'A Critical Examination on Recruitment/Promotion Process"

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by Susan and Eric. { scene setup:

pencil, paper, paper plate, pen, scissor, rubber band, rubber eraser, black ink, red ink, table, chair, clock, 4 huge windows, 1 hidden observation window. At least 4 applicants in the same room. allow discussions, making noises, every other way of interactions except killing each other with tools not listed above. Each applicant was given several pages of test papers. Testing duration is not specified. Background music playing BACH Violin and Voice. Hilary HAHN, Matthias GOERNE, Christine SCHAFER....}

[PAGE 1]

A. A long face bitch, she can shit on every plate and get away with any blame.

B. A round face dog, he is so constipated that he can't even fart a 'No' or 'Yes' for anyone trying to pass this revolving door he was guarding.


Which type would you prefer to work with? A or B? Why? How?


Which type would you rather be yourself given no better choice? A or B? Why? How?


Write a type C that inherit no characteristics of type A & type B.

Write a type D that best represent a type that most fit your personality.

Proof 1.

Given an additional abstract layer, type A & type B can belong to the same class.

[PAGE 2]

set object class 'Bitch'

set object class 'Dog'

write down a block of code to describe Q1 through Q4 + Proof 1 that best represent page 1 logistic flow.

[PAGE 3]

Give object class A & B & C & D, write down real world applications that you can construct with these 4 types of behavior.

[e.g. make the door impenetrable or open depends on sexual orientation without human intervention etc...]

[PAGE 4]


How many languages can you speak?


How many languages that you speak will put your best foot forward?


Is it possible to construct a language so that where and who you speak to becomes irrelevant as far as the interpretive power of the original text and adaptive power of any higher-order derives from it?

[PAGE 5]

Can you draw a cartoon to show what you have done from page 1 to page 4?

[PAGE 6]

If your page 5 is still blank, can you DJ any rock n'roll tunes/lyrics to accomplish the same goal

I have infinite gratitude towards my bosses, posted 20 Mar 2010 at 00:35 UTC by sye » (Journeyer)

This sentiment of mine was posted on K5 Senate floor Fri Mar 19, 2010 at 12:13:38 PM EDT.
VOTING RESULT: -8 with 44 votes in total
I understood perfectly why People disagreed with me. Yet I still believe in it.

I have infinite gratitude towards all of you gentlemen. Over the years, I have observed plenty hostility from both underclass and upperclass against your profession, especially over the internet and on Kuro5hin. Even though, my friends and family know me, you have nothing to measure me but workplace policy and professionalism that you all adhere so faithfully at the Head Quarter. You granted me so much benefit of doubt that I took it all in for granted, like a child. Cultural diversity never affords impartiality towards people in uniforms.

Yet our common good and refugee is always LIFE. Literature Is For Everyone. I copy Rilke's 'First Elegy' and dedicate it to you. God bless our police force. My bosses are all good men with beloved family.


unsolicited strategic plan to improve ITB day-to-day operati, posted 20 Mar 2010 at 07:08 UTC by sye » (Journeyer)

Major, Captain

I have thought long and hard with the help from my fiance Eric. He always insisted on seeking more graceful and gentle approach. We find the ABSOLUTE correct answer to my algorithm "A Critical Examination of Recruitment/Promotion Process". Here is a strategic plan for your review:

1. reach out to ROIC intelligence manager Lt. Ray Guidetti to hire retired Lt. Freddy Wissing back as ROIC networking engineer. I will have a private meeting with Freddy to see what his bottom line of coming back would be.

If Freddy consented, and if talk with Lt. Ray Guidetti succeeded, in his new capacity, he will work closely with Sgt. Jim Vincent and our vendor Positron to improve PCAD system as well as RMS.

