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4 Aug 2001 (updated 4 Aug 2001 at 03:19 UTC) »
T.V. died today but that doesn't really matter. I hardly watch any t.v. anyway. Don't know how the wife is going to cope missing out on "Buffy" and "Angel" for a while though :-)

Tax time again *sigh*..... Need to go through all my reciepts today and try to work out how much I might get back. If its a large amount I better be careful or else I'll be forced to listen to "Buffy" and "Angel" from the lounge room again.

Not much else happening this weekend except eat, drink and relax a bit...


Today: Diary application completed.

Tomorrow: Clean up a bit of the design and some of the code.

Friday: Start testing !

Yesterday I was given a deadline of 20th Aug 2001 to have this project completed. Boy it feels good being 3 weeks ahead of schedule :) However, over the next couple of weeks, Lito and I will get a few users to test the diary to ensure it functions correctly and that the design meets the users liking. I'm sure there will be few minor changes to make, but its great to be able to have that little bit of extra time on your hands. I can definately see a drink or two being washed down this weekend!


Ok.... As promised I have placed links below to screenshots of the diary application I have been working on with Lito Lontoc. They are only shots of the login screen but they will give you an idea of the CSS styles that I have implemented for the users. At the top right hand corner you will see the style buttons users can choose which will allow them to pick their favourite colour. Once chosen, every page (form) they then go to will default to that chosen colour. Sorry about the OS and browser that is shown, but heck, thats what I have to use whilst at work ;-)

  • style [ 1 ]
  • style [ 2 ]
  • style [ 3 ]
  • style [ 4 ]

    I will eventually post more screenshots of the diary itself which will include a calendar, scheduling, court lists etc etc.... which will give you more of an idea of the work that has gone into converting the mainframe app to a web interface.


  • 30 Jul 2001 (updated 30 Jul 2001 at 12:38 UTC) »

    A delete function for double entries would be good :-)

    Went a saw the movie swordfish last night. Rating: 5 (out of 10)


    Just a quick update. My java-script to import images into different styles when you click a style button (see previous diary entry) is working. Things just keep getting better!


    oo la la.... today I managed to get my diary that I'm developing from the mainframe into a web interface to change to 4 different styles/themes by a click of a button. Hmmm.... this is very cool indeed! What I wanted to achieve for the users that will be using the diary, is for them to be able to choose a particular style/theme that they prefer from any page and then store their choice into a cookie so that the next time they use the diary it will default to that particular style/theme. All the java-script and different styles sheets work perfectly. The only thing left to do is to import the correct graphics into each style/theme which shouldn't be to hard to do with a bit more java-script code. Hopefully by the end of next week, Lito and myself will have the prototype of the diary up and running and we will get some users to do some test on it. This is all very exciting and like I mentioned below, I will have some screenshots soon :)

    In the meantime, if you like art, take a look at some of my work on my personal page and feel free to let me know if you like it or think its rather crappy... click here


    19 Jul 2001 (updated 19 Jul 2001 at 12:54 UTC) »

    You know.... some people are good, some are nice and some just always think of others and don't really care much about themselves or their own status. ncm is one of those people.

    Today (yesterday to some of you) ncm gave me a bit of a boost in relation to my certification. It wasn't a big boost (apprentice level) but one I probably rightly deserve. Now the reason why I mention ncm, is the fact that I decided to take a look at his page and I noticed that he is certified at "Master" level. He has been the second at that level to visit my little section, and actually certify me. Thanks ncm! :)

    The other thing I do admire about this chap is the fact that he himself considers that he should only be at "Journeyer" level and has actually asked people to withdraw their certifications on him so that he can drop to that level. Christ!! most people (99%) would want to retain that level of status! Another thing he also does, is to withdraw certifications on certain people and then certifies others he thinks deserves to be certified.

    There should be more people like him, unselfish and fair.

    Oh... and thanks to arozell to. I didn't forget you either ;)


    18 Jul 2001 (updated 18 Jul 2001 at 12:12 UTC) »

    Jesus, whats going on here? I was at "Journeyer" level now I'm back to nothing? What gives?

    Wow, just when I thought things couldn't get any better, I'm now part of a great team that is currently doing some bleeding edge stuff in terms of web development.

    What we have managed to do in the Northern Territory of Australia is to get mainframe applications such as IJIS (integrated justice information system) converted to a web interface which basically means no more terminal screens!

    Ok maybe this isn't such a new idea, but getting this to work using a combination of IBM's Visual Age Generator (VAG), Websphere and Macromedia's Ultra Dev, does make it quite unique. Not to mention most of the web design has been created using a combination of Java, Java-script and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

    Now, whats a little different and apparently quite bleeding edge by IBM's observations, is the fact that the mainframe still runs as the backend but is now transparent to the users as they do all their work via a web browser interface.

    IBM visited the N.T. and were very impressed with the work that has already been undertaken. Special notice must be given to Julius Marbella and Joanne Napier for their current and continuos efforts thus far and helping to place the N.T. on the world map.

    I am very honoured to be part of this team as IBM have gone back to the US and made special mention about what is happening here in the N.T. There has also been many calls and emails from around the world by programmers and web designers querying how we have acheived this.

    In my gov agency, myself and Angelito Lontoc have already created a working web diary that has all the functionality of the diary system available on the mainframe. When I get time I will post some screen shots. It's still currently in development but is looking very promising indeed.


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