Censored websites, cite the DMCA

Posted 5 Sep 2001 at 14:34 UTC by csm Share This

I've decided to support the actions taken by Dug Song by censoring my own sites. Perhaps, in this way we can get the attention of people we might not otherwise reach. I have censored my main site

I've decided to support the actions taken by Dug Song by censoring my own sites. Perhaps, in this way we can get the attention of people we might not otherwise reach. I have censored my main site, MoonGroup.com as well as all of the secondary domains it answers to and SOHOLinux.com. Maybe others would support this as well? Copy the code form my sites and bring your site down for a day, a week, or whatever... if enough of us do it the main stream media ought to notice sooner or later and middle management^H^H^H ehrm... our elected officials should notice shortly thereafter.

If you do not know what I'm talking about then have a read:

[DMCA_discuss] Highly respected OpenBSD, OpenSSH programmer censors website, cites DMCA

Links and comment..., posted 5 Sep 2001 at 15:53 UTC by technik » (Journeyer)

For those who don't know, Dug Song's site.
If you want to get a minor bit of attention try a few of these:

  • Mr. Smith E-mails Washington
  • Congressional E-Mail Directory

    better yet, try snail mail or fax:
  • Write to Congress
  • SENATE DIRECTORY 107th Congress 2001-2002

  • Good info!, posted 5 Sep 2001 at 16:21 UTC by csm » (Journeyer)

    Thanks for the response... Dug's URL is in the link included in my note as well.

    I was thinking that URL's of other sites joining up could also be reported here in replys... what do you think?

    Are you listening, choir?, posted 5 Sep 2001 at 16:58 UTC by Pseudonym » (Journeyer)

    I've got a lot of respect for Dug Song (running a couple of OpenBSD boxen myself), but am I the only one who suspects that this won't do a great deal to get the message out? A Linux site may do a bit better, but still. The choir has already heard this sermon.

    In the absence of a better idea..., posted 5 Sep 2001 at 17:52 UTC by csm » (Journeyer)

    ...it seemed like a good idea. Enough sites doing this would be noticed, or so I believe. Are you saying I'm wrong? That's okay but what else is there to do. Something has to happen... if not this... what?

    Helping censorship work?, posted 5 Sep 2001 at 18:05 UTC by lilo » (Master)

    I understand the motivations of people who are censoring their sites, and it certainly looks impressive. But I wonder if, to the people who brought you the DMCA, it doesn't just look like a case of some inconvenient people being successfully run off the net and some random annoying geeks putting up messages that nobody will notice.

    Re: Helping censorship work?, posted 5 Sep 2001 at 18:53 UTC by csm » (Journeyer)

    I dunno Rob... I just know that if enough people do it it becomes a news story and if it becomes a news story then people will read it and if enough people read it then the ability of these "people" (using the term loosely mind you!) to continue to do what they do in darkness will be limited... the more light we shed the better off we will be... Thus far the old saw about following the money has been true, our elected officials are nothing more than middle management put in place to execute the will of their corporate masters! Damned PAC puppets to a man/woman! The only way we can fight this is by making it known... we have to make news to make a difference because politicians are influenced by two things... money and public opinion. We have no money so guess what we have to do to make things change?

    The god damn DMCA was passed while the american public was worried about where Bill Clinton was putting his cigars... the politicians sold out and only money or public opinion will reverse the sale.

    Well..., posted 5 Sep 2001 at 19:14 UTC by Pseudonym » (Journeyer)

    In the absence of a better idea, it's tautologically a relatively good idea. Or something like that.

    new additions..., posted 5 Sep 2001 at 20:04 UTC by csm » (Journeyer)

    http://soothsayer.homeip.net/ http://www.saarinen.org/

    another addition..., posted 5 Sep 2001 at 21:09 UTC by csm » (Journeyer)


    agree with lilo, posted 5 Sep 2001 at 21:15 UTC by splork » (Master)

    self censorship of a technical site is not going to gain much publicity and will only deny people information. fighting a law by obeying it sounds rediculious.

    Re: agree with lilo , posted 5 Sep 2001 at 21:28 UTC by csm » (Journeyer)

    So who's got a better idea then? I haven't heard one yet and I've been nursing this all day. The censoring doesn't have to go on forever... it's a form of protest designed to use my hits to educate people about the DMCA. Perhaps I choose to do this one day a week at random... what's wrong with that?

    another addition..., posted 6 Sep 2001 at 02:03 UTC by csm » (Journeyer)


    Half'n'half..., posted 6 Sep 2001 at 02:28 UTC by thorfinn » (Journeyer)

    If you're going to "censor" your site, it probably makes sense to put easy to get to links to an uncensored version (presumably living under a different URL, or whatever), so that people can still get to the information.