2. We need a networking security and WAN network guru within our own ISU. I haven't had the slightest idea how to go about that. Give me two weeks, I will find some candidates for Sgt. Jim Vincent's review

3. For MDDU unit, I have another plan which I will present to Captain Bill & Lt. Cliff on Monday after my ISU meeting

Last night, at Princeton Adult School, I wasn't able to concentrate to judge cases presented by Mr. Walter Frank, retired chief legal council at Port Authority. I asked him: May I abstain? He says, "no, you may not. Abstain is not an option". We have 9 students here to consider Constitutional cases. I'll give you 5 more min. to come up with your vote.

But I always enjoyed his story before we consider cases. Last night, the most dramatic one was how he had his handshake with Chief Justice Souter once quite unusual encounter. As Mr. Frank was walking away, he turned around waving his index finger at Chief Justice. Most unexpectedly, Mr. Frank said, Souter understood his waving meant 'Don't you leave the court yet' and almost yelled back at him, 'Not in a little while'.

I am looking forward to my next lecture on March 25th and last one on April 15. There is a three-week break in between. Mr. Frank says he may consider assign us more work for the long break.


Yours Truly


Susan Ye New Jersey State Police I&ITS Microcomputer Database Design Unit

the above message had an expected response of this

An applicable instance of this theoretical framework , posted 20 Mar 2010 at 09:58 UTC by badvogato » (Master)

Solution to page 1 Proof 1 goes:

The premise of the proof 1 is wrong. There need to be no additional abstract layer for type A to transform into type B under concrete contextual rich senses.

From this realization, We say that it is self evident that Obama administration's proposal to allow gay service man in the military is far worse than Clinton's 'Don't ask don't tell' policy precisely because it add an abstract definition 'gay man' vs 'man' so that value of our military has become more rigid which under international encountering with other cultural value, will diminish our military's function as the safeguard for liberty, freedom and human happiness.

protest on infringement of personal liberty et al, posted 20 Mar 2010 at 12:42 UTC by sye » (Journeyer)

DEP (Department of Personnel)

I am a civilian employee working for NJSP Information Technology Bureau, with title X 'Special Investigator' since Jan. 1 2000.

Last week, I have sent several proposals and emails to Major and Captain. under him for his review on various improvements in regards of ITB business.

Unfortunately, Major, through his Captain and Lt. told me clearly that I have no right to initiate direct communication with him nor do I have the right to initiate direct communication with my fellow civilian employees without approval of my immediate civilian supervisor because NJSP ITB is operating under quasi-military rules.

I believe that is a grave violation of my civil liberty. I have uttermost respect for Major's integrity and professionalism. I also have my own work ethics that I adhere by over 10 years. There are differences between his professionalism and mine. It is of uttermost importance that we uphold military chain-of-command and civil liberty granted to civilian professionals on both ends according to the rule of law under our constitution.

I hereby solemnly request DEP to open a case against Major with IAB. I charge Major the following:

1 obstruction of justice, abuse of power 2.infringement on constitutional rights of free speech and free association accorded to civilian professionals. 3. discrimination on procedural treatment and promotion for enlisted and civilians alike.



Susan Ye

cc: Office of Lt. Colonel cc: Office of IAB Chief cc: civilian supervisors

THE CRYING LIGHT, posted 20 Mar 2010 at 12:53 UTC by badvogato » (Master)

the crying light
a sanctuary that can hold me
allow me to come awake
allow the child in me to rise
and gaze upon the world with open shining eyes

I am safe here dancing my brokenness I know my joy I step into myself and become a shadow Remember when I was my grandmother, when I was a fish I remember who I will become crying light comes from crystals in the dark hearts of mountains ------------------------------------------

Answer to Page 1. type C = JESUS CHRIST type D = Susan -> unbaptized Catholic Bishop -> nobody -> anybody instilled with lightness of being or the holy spirit

revised letter to DEP, posted 20 Mar 2010 at 15:24 UTC by sye » (Journeyer)

Eric has a valid point. If I lose my job, I have more limited personal liberty than if I maintain a job at NJSP. So I revised my letter to DEP as following:

SUBJECT: Inquiry on civilian personnel policy, bureau wise? section-wise or division-wise

"Unfortunately, Major, through his Captain and Lt. told me clearly that I have no right to initiate direct communication with him nor do I have the right to initiate direct communication with my fellow civilian employees without approval of my immediate civilian supervisor because NJSP ITB is operating under quasi-military rules. "

If I take Major's word as truth in itself, may I ask DEP, is this 'truth' apply bureau-wise? section-wise? or division-wise?

