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Posted 18 Oct 2000 at 08:26 UTC by sohodojo Share This

I've created a couple of graphics which can be used to link to your member page and show your support for this most interestng community...

Here's something I hope community members will find useful... an small 'Advogato Member' GIF image for use in linking from your site(s) to Advogato. It comes in two 'flavors':

I'm using an image tag wrapped with an anchor tag to point to my 'sohodojo' person page. If you want to see how this works in-line, go here and 'view source' for details.

Advogato community members are welcome to use these images to help spread the word about this important community and your involvement in it.

Thank you,


Burn All Gifs, posted 18 Oct 2000 at 13:26 UTC by bagder » (Master)


badger reminds us to not use Gifs, posted 18 Oct 2000 at 14:05 UTC by cmacd » (Journeyer)

Point taken bagder, but why not be positive, instead of just complaining, how about converting at least the static GIF to a PNG, and stick it up somewhere.?

We are on a journey to create a positive world...

Of course I had to..., posted 18 Oct 2000 at 14:12 UTC by darkewolf » (Journeyer)

In the spirit of open source, I had to do my own version of the image, (project fork ;). It gives the REAL message geeks want to convey ;)


Yes. this is done in humour ):)

The extortion is paid on these, though..., posted 18 Oct 2000 at 14:20 UTC by sohodojo » (Journeyer)

Have it your way... here are links to PNG and JPG format images of the static graphic:

The PNG version has background transparency, but the JPG does not. You will have to edit the JPG background yourself if needed.

Also know this. These GIFs were made by me using Paint Shop Pro, a commercial product. So any alleged license-gouging is paid for so they can be used without violating the extortionists' claims to payment.

Accessibility is important to me and GIFs are still the 'lowest common denominator' for graphics that can be viewed by the oldest browsers.

Personally, I like the animated 'Trust-me, Rate me' talking mouse GIF version... and it is a legal image. You can see it at The Open Source Collaboration Technologies Competency Center at Sohodojo, the Entrepreneurial Free Agent and Dejobbed Small Business R&D Lab.

LOL, darkewolf... , posted 18 Oct 2000 at 14:29 UTC by sohodojo » (Journeyer)

That's a goodie, darkewolf :-) Is anybody here old enough to remember the 'talking mouse' on The Ed Sullivan Show!?

Talking mouse, posted 18 Oct 2000 at 19:10 UTC by kgb » (Master)

You mean topo-gigio?

That's it! Your prize is available..., posted 18 Oct 2000 at 22:30 UTC by sohodojo » (Journeyer)


You are correct, sir!

As the winner in our first informal Television Trivia of the 50's Contest, you can pick up your prize -- a PNG or JPG 'Advogato Member' image of your choice -- at the URLS cited above. Sorry, we don't offer GIFs as prizes in this contest.

BTW, Keith, I think you are very clever to include the following:

Note: Organizations scanning advogato for email addresses to spam may want to include uce@ftc.gov and report@fraud.org

on your profile page.

Do you think the spammers are clever enough to filter these out?

the spammers? and PNG., posted 24 Oct 2000 at 22:02 UTC by dmarti » (Master)

There's really no such thing as "the spammers" -- some are reasonably sophisticated and others, well, not only did one of them send me his target address list as the body of the mail, he also sent it from a DSL line, not a throwaway dialup. Good luck waiting another two months for a new DSL, d00d.

We should make PNGs even if we have Unisys-licensed proprietary software. The more PNGs out there, the more users who will require software to support PNG. And the more software that supports PNG, the more sites that can tell Unisys to stick their license where the sun don't shine. BTW, some proprietary software makes really bad PNGs so pngcrush them if they come out much bigger than the equivalent GIFs.

I noticed that the software patent issue got more press coverage around the time of Burn All GIFs Day, too. It might have been a coincidence, but I think we helped.

Now, where's my lighter?

what to do about email-harvesting spammers, posted 2 Nov 2000 at 05:48 UTC by ger » (Journeyer)

Install and make links to scripts like wpoison from prominent places on your sites.

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