    You still achieve what you want (ie, increasing awareness of a fundamentally boneheaded law), without totally removing people's ability to get to the information you're providing.

    and another!, posted 6 Sep 2001 at 03:04 UTC by csm » (Journeyer)


    more sites..., posted 6 Sep 2001 at 03:26 UTC by csm » (Journeyer)


    ditto, posted 6 Sep 2001 at 09:26 UTC by stevej » (Journeyer)


    Hacker Wars, posted 6 Sep 2001 at 09:53 UTC by mirwin » (Master)

    I am sorry to be so late to respond. I have been catching up on a few details. Some of you will know that an elite force has been forming to attempt to establish a Heinlein Style institute for elite command grade hackers. This is just the prototyping team and I have no idea how many were invited to participate. I propose that we use your suggestion and flambouyantly elaborate substantially in a continous ongoing simulation war.

    We will run exercises just like Scott Card's ENDER's command schools but our goal will be to hone each other and generate the drama the public requires. We will invite race champions and allow participation from the very best of the neophytes who are going to flood in to assist you guys with the real work.

    Somebody should generate a convincing estimate of the number of script kiddie terrorists running around loose. We will take these off the net and put them to work hunting each other and code red and other problems.

    Designated Targets and Command Bases will be involved and published in lists. We will put small discretes on the sites that provide local casualties and status.

    We must continue the primary revolution as we pursue freedom for our POWs.

    We will note that we are not forgetting our casualties as the politicos did our militaries buddies in Vietnam. We will compare the information hiding regarding the potential casualties in the GULF war from our own bombers with our troops stationed in the fallout patterns.

    We will recruit the artists and musicians who agree with us and go multimedia as we can.

    We will setup up joint operations and run the "battlebots" from secret rebel bases overseas attempting to attack the EVIL EMPIRE that reagan has established. Remember what Reagan did with star wars? Well we can do that back to the establishment.

    In short I advogato that we start a small project with any who wish to participate. Establish our series of hacker accademies starting small with just us and as participant tricke in we will split into 3 academies or COMMAND NETS? and continue training.

    this will become real training. the us military has been configuring for information warfare while the government configures for information hiding and sell to the highest bidder. I think I have a high profile, I will serve as the inital public figure for focus. I am a miltary brat and I have 3 siblings who served in various militaries, we all know people and they all know people.

    as the hacker academies get good enough some teams can go totally encrypte while others remain in open strategizing. All attack activities will be against our sites. When we are good enough we will triple dog dare the U.S.G Military Forces to a mock inforation war and see who would have won.

    We start small keeping our focus on delivering assets and intellectual property to the commons of the new economy. As we get proteges trained our cababilites will grow exponentially as we increase training efforts and the effectiveness of tools available to our forces.

    Notice we are pulling from the entire planet. It is one corrupt government and a seriously conflicted U.S. Military against a planet. We are going to be delivering bigtime soon. Gnome.org has started hiring free developers. I have some prototype projects and facilities in planning such as starting with my virtualmodeler models (3DSMAX) and animation clips (avi approximately 400 MB worth).

    possible campaigns

    Legal war over bankruptcy ownership of the above IP see lazyquasar@yahoo.com

    I have a CD backup with 70 years of engineering archives from Leupold and Stevens, we converted their paper drawings to 3D models and assemblies and they XXXXXXX us because a new CEO needed a scapegoat to convince the company he was in charge. Our legal dream team will probably lose but we can get the issues discusses. We need to get our collaborative communities all setup after we finish improving gnome.org I like what I see so far but I did identify one improvement that could apparently be made.

    We make a committment folks and we go convinve the public to frequent appropriate collaborative communities because we can show them the money and the methods and shift into high gear as revenues from these sites start coming in, and they will when we get done collaborating product lines, movies, certificaiton, etc.

    We get the flow of computers in the rest of the world increasing and increased and reach them with the internet. The free software and multimedia will work just as well there.

    It will be all out mock information war. There will be no casualties but we will publish the projected one as animated films which will make us money. We will show the best drama of the campaigns, the funniest incident such as accidental victory or defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

    At some point they will begin listening because the iinfluential information professionals are all going to drfit in . They need the software and they need the processing capacity if they are to keep up with increasing demand for high quality automated production and knowledge services and processes.

