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A short description of who wurtel is and what he does

I'm Paul Slootman, born in Kuala Lumpur, living in the Netherlands since 1982. In that year I went to school at HIO Enschede, where one of the first Unix systems in the Netherlands was installed (a PDP-11/60). I instantly fell in love with unix (even though my first interaction was via a Dec-writer at 110 baud).

Since then I've progressively become more and more involved in unix. I discovered GNU and the wonders that the improved GNU tools offered. I was the first person in the world to use GNU find on SysVR4 (my name is still in the changelog, as I submitted patches for the -fstype option on SysVR4 :-) When I got the chance to obtain a version of Linux, I jumped at the opportunity as I've always wanted to look at the source code to see how things were done. That version was a distribution "Snow" made by a couple of people of the national unix computer club (HCC, Unix GG) on about 10 floppies (which I had to copy myself at the meeting). The kernel used wat 0.99.10, and at the time about as good as the version of SCO I was using at home...

Since then, I've tried to keep up as much as possible with linux. Starting off with Snow, and progressing to Slackware, trying out Yggdrasil (or however you're suppoed to spell that), and then discovering debian after ordering a "TriLinux" set of cdroms from cheapbytes. I used to be opposed to distributions where you had to install packages instead of compiling your own (I was used to Slackware and had seen Red Hat :-), but I had heard good noises about debian, and I wasn't disappointed.

Around this time I was wrestling with ISDN and linux; ISDN was finally available in my area, and I didn't want to buy a faster modem (to replace my trusty ZyXEL 1496E) before going to ISDN. Unfortunately, isdn4linux was still quite experimental, and it took me about a month before getting it all to work well enough for internet access. After that, I wrote up my experiences as a sort of howto and put it on my website (I had to put something there :-). It still gets hunderds of hits a week...

When after about a year I saw a note that the debian package isdnutils was offered for adoption, I considered myself in a position to be able to maintain it well, so I volunteered. My maintainership application went through without a hitch (one or two weeks' time, I recall), and then I was the proud owner of a @debian.org email address :-)

Since then I've picked up additional packages; the list is now:

  • isdnutils
  • pixmap
  • libident
  • tmpreaper
  • linpopup *
  • noffle *
  • wwwoffle
  • qcam (although perhaps this one should be retired, as the kernel now supports the QuickCam via v4l)
The ones marked * were originally packaged by me, the rest were adopted.

Currently I'm in the process of splitting up isdnutils into smaller, more digestable chunks. I hope to upload to woody in a couple of weeks' time.

Oh yeah, what wurtel stands for? Nothing really. "root" in dutch is "wortel" and I changed the "o" to "u" for "unix". Jan Wortelboer ("rootbo", think about it) thinks he inspired the name, but that's not quite true.

That's all for now...

Good Idea, posted 21 Sep 2000 at 15:13 UTC by gnuchris » (Journeyer)

I think it's a good idea to use Advogato, for this type of article... it's a good way to learn about others in the community... I'm not sure if we should all now go out and post an article about ourselves (lots of articles), but instead maybe you should write about someone else... Maybe I'll write up an article about Ghod... but good idea none the less, I like to see what others are and have been doing.

Urm..., posted 21 Sep 2000 at 15:51 UTC by thom » (Master)

Isn't this what the bit at the top of the diary/account entitled "personal information" or whatever, is for?
For example, mine (thom) contains, I think, enough about me to let everyone know what I do, where I am, etc...
I have to say that this looks a bit like gratuitous self-promotion.
Maybe I'm just tired, but I don't think this is a good idea - advogato articles should be stuff like graydon's tech 20questions, or whatever the heck it was called, or "It's All in the Packaging [DRAFT]". I guess basically I'm agreeing with eskimoses - /. or k5 are news sites, this is a discussion site.
If I'm wrong, slap me...

some observations on advogato, posted 21 Sep 2000 at 18:29 UTC by wurtel » (Journeyer)

Actually, to post this kind of "article" wasn't quite what I had intended. I expected it to show up when someone looked at my personal info. I now realize that I should have used the "notes" box for that, on the "account" page. Perhaps I should have lurked a bit longer than I did.

A couple of things on advogato aren't quite as intuitive as they might be...
For example, the list of people at http://advogato.org/person/ is all mixed up. I'd have expected that to be sorted. That list is also a bit unwieldy, at almost 1MB. Being able to search the list would be cool. Ditto for the projects.

Now that I've brought up projects: seeing the debian project page (oops, sorry, that should be Debian with a capital D, as http://advogato.org/proj/debian/ doesn't exist), I wanted to add myself to that project (being a debian developer...). However, there's no obvious way to do so. I now know that I need to be certified by others first. Again, not obvious.

Having gotten the above gripes out of the way, I find this experiment (i.e. Advogato) pretty interesting, and I'm eager to find out how it will develop.

people list, posted 21 Sep 2000 at 21:38 UTC by ask » (Master)


it is ordered. By lastname.

<comment type=standard>if you want it any differently, just get the code and change it.</comment>

- ask

Re: people list, posted 22 Sep 2000 at 05:22 UTC by wurtel » (Journeyer)

It's perhaps supposed to be sorted by lastname. I looked at the first couple of entries:

People sotod , Observer mill Olof Oberg, Observer psdie PSdiE (StarURL), Apprentice rawb Rob Aagaard, Journeyer

In my alphabet "Olof Oberg" would sort after "Rob Aagaard".

And as for fixing the source: sometime perhaps, I'm still trying to figure out how this stuff works. Fixing something without understanding what it does usually isn't a good idea :-)

ordering of persons list, posted 22 Sep 2000 at 05:44 UTC by jamesh » (Master)

The list is probably sorted simply using strcmp or something like that. To get the correct ordering, you would need to use the correct collation rule for the appropriate locale. Of course, you then have to decide which locale to do the collate in, which could be a problem for an international group of names.

I hate writings ``subjects'', posted 22 Sep 2000 at 17:25 UTC by brother » (Journeyer)

Some documentation on Advogato could be better. Just a page when you had created you account saying: To join a project do this and that, only certified people can join. To post diaries do that and to post articles do that. The problem is that somebody have to write it, and I'm afraid that I'm not the only one who hasn't got the time.

ask: Just code it? I look forward to see the addition you proposed in you Aug 29 diary. (X11 clipboard sucks and I dont want to refind the url). Actually I was trying to figure out how much it would take coding and it took me long time where to start.

The world is to complicated to just code it these days. (Another posibility is that I'm to busy doing it, just like everyone else)

wutel: According to LANG=da_DK Aa if sortet together with Å which is sorted on the third letter after Z. (the two others is Æ and Ø). Just wonder why Advogato should use danish sorting rules.

(This should also do it for a diary. How do you X-post here?)

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