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Posted 21 Jul 2001 at 00:14 UTC by jono Share This

If the popular Big Brother TV series was run with 10 very special contestants, who would win, who would go and who would argue...

Lots of people around the world will be familiar with the Big Brother concept, and here in the UK it has gripped us like normal. Although the normal series is interesting, can you image what it would be like with the following housemates:

1 Linux Torvalds 2 RMS 3 ESR 4 Bruce Perens 5 Bill Gates 6 Andy Tannenbaum 7 Alan Cox 8 Jon "Maddog" Hall 9 Rob Malda 10 An Adobe Lawyer

Any ideas on who would go first? Where would the arguments occur? Who will make allies with each other?

Ok, just for the laughs..., posted 21 Jul 2001 at 05:14 UTC by sethcohn » (Master)

Bill would insist on closed windows, so he'd be the first to go.

Rob Malda (aka CmdrTaco) would make allies with anyone who spoke up first.

The Adobe lawyer would run screaming into the night faced with the likes of RMS, ESR and BrucePerens all in one room.

Alan would sit quietly by, coding, wondering how Telsa ever talked him into this.

Linus would wonder what the heck Tannenbaum did to get into this group.

I predict Maddog would win in the end.... just cause he's so cool.

We all know who'd be first, posted 21 Jul 2001 at 05:52 UTC by Iain » (Master)

Malda would be gone first, for his pompus, self-righteous and snide comments that he'd tack onto the end of everything anyone else said.

Sounds like a Warren Zevon song, posted 21 Jul 2001 at 17:22 UTC by Ilan » (Master)

Lawyers (Adobe), Guns (ESR), and Money (Bill G).

What would happen in a Survivor like lone-in-the-island setting?, posted 22 Jul 2001 at 04:36 UTC by exa » (Master)

Let me pour a bit of seriousness for an extra flavor.

I think these people would first tend to get divided into the camps that their roles in society would enforce. Later when the situation gets tougher, their personalities would begin to surface, cracking the structure of these seeming groups.

I pretty much think Linus would turn out to be too arrogant to get along with anyone and it would be Tannenbaum who'd be smart enough to build tools and fix things.

RMS would find ingenious ways for nutrition, hacking the forest and the sea. I suppose he'd be irritated at the idea of losing freedom even if for limited times.

Bill Gates would turn out to be pretty humorous, making friends with people and helping them give decisions (although not contributing greatly to any real work)

Maddog would not remove his sunglasses, and think code whenever possible. (Now he's cool)

Rob Malda would not find any audience.

Diffs for the housemate setting:


I presume they'd have to earn money in different ways (don't really know about Big Brother but) and live together in a mildly confined area.

There might be some heated discussions in the evenings for the first half-week about their ideals but it's sure to get more personal afterwards.

RMS might expect some opposition from ESR. RMS would be constantly occupied with finding ways to outwit the TV show.

ESR would be wondering why all participants were male. He'd immediately start writing his next book, realizing that MORE popularity means MORE money.

Bruce Perens to make the first attempt at having a close personal conversation with Bill Gates, and he'd succeed. He'd also calm down RMS and ESR.

In both settings Malda out first.

The game will be over by simple linking concept, posted 22 Jul 2001 at 11:21 UTC by adulau » (Journeyer)

What are comment group denomination ?

We can make a classification like that :

Scientific field : A. Tannenbaum (cs.vu.nl side), Jon Hall (Usenix side), RMS (AI MIT side), Linus Torvalds (cs.helsinki.fi side) Bruce Perens (NYIT side) FreeSoftware (aka Open?) : RMS Rob Malda Tannenbaum (MINIX public domain, Amoeba BSD?) Bruce Perens ESR

  • Alan Cox (maybe in the scientific field too)

    All this 2 group (with some shared people), share same concept and idea. They share scientifics idea (that can make some discussion but without real war between only intelligent people expressing concept).

    The "Big Brother" game will not happen, because all the guys orientied to this 2 groups will leave the game and fund a foundation to help people to leave TV addiction... (but the fundation will makea Free(Open) Software to manage TV content to open the TV market).

    So the game will endup with two peoples: Bill Gates and an Adobe Lawyer.

    Libre Software is part of the world's freedom.

  • halt: who goes?, posted 24 Jul 2001 at 14:01 UTC by lkcl » (Master)

    i think... that alan cox would go before maddog, because people would get their beards confused. but they'd still be pretty much last to go because they're so cuddly.

    i think that RMS would be either the first to go, because he would incense and inflame everyone who didn't know him from the open source world, or the last simply because he would get so righteous about the BB cause that the BB organisers wouldn't be able to get him out, even if he _was_ voted out.

    ... why would bill _be_ there in the first place: he'd lose _so_ much money it'd be a serious personal financial disaster.

    if the open source people stay there for long enough, the adobe lawyer would be out - in a coffin.

    but the real issue would be this: who gets the most email, per day, and how could they deal with 60,000 emails once they get out, at the end?

    is the prize _really_ worth that? the island survivor scenario is a better proposal, i think. much more room for back-stabbing and bitchiness. there, i think that maddog and alan would survive longer because they have more spare tyres and would succumb to hunger a lot slower than the others.

    It's really happening!, posted 2 Aug 2001 at 00:03 UTC by BrucePerens » (Master)

    Go look at the Linux Lunacy Cruise roster. Eric Raymond, Richard Stallman, and Bruce Perens on a boat for 7 days. Who will survive?


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