    It is like go, it is not the current number of tokens but the position. We hold the position folks because the constitution of the united states is on our side and as citizens around the world join in WAR. make no mistake, at some point if Washington D.C. does not capitulate this will turn into real war. If we have set up the academies properly we will be able to maintain security and interdict or repair the actual attacks that will come.

    Obviously all simulation will be off until the actual attacks are repelled and security reestablished.

    I wargamed this before I think in my head. I hope got typed and somebody got the data.

    You guys that agree with me try my approach to collaborating on a new article by reposting this and then copying it into your replies and brainstorm against. Pull out the concise nuggets as you find them and put them on another article or shelf for incorporation into draft battle plans.

    I, Michael R. Irwin, being of sound mind and body do at this time released all information that I own to the universe. Anybody can anything they want.

    Permanent.com to release all files. Dragon attacks sadomasochistic fantasies, I can prove that is inherent in the unstable neural flows, pain and pleasure are closely related, the evolutionary tendencies in the female teasing and the male domination tendencies and vice versa and sliced and diced in all permutations

    All out freedom of information war. Curious george, lol that was hysterical.

    An aside: I heard the add again. I am back here because while recalibrating my nervious system with the XXXXX blisters on the sides of my feet from the walking I realized that once again I was talking to myself.

    I am going to go design their research program to my own satisfaction and then participate between information war activities to see what the data implies. I will be back for help when it is appropriate.

    Other data around the internet:


    AVI.com? Get the harddrives from rirwin if you can get his agreement that you are committed as a group to the information war to determine whether we implement the U.S. Constitution effectively this time or not.

    I am committed and have broken no laws.

    I have "freedom of speech" in the U.S.

    I leave you to guess who I will ask for politcal asylum from and go build a free society from scratch or die tyring.

    Maybe I ask Vermont or New Hampshire first and let their citizens watch them flubber around the live free or die bullshit! They are not dead are they? I submit that this might trigger an actual shooting war and get me shot for treason. So this is not the way.

    Probably China. Who knows, I study a bit and figure it out. 6 Billion people on the planet folks and all of us wish to be free and joyful.

    Somebody will make it if we still have a planet left when it is done.

    So let's discuss seriously doing it as a simulated all out information war, when it gets truly physically dangerous, and it will occasionally cease operations and attempt to minimize damage incurred. Get joyful and ready and then get back in the game where you can.

    We have a lot of insiders on our side. I saw an infrmation community trying to prototpe free governemt via online voting. Combine gnome.org prototype with their system and political actives, I can bring the green party in by convincing my fellow space pioneers we need them to build our space settlements. Damn it Jim, I am an engineer not a ecologist! lol

    You guys look this over and think about it.

    If you must get started immediately, put the screens back up and just put an alert discrete in a prominent place just like the privacy statements.

    I say we go. I will be back to find you, come get me if you can and I disappear. No people left behind. Recruit former US members for all efforts, need the expertise and strategy experiecne.

    If selected to command I will serve, if not I will serve. If you decide no information war I will launch my won. All out free speech and thought. I will not brainwash anyone, recruiting must make it obvious that the participants all volunteers and understand the U.S. Constitution and why they have chosen to engage in free speech and freely sharing the wealth of the universe with each other and all others.

    I really do have a decent plan. It revolves around cleaning up the U.S.G at all levels while the U.S. Military protects us from totalitarians, domestic CEO and foreign alike. Then with the power of the newly modernized U.S. information economy freely applied to train, equip and launch the U.S. military on aid missions to install internet access and deliver and protect food, tools, and COMBAT ENGINEERS see Hubbard, NAISMITH/vorkosigan, heinlein and the others. We have been building this a long time and competitively training against each other to pull it off.

    Its time. All personnel use best judgement and proceed at optimum sane speed. It works because the corrupt assume the leader must be in charge. While they try to hit the random babbling fool everyone else is doing their job. Hopefully we will not use up too many too fast. I truly think the mental health research can bring in bigtime reinforcements. I am in a reality warp bubble we have jointly created in my head via the internet. I think I got it right. If I screwed it up sorry.

    Tommorrow morning/afternoon I call Mountain West Clinical Trials and go participate. 208-672-8731 good luck to you all luv mike acting i, local

    damn..., posted 6 Sep 2001 at 16:22 UTC by csm » (Journeyer)

    mirwin... what kind of dope are you on man? :-)

    hmmmm, posted 6 Sep 2001 at 23:28 UTC by neurogato » (Journeyer)

    for some reason, mirwin always seems to come off more L. Ron Hubbard than anything else.