If it is only bureau-wise, may I ask to be transferred to other bureaus where civilian employees do not necessarily required to follow strict military codes. If it is section-wise, may I ask to be transferred to sections, where civilian employees do not necessarily required to follow strict military codes. If it is division-wise, please give me the policy in writing which stated that all civilian employees employed by New Jersey State Police must adhere to strict police codes.




connecting dots, posted 27 Mar 2010 at 16:25 UTC by badvogato » (Master)

homework assignment: April 15 + work on overtime today to finish Ocean county MQ installation + visit Ruoying Ruan ( 3 Roosevelt City Rd., Whiting NJ 08759. believe her home is in Ocean county as well, how conveniently connected... )

self note about event on June 9th 2014 Monday , posted 26 Jun 2014 at 03:18 UTC by sye » (Journeyer)

On June 9th 2014, My service to NJSP has come to an end, abruptly but with great consequence still in the making and it can only be for the better by my decree.

I made these 3 pairs of names, pondering their career paths that my former Bureau brought us together and then separates us.

Ajay Singh :: Jay Patel
Mike Coles :: Dave Olsen
Myself :: Lori Lambert

What that tells me about organizational intelligence? All surely find their own proper place in this democratic/republic society. Life is good and rules are there for reasons, I almost feel confident about the future outlook again. But some questions still remain obscured. What is it, then?

Wen Fu of Lu Chi( A.D.261-303), posted 13 Jul 2014 at 13:32 UTC by badvogato » (Master)

translated by Achilles Fang 方志彤 (1910 - 1995)


I have been paying tribute to laws of words and rules of style.
I know well what the world blames, and I am familiar with what the worthies of the past praised.
Originality is a thing often looked at askance by the fixed eye.
The fu-gems and jade beads, they say, are as numerous as the "pulse in the middle of the field" [ which everyone can pick].
As inexhaustible as the space between heaven and earth, and growing co-eternally with heaven and earth themsleves.
The world abounds with masterpieces; and yet they do not fill my two hands.


How I grieve that the bottle is often empty; how I sorrow that Elevating Discourse is hard to continue.
No wonder I limp along with trivial rhymes and make indifferent music to complete the song.
I always conclude a piece with a lingering regret; can I be smug and self-satisfied?
I fear to be a drummer on an earthen jug; the jinglers of jade pendants will laugh at me.

As for the interaction of stimulus and response, and the principle of the flowing and ebbing of ispiration,
You cannot hinder its coming or stop its going.
It vanishes like a shadow, and it comes like echoes.
When the Heavenly Arrow is at its fleetest and sharpest, what confusion is there that cannot be brought to order?
The wind of thought bursts fro mthe heart; the stream of words rushes through the lips and teeth.
Luxuriance and maginficence wait the command of the brush and the paper.
Shining and glittering, language fills your eyes; abundant and overflowing, music drowns your ears.

When, on the other hand, the Six Emotions become sluggish and foul, the mood gone but the psyche remaining,
You will be as forlorn as a dead stump, as empty as the bed of a dry river.
You probe into the hidden depth of your soul; you rouse your spirit to search for yourself.
But your reason, darkened, is crouching lower and lower, your thought must be dragged out by force, wriggling and struggling.
So it is that when your emotions are exhausted you produce many faults; when your ideas run freely you commit fewer mistakes.
True, the thing lies in me, but it is not in my power to force it out.
And so, time and again, I beat my empty breast and gron; I really do not know the causes of the flowing and the not flowing.

Individual rights and political process, posted 15 Feb 2017 at 15:07 UTC by badvogato » (Master)

I was taken this class at Princeton Adult School taught by Walter Frank in 2010

Here's my notes taken and post it as another advogato article# 1031

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