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I can't believe this account hasn't been deleted yet. Maybe I'll start using it again. (1 Jul 2005)

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Sascat is FINALLY done! I'm such a slacker... What with spring break I finally had some time to program and backup my music (55 700Meg CDs! and I'm STILL not done...) Right now sascat is commandline driven and written in python. Soon I'll hopefully have a Tk interface to make restoring files a heck of a lot easier. You can get the code from my website.

29 Nov 2001 (updated 29 Nov 2001 at 01:02 UTC) »

*opens eyes* Can I die yet? No? *closes eyes*

Ugh, so much crap to do! No room for what's really important to ME, I'm always doing what I'm supposed to do and things important to others. I just want to program, work on my webpage, eat, consume caffeine and sleep all day, and when that gets boring, read for a week straight (which I've done, much fun but unfortunatly it was the Wheel of Time series and it messed up my speech for a while, burn them *cough* I mean...)

But no. I have to write an essay for a scholarship, study for the SAT, and some unknown ammount of homework by this saturday. THEN I have to apply to colleges, look for more scolarships, write essays for those, etc. etc. What I could really use is an electronic calendar...I could make one...a cgi script of course, for access 'anywhere'...in python, yes. Of course by the time I have enough hours to burn on it I won't need it.

And of course all this leaves me with no time to work on Sascat (aformentioned backup program, Splice and Slice CATaloger.) I hope adulthood won't look like this, else I'd have to live out a dream of mine...become a hobo and walk the railroads.

(: Of course I brought this on myself by not doing a majority of the work during turkey-day break or even before then. Bwahahahaha....that doesn't make the situation any less suckier though. I think this will be the last stop of procrastination before I get back to the grindstone.
did I mention I have a cold? It makes it impossible for me to concentrate on a thing, and I STILL haven't started to get to work after half an hour of looking at other people's advogato pages. And would DjDanny PLEASE GET A LIFE. 12 year olds taking a 'shaite' before 'work' and thinking people really give a 'shaite' about their bowel movements should not be using the internet, much less pretend to know anything about computers. I'm supprised it's not written in 1337 5p34|< (sorry I don't know what a 'p' is.)

Been a while since I updated here. Heck I forgot about it till I checked apache's logs (yeah I know, shame on me, narcissism.)

I completely redid my website, it looks super-cool now (I wish.) I wrote a bunch of programs, which are available on my website. Pong, Baduk/Go, Blackbox, and a bunch of other stuff for my website (randomness script, coma generator, guestbook...I borrowed the php weblog thing though, I got lazy.) It's all done in Python. Love that stuff man.

I'm writing a backup program...again. I think it's the third time now. *shrug* It's in python and it's more or less complete (I'm not gonna release it until I put in lots of error checking and userfriendlyness, I doing it right this time.) I learned that it'll take 30 700MB cds to backup all my mp3s. Ohh fricken JOY!

On the bright side, Python kicks Perl's ass. It takes seconds to generate a file list of my mp3s with python while perl takes MINUTES. Oi! Or maybe I just didn't write the perl code good enough. Ohh well, I'm sold on Python now.

I think I'm gonna go put my mp3 list on my website (I like to burn music for friends, makes me feel appreciated.)

And now for the next installment of Ramblings on the Stupidity of Beurocrats and Computer Incometent People.

Visiting the local library I found a bunch of computer workstations for people to search for books and use the web. Now here's the stupid part. They're full blown computers. Off the shelf dells and compaqs. And get this, they run it in textmode in a permanant telnet session. Haha! You go you money wasting Beurocrats. They should really hire a competent computer consultant. I'm thinking you could take the crappiest computer of the lot and turn it into a unix server, and put Wyse terminals around the library! Yes, much better. If you're gonna use Lynx to browse the web at the library, at LEAST get the full feel of Unix.

Ahh, the local high school. More chances for money to go down the drain! Every classroom now has at least four computers. That's roughly 100 computers not including the computer lab or the library. Get this. None of the teachers actually use them, except maybe the teachers themselves, but that's only one computer. Humm, dozens of boxen collecting dust, way to spend our money! We could sure use some new books though. Ohh well, I'm sure nothing much has changed in the world of science in the past ten years. Not only do we get computers, but we get BIG SCREEN TVS! Woo. A ~21" `NetTV' that probably can't even be hooked up to a VCR. Yes, every teacher needs a TV to give students notes! Actually, every teacher already has a TV/VCR set, and some even have a LaserDisc. The teachers who wanted to give notes via computer/TV could've done that. (yes, I know at least one who's lost that privelage. It's supprising to find computer savy teachers, but no comp sci classes. Sure pascal is fine, but I wanna get into some OOP. I'm tired of procedural crap.) But NO, the new Computer Use Accountability Form prevents them from installing their own software. Ouch, sorry but you're gonna have to wait for your monitor while we give monitors to teachers who DON'T NEED THEM! Never mind the fact that the math teacher's can't teach math with a monitor because they need to draw fancy graphics that you can only draw with a perfectly good OVERHEAD PROJECTOR or maybe a CHALK BOARD! And then we get to the computers themselves. They all run Win98 w/ restrictive software. No startmenu, `my computer', `network neighborhood', just Office 2000 and Netscape. Understandable. But wait. We have to log into a Windows NT domain. Yes, you can actually do this with win98, but unfortunatly it's not setup right and your newuser scripts are rerun every login. Nevermind, most students don't have their own account cause the library's boxen are always logged in. But wait. Wouldn't NT workstation do all the restrictions you need, AND login right, AND let you update software remotely? Can't do that with win98. Then again, you could always use X Terminals, although that might not work so good when it comes to wordprocessing and running mavis beacon.

Wow, you gotta love those politicians. Computers are NOT the future for schools unless you're willing to give out laptops and buy tenative ebook software and untraditional etextbooks.

But wait! I'm not done my tirade just yet! Why do we shun the past? Maybe it's just me and my nostalgic obsessions, but the library example. Think about it. Using past, proven technology would work just the same but is more cost effective. It really pisses me off when I see things like this happen. But I'm always happy when I go to the family doctor. They use Wyse terminals hooked up to a modest server running SunOS (dunno what version exactly.) It's probably because they can't afford to `upgrade', but gosh darnit, it works perfectly and they probably agree that it would be superfluous to use a fancy graphical system.

That concludes this installment of ramblings. Next week: ideas for wearable computers!

Screw it.

In an attempt to find better ways to occupy my time I will not use a computer until December 1. Yeah, yeah, nobody cares, but this is my ranting page and I'll spew crap till I die. I'm not saying computers are bad, I mean I like looking at the same sites over and over, day in day out, but it just doesn't cut it anymore. I've been neglecting some books I'd like to read. I'd especially like to take the time to fully comprehend and digest Walden (and I thought only code can be obfuscated, talk about a random discourse jeez!) So whatever. I'll just yank the power plug out and neatly stow away the keyboard/mouse. Now.....what to do? Ohh and no TV. That too is becoming evily monotionous.

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