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Homepage: http://www.imaclinux.net/


Currently my main free software related project is doing work at iMacLinux.net, a resource for iMac and PowerMac Linux users. We (at iMacLinux) provide info on the latest news, free software for iMac Linux, Howtos and other helpful resources for those wanting to run Linux on their iMacs. I have written several FAQ's for the site, not to mention many news articles, in an effort to keep PowerPC Linux users up to date.

Previously, I was involved with OSOnline, a site devoted to covering a variety of computer Operating Systems and other stuff.

I am a Life Scout at Troop 89, Clarksville, NY. My Eagle Application is into council for approval. And yes, bsa89.org is another site I help to maintain.

I have been a Linux user for two and a half years, and a Macintosh user for more then half a decade.

If you want more info on me, see my admin page at iMacLinux.net.

If you want to take a look at my screenshots, see here. I am busy, and rarely update them.

They are taken from my one working computer, a PowerMac 4400, with 32 96 MB of RAM, with the hostname of cowsandcorn (see 12/17/00 for the story of this hostname ;).

Feel free to email me at aarthur@imaclinu x.net.

Hey, as you can see, I am no longer updating this page. For several reasons. One, my interest in computers/free software is less then it used to be. Second I always feel so constrained here, writing about development stuff -- I feel that I waste resources talking about other stuff. So I created a page that has lots about me, and my new diary -- geocities.com/g csac6993. Thanks. I plan to keep my old diary enteries here for historical purposes.


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Long Time No Update

As you can probably guess I have been busy.


My Board of Review is now scheduled for either March 9 or 29, depending on when we can get people together, as council has finally approved everything...


I've posted several updates to the site, as you can see, including some news, files and a few new g_hs.


I played around with KDE 2 a bit more today, but konqueror still is too buggy to be usable for me.


This weeks discussion over at iMacLinux is about machine specfic sites. Take a look here.

Beta.iBookLinux.net is up (well, has been for a while). I've hacked it slightly, to make it work better. Then again, Stew is probably still working on the site, so I probably have messed up something he was working on. At least it looks nicer.


I was talking to avatar earlier this evening. I guess I am finally getting a ssh account to the imaclinux box, so I'll be able to upload images, files, etc. myself. Also, besides the promised sponsership by LinuxPPC, I mentioned earlier, they are also going to be providing us with the ppclinux.org.

I don't know what's going to happen with penguinppc.net, or if we are going to use it. Right now it just points to the iMacLinux.net virtual server, but there is a penguinppc.net setup up there.

As you probably know already, <person>Kevin Puetz</person> has put some debs of XFree86 4.02 on penguinppc.org, which is cool (I've been waiting for a good excuse to play with it for a while).


As you can probably see, I've updated bsa89.org, with some news and stuff. Also, I've added a page that has a script on it, that graps content from this diary, and puts it there (as my diary often has scout stuff in it).


Well, two more days until Friday. I can't wait this week, it seems to be taking forever to over, at least it's a long weekend.

Not much exciting happened today. I didn't have any homework. We didn't do much work in school. Sounds pretty much like a normal day?

I picked up my letter of recommendation for Eagle Scout from the guidence office, today, It's still in Math notebook.

Speaking of math, I keep all of my class assignments, and a calender in my calculator. It's pretty cool, to have all that in my calculator. They look kind of like:

**** Calender ****

* Thursday 1/11/01 (A) Library ? Select Choir, AS Scouts, 7:30

* Friday 1/12/01 (B) Happy Weekend.

I am still not sure if I like the new physics teacher (perm. subsituting for Mrs. Orris). I guess time will tell, although I do have make a decission soon if want to keep going with Physics. I probably will, unless something happens between then and now.


