunozoku will accept the changes, because they seem very windows specific. Have fallen in love with gameboy hardware, now all I need is a gameboy.

Made some changes to the long delayed in-development LiLo website (my fault), now people is starting to get really impatience... did also try to setup a cvs server for LiLo projects, but got a little lost, will try again when Im not in the zombie state-of-mind.

I think I now have convinced the majority of the LiLo work team with going with 100% gpl policy, and opening cvs server to public. When I get it working that is...

Im so bored with school, that Im seriously considering dropping out. The only thing stopping me is that I know I will regret it later...

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