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an advanced version of mod_virgule. slowly working towards removing the hard-coded c out, and a basic scripting language that manipulates XML files in. finally fulfilling some of raph's original aims he outlined for mod_virgule on 13th November 1999.

less is more. actually, the number of lines of code has only gone up by 300 compared to the original version: that's because i still haven't finished removing things, and i keep adding silly little features :)

i loved the concept of creating xml tags so much that i went wild with it. for example the <listdir> tag will list the contents of a directory, and can be used to list the projects, or people, or articles etc. on a site. or anything _else_, for that matter.

i added an <include file="/site/.....html"> tag which does the equivalent of <!-- include .... --! > and much more.

the Certification system is no longer hard-coded, it's controlled by xml files in the schemas/ directory.

basically, you do not have to be a c-coder any more to customise mod_virgule. i really should do some documentation of the new tags - there are around 30, but hey, i love coding :)

contributions, discussions, ideas, bug reports, criticism, all welcome. just tell me what you want to do, and also how to get to allow you to do it :)

now. who's going to be the first person to say, "oh no, not another scripting language?" :)

lkcl strikes again!, posted 4 Oct 2000 at 12:50 UTC by jdub » (Master)

Luke, first I have to say that you're utterly maniacal... Top stuff!

However, we haven't heard much noise from Raph about this, so it seems for the time being that this is a fork. I have some patches for mod_virgule - my first ever for a C project - I knew I could only give my (mod_)virginity to Advogato ;-) - but where do I send them now?

Hopefully you guys can clear all of this up for us in discussion here - seeing more development on mod_virgule will be great.

oh no, not another scripting language!, posted 4 Oct 2000 at 14:04 UTC by cmm » (Journeyer)

satisfied? ;)

scripting language., posted 4 Oct 2000 at 14:13 UTC by lkcl » (Master)

satisfied? ;)
...mmm... no! *grin*

patches, posted 4 Oct 2000 at 14:26 UTC by lkcl » (Master)

hiya jdub,

when i talked to raph a couple weeks back, it was to spark his interest again in this project. the original mod_virgule is tiny: at only 12,000 lines, it's just... really, really simple to maintain. for raph, that's a god-send, because he has other mainline projects such as libart, the ghostscript work etc.

so, yes this is a fork, which i specifically asked raph's permission: i didn't want to walk over his turf, so to speak. and this version has incompatibilities of the project "helpers/coders/etc" because i have moved them into two Certification types [one is staff/coders.xml, the other is staff/documenters.xml, which can be applied to people _and_ projects] that are easily fixed with either some more code _or_ with some perl scripts :) :)

i wonder if... i wonder if... i should put the "original" mod_virgule on the site, too. both you and i should really ask raph about that, it's not my call. to make

patches. well, what are you waiting for? *grin* download the source from, see if you're good to go!

all best, lukes

p.s. send me the patches, anyway: you could use to do it, if you like, they have a patch submission procedure:

repositories, posted 4 Oct 2000 at 15:32 UTC by LotR » (Master)

> wonder if... i wonder if... i should put the "original" mod_virgule > on the site, too. both you and i should really ask > raph about that, it's not my call. to make

Why didn't you create a branch in the original cvs repository btw? It seemed to me raph wasn't opposed to that.

repositories, posted 4 Oct 2000 at 16:15 UTC by lkcl » (Master)

because... because i don't want to interfere with the original version of mod_virgule: raph mentioned that he would be unlikely to update to a codebase that he is not familiar with. also, i only have read-only public access to the original cvs repository. *shrug* :)

non-web editing of journals, posted 4 Oct 2000 at 19:15 UTC by voltron » (Journeyer)

will (the new) advogato make it possible to write third party apps that can post journal entries? for example, livejournal offers this useful http method of posting.

if not, i would be glad to submit patches to the cvs code that allows something like this.

reply here, or send me some mail at

livejournal, posted 4 Oct 2000 at 21:30 UTC by lkcl » (Master)

well, as a matter of fact :) this is quite interesting. for the "remote profile" system 'm adding, i had to add client-side html code, which i hacked from mod_proxy [turns out that there is also code in gnu-pg but it's not apache-like].

so, yes: you could write a module that implements.. say.. a <journal:send> tag and a <journal:read> tag that submit and read livejournal data, calling the ap_proxy_html() function to send the required POST and GET requests.

that would be exceptionally cool.

i'll email you, perhaps we could take this onto a forum on the sourceforge thing, to avoid clutter here? virgule sf forums

First Beta Release, posted 9 Oct 2000 at 07:35 UTC by lkcl » (Master), select download.

it's... a little bit different, and is _not_ compatible with the old version of mod_virgule. for example, authentication is done in /yourserverdir/acct/username/profile.xml and people's profiles are stored in /yourserverdir/person/username/profile.xml. this is so that it's possible to a) replace the user authentication with anything else (e.g. unix-like) b) it is possible to log in as a project, group (or anything else you care to create!)

Demonstration, posted 10 Oct 2000 at 04:13 UTC by lkcl » (Master)

What about generating decent HTML <grin />, posted 14 Oct 2000 at 20:26 UTC by DV » (Master)

Feel free to tell us more on mod_virgule when or have been cleaned up >:->

I doubt it's really libxml's fault


html validator, posted 15 Oct 2000 at 22:58 UTC by lkcl » (Master)

oh, did i forget to mention? i can't write html for toffee!

so, thank you very much for the pointer :) [p.s. help!]

mod_virgule 1.0.1 release, posted 20 Oct 2000 at 02:03 UTC by lkcl » (Master)

still can't write html, however other people can [thx daniel, thom, malx and Raphael].

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