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I am a board member(and co-founder) of the Open Source Education Foundation(OSEF). OSEF is a not-for-profit Corporation in the State of Arizona(USA). With OSEF, I have taken part in the installation and maintenance of computer labs in 2 schools in the Tucson, AZ area.

I started and lead the Project GOVIA. A Repository of media files that are free to use. GOVIA is targeted at Education, but the content must be free for everyone in order for it to be effective. Right now we are still in development, and I ask anyone who is slightly intrigued by this concept to check out the web pages, or join the developers on #govia.

I would like to add: GOVIA Really needs content. photographs, clip art, poems and stories being recited, all of these are usable in education. If you have any of these kinds of things that you have Created/Performed, please look at the GOVIA site and consider contributing to the repository.


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It seems GOVIA is getting along very well now. We have split development into two teams; locus and queue. queue is run by mattr, and locus is being done by chip (not on advogato yet). With this new division, things should run smoother, and I can spend time on other aspects of the project. I should have the mailinglists moved to Mailman some time tomorrow (today now :) ).


Tomorrow is a server shuffle day. I am going to be moving the mailing lists off of the original OSEF box and to the new server. To do this I will add to the dns as a cname (and mx record) for our main server.

Alright, I have had this account for a few months now I think and it is time to put something in.

I like the idea of advogato. Every now and then I get these ideas that I want to let out. I have journaled on paper (spiral bound notebooks) for over 20 years. It has always given me a sence of comfort to write down my thoughts. The problem with pen and paper journaling is that it is hard to share, and takes up space on my bookshelf. So I think I will give advogato a try, and see how I like it.

I doubt I will have anything useful to add to the community, but maybe, just maybe, I can be another monkey adding to the works. And who knows, maybe I can end up providing a small nugget that inspires someone to do something that will end up being important, you never know. :)

A slight introduction of me

I am Married, have two kids (boy 5, girl 3) and am actually a very happy person. As bizzare as it may seem, I am madly in love with my wife, and feel bad sometimes that others have trouble finding the right person.

My History with Free UN*X

I have been using Free UN*X for over 6 years. I was intruduced to FreeBSD by a friend, and dallied with it for a year or so. Then that same friend came along and introduced me to RedHat. I was impressed with the power, but still it wasn't the same as windows; no really cool games, no nifty little plugins, etc... So for 1 more year, I dual booted and stayed mostly in windows and treated linux mostly as a novelty. To get anything interesting to work, I had to call the friend who introduced me, and have him work on my system. Then slowly, it started to happen, windows wasn't as stable as the linux side, and I was spending more and more time using Linux.

All the games and whizbang neato things started to loose thier gold plating, and I realized one day that in all actuallity Windows and Linux served the same purpose:
They let me access the power of the computer
but there was a major difference, that I recognized as I learned how to use the GNU Utilities:
Windows allowed me to use the computer, but GNU/Linux made available to me control of the computer.
Once I realized this, I made a decision to learn all I could about GNU/Linux.

I started installing. I installed Slackware, TurboLinux, Redhat, you name it. For a period of 2 years, I installed various brands of linux again and again (about 1 every 3 weeks). With every install, I got a little better. I became comfortable using joe and pico, I liked pine, and occasionally got into mailx. I tried everything I could get my hands on, and tried things again after a few months of not using it. I eventually got to where GNU/Linux was more comfortable for me than Windows. :)

Now, I use FreeBSD for servers, and Debian GNU/Linux for workstations. This is not a slight to any of the other distributions out there, I am just comfortable doing it this way. I am a die hard ViM bigot, I prefer bash to other shells, I use BlackBox for my WM, and I use mutt to read my email. I like to argue the points of why I like these particular tools, but I recognize that the reason I use them is because of comfort.


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