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lkcl is most amazed and flattered by the fact that he got a very special treatment on badvogato. neale has put out a most intelligent comment on it. Now badvogato has been off the air for over 24 hours, i am interested in finding out if there is any censorship invovled in this event.

the possbilities i come up with are:

  • self censorship
      badvogato site are setup by individuals for their own liking. Out of entirely personal and undisclosed matters, they may decide to take it off the air so that the inner circule of their people will be more focused on real life rather than a confusing virtual reality. Badvogato is a very personal site, at least, from my own experience.
      self censorship is the most acceptable cause. Only to my own regret, a lot of links to badvogat from this site are now broken.
  • business censorship
      increased popularity hike up the cost of maintaining the site out of the budget setup by its original owners.
      lkcl has these lines attached to his email signature: "when you told everybody what you know, you are bound to be told what you _need_ to know". My own reflection on these words are: business has always been trying to teach individuals that there is no free lunch in free world. But there is benevolence out of the heart of each individuals. Such benevolence hasn't been transferred into the foundation of society and to provide social security of its people. As long as individuals never pay enough attention to the preaching of business world about "there is no free lunch" , benevolence from individuals may never set us all free. The first milestone for free software should be set to prove that we can provide free lunch for developers and their family members, and then free supper, free housing, free education etc.
  • government censorship
      my arguing towards government censorship is that without individuals or other social groups complain, there shall be no case for government censorship. So, who are those individuals or social groups that feel the content of badvogato has offended their social wellbeing? People never stop complaining about government because they never are in the shoes of governing other people that don't share the very base of their own belief system.
  • other malicious attack from individuals
      i can not rule out this possiblity. that freedom of speech on badvogato has offended individuals and they take the matter seriously into their own hands.

    At last, but not the least, insider's knowledge is most welcome on the cause of badvogato becomes downvogato.

  • Badvogato downtime, posted 31 Mar 2001 at 13:32 UTC by sneakums » (Journeyer)

    Badvogato was down because of the Northpoint situation.

    Redundancy, posted 31 Mar 2001 at 16:40 UTC by sye » (Journeyer)

    Ah, Northpoint fiasco is the cause of downtime. I believe redundancy of data and application can steal the jobs from CCIE. At work, my new assignment is to setup Oracle standby database. Data is the ultimate asset for business. If postings, articles, diaries behind virgule are stored in database and several standby database are setup in a mix of Net8 automatic recovery mode and read-only mode, whenever there is a failure in network or server hardware, as long as DBA at primary site and standby site catch the incident, downtime never has to be over 24 hours.

    ekashp has also suggested that rsyn existing virgule data set can easily be implemented for site redundancy and load balancing.

    Official Badvogato message, posted 1 Apr 2001 at 22:18 UTC by crackmonkey » (Master)

    Okay, so I run badvogato, and this has all been most hilarious for me.

    First of all, luke's certs were failing because he had parentheses in his surname. CHanging them to ( etc didn't help un-confuse the trust metric, so I edited his account file to remove the parens. His certs worked from then on.

    Second, yes, northpoint took away the DSL service that was providing badvogato with its packets. I've moved the machine to another provider.

    I barely even read badvogato any more, given how overrun with twits it has become. It was a twitty site to begin with, but I'm beginning to think that I shouldn't have tried to publicise it so soon.

    I'd love to know if raph has fixed this paren problem in current versions of advogato. Luke's surname was something like "(Sanity rating 75% - self-confirmed)".

    parens, posted 2 Apr 2001 at 00:29 UTC by crackmonkey » (Master)

    In the above reply, I actually typed out ( but it was stored literally. That should teach me to hit preview instead.

    false alarm, posted 2 Apr 2001 at 11:32 UTC by lkcl » (Master)

    most amused. in view of the type of site that badvo is, i like my former interpretation of events better :)

    can i say that i was "in-character"? YES :)

    will i apologise? on advogato - YES: sorry, crack.

    on badvogato - ABSOLUTELY NOT! s'amuse bien :)


    mod_virgule patch for lower ASCII characters, posted 2 Apr 2001 at 19:34 UTC by neale » (Journeyer)

    As mentioned by crackmonkey, the thing that caused all this was a ( as the first character of lkcl's name. This caused his account to sort higher than that of the root node (-), and since mod_virgule discards the first entry, he fell completely out of the tmetric cache (but the root node fell in). Badvogato thought he was uncertified.

    I have created a patch, for anyone who wants it. The patch makes the tmetric thingamajigger print out all entires, and skip any entries with a username of "-".

    Yee haw.

    Clean-up, posted 2 Apr 2001 at 19:50 UTC by crackmonkey » (Master)

    Hahaha, Beaujolais to paranoid ramblings on badvogato! But now I get to thwart your certs by downgrading my personal cert of you. Muhahahahahaha!
    Beaujolais to free software! I'll apply the patch sometime this afternoon (I prefer to be by badvogato physically when I muck with virgule, since apache processes have eaten up all my core in the past).

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