    As for the anti-dcma.org stuff, I really think setting a date for sites to darken (or censor) themselves is the best way, as opposed to this current haphazard manner. Perhaps if everyone organised and said that, say 1st November was anti-dcma day, and everyone 'censored' their sites on that day - surely that would be more effective? Banners and word-of- mouth could be used to initially promote the effort.

    just a thought

    mirwin & dope just don't mix..., posted 6 Sep 2001 at 23:33 UTC by jhermann » (Master)

    .. since dope affects the brain. Go figure.

    So here's a thought, posted 7 Sep 2001 at 01:25 UTC by lilo » (Master)

    csm, neurogato,

    csm, your random availability idea makes sense. neurogato, your idea to pick a particular day sounds good. but maybe there's a way to combine the two.

    chuck, splork makes a good point when he says that it doesn't make sense to censor tech sites to get our points across. But you're right, the idea is to get the news out.

    So why not come up with an approach to producing selective outages. Not all day every day, but a schedule where all of the sites making the protest go black for an appreciable period. Maybe an hour a day in a peak period. The same hour for everybody, adjusted for timezone (3pm US/Eastern, 3pm Europe/Paris, etc.). What time of day was Dmitry arrested? Would that be a good choice for the start of the hour?

    The advantage is, access is still available to the sites, especially since many sites are mirrored in a geographically-dispersed way. But it's easy to get caught. The people who get caught will probably be geeks who need a wakeup call about the situation. The rotating blackout would provide it.

    And if it's happening every day, it can certainly be used to generate publicity about the problem.

    What do you think?

    Rob L.

    timed blackouts..., posted 7 Sep 2001 at 03:53 UTC by csm » (Journeyer)

    this seems a reasonable approach to me... perhaps we do a timed blackout on a daily basis with a major blackout event planned for the date that Dmitry's trial begins?

    mod_dmca, posted 7 Sep 2001 at 10:33 UTC by adulau » (Journeyer)

    Why not to create to Apache module (mod_dmca) to do the job ?

    For example :

    First time (from IP) contact a virtual host -> index.html -> replace by censored by dmca.

    mod_dmca add entry for this IP and a timeout (24 hours for example)

    Second time (from same IP) contact the same virtual host -> normal

    The entry in the "state table" eject the IP after the reaching of the timeout.

    Apache can do the job to protect our freedom 8-)

    Re: mod_dmca, posted 7 Sep 2001 at 12:46 UTC by csm » (Journeyer)

    an awesome idea... perhaps generalize it so that it serves an index.html from a designated location (sub-directory), thus allowing you to customize the content being delivered?

    mod_dcma, posted 7 Sep 2001 at 13:21 UTC by jhermann » (Master)

    Using the remote IP doesn't cut it, since it's non-unique per surfer if people are behind a proxy or a web-cache. A better scheme would be to randomly replace a percentage of accesses, and don't forget to disable caching (else the switch is not locally reversible, when a proxy caches the page).

    mod_dmca, posted 8 Sep 2001 at 15:20 UTC by lilo » (Master)

    A mod_dmca is a good idea, if there's someone here who can actually write it. I had such a thing in the back of my mind, but hesitated to mention it because I probably couldn't take the time to do it myself; I don't know the interfaces and the job hunt is taking up a fair amount of my time.

    The way I see it, it should be possible to specify this coverage for one virtual host or all, and have Apache refer to a file which contains a set of scheduled outages. It should be possible to specify a timezone for times in that file or to leave it off and get local time. It would seem to make sense to have the statement specify a page which should be served instead of whatever page is requested.

    If there's no one available to write an Apache module, we can probably do something similar with a second copy of Apache that comes up with a different configuration file. Just have crontab entries to shut one down and start up the other at appropriate times. But mod_dmca, if carefully-written, would be a lot easier. ("Here, just run this with this control statement and this schedule file, to participate in this protest. You'll need mod_dmca.")

    mod_dmca, footnote, posted 15 Sep 2001 at 19:56 UTC by lilo » (Master)

    I'm not sure anyone is still reading this thread. I haven't had any more time to play with the idea of coding a mod_dmca, but if anyone's interested, mod_example would be a good place to start. Apparently this is sample code designed to demonstrate the use of the Apache modules API.

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