My machine runs really well with 96 MB of RAM, especially using Blackbox (which I really like). This week, I setup a firewall around my machine, and played around with Junkbuster to lie about my browser version user-agent Mozilla/4.7.3 [en] (X11; I; Linux 2.4.0 ppc; Milking Cows Edition; Fuck Corporations) and add-header HowtoMilkaCow: Clean the udder off and work the milk out of the teats using you thumb and fore finger. I figure that will probably make some poor system analysis who spends too much of his life under florcent light laugh at it.

I think my firewall is pretty good now, it only allows outgoing connections for the required TCP/IP stuff, ssh, telnet, irc, napster, ftp, and of course http. I don't allow any incoming connections (except for localhost, so I can use it to test stuff.


I've put some items on my anti-censorship page, stuff about a local case in NYS a little bit about de-regulation of stuff.

In The End

Have a good evening.


I have to admit I am getting a bit tired of working on the iMacLinux project, as the news and articles all seem to sound alot alike. That said, also the Guides and Howtos section is being limited somewhat by my knowledge.

I've had offers lately to work on both the LinuxPPC.org site and PenguinPPC.org. I'm not particularly crazy about working on the LinuxPPC site, as it seems to close to LinuxPPC, Inc. for comfort (I generally dislike the commerical expolition of Linux ;).

Actually, if I had an x86 box I would probably play around with FreeBSD some more, as I am not particularly crazy about Linux's commuist-approach to forcing users with the GPL to use only GPL software, and ensure they are only linking to GPL'd software. It's kind of like they don't want you be free to choose -- that is mix and match. Then again, ideological reasons are not the only reason I use Linux. I like it's strong hardware and software support on the PowerPC compared to NetBSD (or hopefully someday FreeBSD). I also like the strong userbase. Okay, I'll stop whining -- I still like the idea of free software, including the Debian GNU/Linux that I use on my PowerPC.

Also, check out icd, a hack I have been improving alot lately. See here for more.


Kuro5hin has an article over the Legalization of Force Against Flag Burners. Clearly, as the comments state, this is truely an non-American, totalarian goverment kind of thing. Nationalism is a dated contest over who's thingy is bigger.

A comment to that article mentions ...mostly we hear about the Machiavellian 'left' of Clintonism, the fascist- religious 'right' of Reaganism, and a disorganized and immature 'protest movement'...". Unforently that probably has alot of truth in it today. The fasict (Republicans) right, and the Commuist (Democrats) left, have fought so hard on both sides, and both have won (at least to a limited extent) that leaves a large powerful controlling power, especially in the hands in the national goverment. Another problem today, is the lack of a unifing cause to protest and demand change in society -- we face many different smaller problems, caused by an over barring goverment.

I've also ranted a bit about the Clinton administration's order that suppostly "protects" 1/3 of the US's national forests from lobbies over at Libertyboard.org. In short, it seriously damages a major industry, along with the enviroment, and puts people in risk. Logging is not nearly as distructive as some claim.


My Eagle application is now into council for their approval. That takes alot of my back. Hopefully it will get approved soon, and I'll have my Eagle Scout Board of Review (it's been rescheduled for a date yet to be announced ;).


Well we got a new Physics teacher to replace Mrs. Orris. Not sure if I like him or not, yesterday he seemed like a real uptight authorian jurk, but today he seems nicer. Maybe he was just trying to get an impression of how things are.

Okay, I'm going home. Bye.


A new G&H is up, dealing with pppconfig and Debian. Also, I've written up a little shell script that uses cdda2wav to emulate cdcd on PowerMacs without analog sound input.

I guess John has found some funding for iMacLinux. Good. Maybe we won't have to beg for another hour or so to keep the bills paid.


My Eagle Scoutmasters Conference is tommorow night. I have my stuff all ready for that. I'm getting my essay ready for that.

Assuming I pass my Scoutmasters Conference on Monday, and Council approves my application, my Eagle Scout Board of Review is January 11, 2001. That date is coming very fast.

I finally updated the Troop 89 website. Yeh.


... them good ole' boys are drinking wisky and rye....

Happy New Year.

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