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Posted 10 Apr 2003 at 00:17 UTC by proclus Share This

Shell accounts have been enabled for all GNU-Darwin internet service users. The shell-only server includes a full GNU-Darwin Office-x86 installation, Darwin-6.0.2, compilers, and fetchmail access to your mail account. SMTP-on-LAN has also been provided. The shell server should be very secure with firewalled, ssh-only access, and this resource will hopefully accellerate development on the Darwin platform including x86.

Here are the links.

Shell accounts should be considered beta and experimental for the present, due to their long and dubious history on the internet. Of course, we will not tolerate any cracking or spamming activities, which will certainly get your shell account deactivated. Having said that, I think that this will be beneficial to many users who may not have access to a Darwin-x86 machine. It will also be a great demonstration and resource for the Distro and the larger community, and a good way to get to know some of you better too. Cheers!

GNU-Darwin internet services, now include shell access, total SSL encryption, SMTP-on-LAN, web hosting, web mail, IMAP, web hosting, virtual domains and flexible subdomains as well. This seems like a killer deal to me for $15 bucks a year with 1 month free trial. It is like a ".Mac for Nerds", but it is also a great example of the compelling work that can now be done with GNU-Darwin. Tell your friends about it.


Don't trust GNU Darwin, posted 12 Apr 2003 at 06:14 UTC by neil » (Master)

You never know when they might decide to black out their service in support of one oppressive regime or another. If you actually value your mail, you'd better not read it through them.

Why..., posted 12 Apr 2003 at 06:44 UTC by tk » (Observer) I keep hearing this `if you don't support us, then obviously you support them' nonsense?

And besides, what's the point of living under a "non-oppressive" regime like the US, if it doesn't provide any more benefits other than allowing you to spew more vitriol?

(By the way, I notice that the web mail link has indeed gone bad, and should be fixed. I guess that's a bug, not a feature...)

why^2, posted 12 Apr 2003 at 08:13 UTC by proclus » (Master)

Neil, what utter nonsense. As noted in this previous thread,

our users are well taken care of and largely unaffected by blackout actions. Moreover, many take pride in being part of an activist distribution, and are glad to make a promenent statement against such outrages as the conquest of Iraq, Dmitry jailed, or DMCA-based legal action.

Tk, webmail redirects to port 8080, which may be the source of your problem. I noticed this issue when I try to access the webmail page from SourceForge, but I can access it fine from other places, such as work and vacation.


Opposition, posted 12 Apr 2003 at 10:05 UTC by neil » (Master)

Tk: It was the GNU Darwin people, not me, who went out of their way to express disapproval for the ending of the Baath regime in Iraq. I couldn't make up something that bad.

Making up stuff, posted 12 Apr 2003 at 16:30 UTC by tk » (Observer)

neil: Nobody is expressing disapproval for the ending of the Baath regime. I only see you spewing vitrolic misinformation about how unreliable the GNU-Darwin web mail system is, and how they're supporting an oppressive regime. I guess, to you facts and evidence aren't important, only bogus impressions and generalizations are.

proclus: it works after I turned off Junkbuster. Does the web mail system depend on certain HTTP headers like Referer: to work?

junkbuster, referer, posted 12 Apr 2003 at 18:48 UTC by proclus » (Master)

I'm not sure about the answer to your question, which might be better addressed to the SquirrelMail project. We moved to a new web server, but we haven't moved webmail yet. It is a simple redirect in .htaccess.

redirect permanent
redirect permanent /webmail



Activism, posted 14 Apr 2003 at 21:07 UTC by johnnyb » (Journeyer)

"Moreover, many take pride in being part of an activist distribution, and are glad to make a promenent statement against such outrages as the conquest of Iraq, Dmitry jailed, or DMCA-based legal action."

The last two make sense - given how the purpose of Free Software is technological freedom. Does that have _anything_ to do with Iraq? No. If they did the same thing on one side of the abortion issue or another it would be equally stupid.

RE: Activism, posted 14 Apr 2003 at 21:18 UTC by proclus » (Master)

> Does that have _anything_ to do with Iraq?

This question was fully addressed in a previous thread.

For your convenience, the key points of rationale were summarized on the GNU-Darwin website.


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